Diamond Peels in dubai

A lot of the times when you notice people having extremely clear,  spotless and illuminating skin, know that it is not because of their natural glow. It is actually a cosmetic procedure or aesthetic treatment that person has taken. Similarly a Diamond Peel in Dubai is one that can give you instantly clear, spotless, smooth and wrinkle free skin. It uses a specialized tool that is exclusively designed for complicated and sensitive skin. You will be surprised to know about the end results that will surely leave you wanting.  Let’s dive in to learn more about diamond peels and how they work. 

Brief Introduction on Diamonds Peels:

A diamond peel is a kind of esthetic treatment that is done in order to get rid of the dirt, dead skin cells, grime and all the unhealthy, filthy buildup that is accumulated on your skin.

The treatment Is carried out by a specialized device that has a diamond abrasive end. It instantly polishes up the skin and exfoliates it from the exterior will  the overall Skin Resurfacing helps in achieving a smooth and texture-free skin.

What are the Target Challenges for a Diamond Peel? 

  • Works on extremely dull dry and pigmented skin.
  • Targets the enlarged pores along with those that exacerbates acne.
  • Helps in evening out a very bumpy and scaly skin.
  • Helps in maintaining the skin’s natural oil and does not over dry it.
  • Targets the oily skin.

Who are the Ideal Candidates? 

The following are the ideal candidates for whom Diamond Peels in Dubai can be very beneficial candidates who: 

  • Were subjected to skin infections such as Acne prone skin.
  • People who had areas of hyperpigmentation.
  • Candidates with scars and marks of any previous injuries.
  • A female with the hormonal or cystic acne.

The candidates who are exempted include:

  •  Pregnant or lactating females.
  •  Candidates who have a medical skin condition.
  •  People with extremely sensitive or allergic skin.
  •  Candidates who had a history of burns or  trauma inflicted skin.

What are the Benefits of Diamond Peel? 

When undergoing a Diamond Peel in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, there are some prime benefits that you should surely acknowledge because this is what helps you decide why a diamond peel is highly recommendable procedure: 

  •  If you take the regular sessions you will be able to see that your skin has approved become a lot more groomed and smooth.
  •  Helps in the overall rejuvenation of the facial skin.
  •  The treatment does not bound you to restrict from any kind of activities to do.
  •  Has a very optimal healing effect.
  •  Helps in the stimulation of collagen and even clears of Pigmentation.
  •  The treatment is completely painless.

What is the Mode of Action of a Diamond Peel Treatment? 

When it comes to the mode of action of a Diamond Peel, it’s aim is to exfoliate the dead Skin that comes along with the flakes and areas of hyperkeratinization.  The nozzle that is present at the end of the handpiece has some diamond abrasive cutting edges that evenly polishes up the skin.

There is a presence of a vacuum or suction based mechanism that helps in sucking up all the grime and also  massaging the skin that helps in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. You will also be able to notice that swelling from the face has also reduced which is very common in candidates who have problems with water retention.

The best part about this treatment is it is devoid of any chemical infusion and aggressiveness. 

How is the Procedure Carried Out?

Moving on towards the procedural steps of a diamond peel.

Here is what you can expect on your procedure day:

  •  At first the dermatologist will identify your skin type and based on it the procedure will be altered
  •  The next step includes choosing the right nozzle with a varying degree of abrasion. This is again based on the skin type of the  candidate.
  •  The esthetician will now warm up your face using steam in order to open up the pores so that the device can deeply penetrate into the target areas.
  •  The device is then brushed all over the facial surface and the entire Procedure lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  •  When the dermabrasion peeling is completed, the esthetician will then apply a soothing mask ensuring the target areas evenly. The moisturizing agent is then applied over the overall skin to lock the hydration and moisture. 

How Many Sessions are Required for Desired Results?

The number of sessions for a diamond peel totally depends upon your skin condition and how early you have achieved the desired results. According to cosmetologists two to three sessions are desirable in order to achieve the optimum results however you can extend the number of sessions based on your choice. 

What is the Cost of Diamond Peel?

You will be delighted to know that our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers the most affordable and reasonable cost of diamond peels in Dubai. It fairly ranges between 199 AED to 999 AED. However this is not a fixed cost and it may vary based on the candidate’s complexity of the treatment. 

 The Final Verdict!

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