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Protect your newly aligned teeth with Teeth Retainer in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic! 

Don’t you want to keep your teeth in the position where you put them with braces?

The journey towards a beautiful smile doesn’t end, even at the moment, you get off your braces. Newly aligned teeth need to be protected with a “Retainer”. It holds up teeth until they are permanently positioned. Every orthodontic patient needs retainers but still be sure to schedule an appointment with a dental professional to get trusted recommendations and best advice.

Let’s discover the details.


Teeth Retainer in Dubai UAE, just as the name implies helps “retain” new teeth position. Simply put, Retainers uphold the teeth in the proper place until they are firmly set. This oral appliance looks like a single wire which is barely visible than braces and should be worn for only 7-9 months.

You might be given choices to pick from a temporary or permanent retainer. Or perhaps if you desire it for your one or both sides of teeth including whether to wear it at night, during the day, or both.

Important Facts about Teeth Retainer in Dubai:

  • Temporary ones are recommended to wear at night-time.
  • 12-14 hours of retainer usage is adequate in most cases.
  • After 12 months of wearing retainers, the risk of relapse reduces but never becomes zero.

Results of Teeth Retainer in Dubai:

Retainer’s results are meant for a lifetime. But remember, Teeth are only supposed to be in place for years if you consistently grab true placement guidance.

Your retention phase must be followed accurately as per the professional’s direction.


Assuming orthodontic treatment finished after braces removal could be your biggest blunder. There’s no prevalent indication reported to get Retainers. They are enforced and approved essential part of your braces treatment. Otherwise, the years of effort with braces could turn nothing— perhaps your teeth might return to their original position.

Types of Teeth Retainers in Dubai:

Below are the two types of Teeth Retainers in Dubai. You can compare your options as per your comfortability and medicinal criteria.

  1. Removable Retainers ( Hawley and clear plastic).
  2. Permanent Retainers ( Bonded).

Removable Retainers:

This oral appliance needs to be worn during treatment hours and as your dentist instructs. You are allowed to remove them while eating. Hence, these retainers are reported to be more hygienic, and you must replace them every 2-3 years.

Permanent Retainers:

Fixed retainers are bonded permanently into the tooth. However, the risk of bacterial infection is high in these retainers but outcomes are more effective due to constant force.

What to Expect from Teeth Retainers?

At the dentist’s office, experts take an impression of your teeth and create the retainer. They make minor adjustments and position the retainer into teeth. If it’s permanent, it is bonded, else in a removable one, you will be given instructions on wearing it.

Anytime, if there is any query you can contact our dentists.

Keep a Check on Retainers:

  • How do I know if my retainer is working? Well, once you start using your retainer be sure it’s properly adjusted.
  • Always seek earlier prevention. Anytime, you notice a flaw in fitting or cracks meet the specialists right away.
  • Dentists may adjust your retainer or make a new one if needed.

How Much Do Teeth Retainer in Dubai Cost?

The average Cost of Teeth Retainers in Dubai ranges from AED 450 to AED 1,000. These rates might be affected by the overall dental work or perhaps the retainer type. Speak directly to our experts to get reasonably priced teeth retainers.

Benefits of Teeth Retainer in Dubai:

The biggest benefit of retainers is that you won’t lose the benefits of braces.

  • Better, stable teeth Position.
  • Ensure secured growth of bone and tissue.
  • A beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Post-Care Steps to Follow:

Always care for your retainer and wear it as recommended by dental professionals. Our experts will keep you on track with true guidance to neglect post-difficulties.

Tips to properly care for your retainer include:

  • Wash the retainer after every meal.
  • Use non-abrasive toothpaste while brushing.
  • Prefer cold waters over hot ones.
  • Never force your retainer in. It should fit easily, if you have to force it it likely isn’t a good fitting anymore.
  • Keep it safe when not using it.

If however, you damaged the retainer, don’t be upset. Schedule your appointment with us for quick replacement or repair if required.


Teeth retainers aren’t explicitly meant to transform your smile, not fully adjust it. They simply empower the adjusted teeth position to last permanently. Don’t expect major changes in teeth position. Instead of holding up teeth in place.

Be aware: Braces can’t work miracles, if your post-care is incautious, you might return to where you started your dental care journey. Simply put, without wearing retainers your teeth might return to their original positions. 

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