Pectoral implants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi - Chest Implants Dubai For Men

Just like women, there are some men who are also obsessed with their physical appearance. They desire for strong, firm and muscular breast that makes them look attractive. An ideal male body has a sturdy chest in which pectoral muscles are well-defined. Not every man is able to get an ideal breast from working out the chest area. For those people, a pectoral breast implant is an option. These implants are placed under the real muscle in the breast region to meet the cosmetic needs of the sufferers. It increases the chest size, alter the shape and improves the contours of the chest. These implants are filled with silicone material.

Who is the Candidate?

  • If you feel your chest size is too small
  • If you have under-developed pectoral muscles
  • You are over 18 and in good medical health
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcomes of pectoral implant surgery
  • If you are a sufferer of gynecomastia
  • You have extra fat and skin around your chest area
  • If you wish to have a super-defined chest
  • You do not smoke or consume alcohol
  • You want to improve your chest’s contours

Aim of the Treatment:

Every man wishes for a perfect chest but even after working out they don’t get it. These men choose pectoral implants. The procedure of pectoral implant surgery is complex that is why it is performed under general anesthesia. If you have asymmetrical or a deformed chest by birth then you can choose this surgery. It delivers natural-looking and long-lasting results.


This surgery is for men and is common all over the world. It has many tremendous benefits and some of them are listed below, it gives

  • Shaped-up physique
  • Toned and lifted chest area
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Adds fullness to the chest
  • More-defined and perfectly-contoured chest

Pre-Op Preparation:

Before the treatment, initial consultation with your surgeon is necessary. He will offer you a suitable treatment plan but the final decision will be yours for sure. You are requested to follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully to get the best results of the Breast Implant treatment.

  • Avoid taking aspirin, Herbal supplement and ibuprofen 2 weeks before the surgery as they can interfere with your healing
  • Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages for at least a week prior to the treatment
  • You are advised to inform your surgeon about your expectations
  • Fill your prescriptions for post-operative medications because you’ll need them immediately after the surgery
  • Do not eat or drink anything one night before the surgery


The surgeon will help the patient to choose the right type, size, and shape of the implant according to the patient’s desires. Pectoral implant surgical procedure takes almost 2 hours for its completion. It is an out-patient procedure and you will be allowed to go home on the treatment day. Following steps are performed in the Pectoral implants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi – Chest Implants Dubai For Men.

  • The surgery is performed under general anesthesia to keep the patient away from discomfort and soreness.
  • The next step involves the creation of incisions (commonly of 2 inches) and that is completely a surgeon’s decision. Mostly, surgeons prefer to create them in underarms in order to avoid visible scarring. Other options for incision site includes,
    • Around the nipples
    • Belly button
    • the inframammary fold (IMF) or inframammary crease
  • Once the incisions are created, the surgeon places the implant(silicone or saline) either above or below the pectoral muscles of the breast
  • When Silicone implants are inserted, they are pre-filled while saline implants are filled with saline solution after insertion.
  • At the end of the procedure, the created incisions are closed with sutures.

Since male aesthetic surgical procedures are arising and the trend is likely to continue. The surgeons need to become familiar with this augmentation (pectoral implants), its potential complications and benefits.

Aftercare and Recovery:

After the surgery, your surgery will guide how long it would take before you are allowed to continue your routine activities. He will discuss the normal symptoms that you will experience. Following the surgery, your chest muscles may feel tight, and you will be sore and stiff. Your incisions will heal in approximately 2 to 3 weeks and the implant healing will be complete in about a month and a half.


If you are a patient of gynecomastia and you wish to have a super-defined chest then you can consider Pectoral implant Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah that is available at Dynamic Breast Surgery Clinic. Fill in our consultation form to book an appointment with one of our experts.