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Women are always concerned about their aesthetic appearance which counts their hair, nails, facial skin etc. little do they pay attention to their intimate areas of the body as they also need similar attention like any other parts of their body. 

Having a firm and a sound genital organ is the one of the prime reasons for a healthy intimate life and so its rejuvenation is equally as important as any other treatment. The ThermiVa procedure in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a perfect treatment for a vaginal tightness and the entire urogenital system that includes the bladder and the bowel functions as well. 

What is the Thermiva Procedure? 

A Thermiva procedure is a kind of treatment which uses the high speed radio frequency based technology that is directly emitted on to the vaginal surfaces to tighten the vulvar tissues and the linings of the vagina. Things just don’t end here. It also helps in the improvement of the urogenital system and helps the bladder stay intact and prevent incontinence. Studies have also claimed that the thermiva procedure has shown some possible effects on the bowel as well. 

Among all the uses thermiva has its divine usage in helping vaginal muscle walls to become erect and tight. 

What Causes Vaginal Loosening? 

  • Aging.
  • Unhealthy diet.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Traumatic childbirth.
  • Hereditary.

What Are the Beneficial Effects of Thermiva Procedure? 

Since the Thermiva Procedure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi uses the radio frequency technology of laser the chances of disruption and damage to the body are quite rare. 

It has replaced surgical treatments and so  there is no risk of delayed recovery and scar formation. 

Similarly there are multiple other benefits of this procedure such as:

  •  Limits the infliction of the bacteria.
  •  The rays that are emitted from the device are directly entered into the skin and so the penetration of the laser beam is confined only to the skin and not to any other area of the body.
  •  The laser light emitted has the ability to constrict the blood vessels.
  •  Boosts up the regeneration process in the body and so recovery occurs at a very faster rate. 

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Thermiva? 

  •  Women who have a very low libido.
  •  Females who have lost their elasticity over time due to age.
  •  Young females who feel no pleasure or excitement during sexual intercourse.
  •  Candidates who experience severe vaginal dryness and inability while penetrative intercourse.
  •  Women who have reached the age of menopause and have experienced a hormonal changes that lead to changes in their vagina.
  •  Candidates who are displeased with the appearance of their vaginal appearance .

How is the Thermiva Procedure Performed? 

The procedure is not different than any other laser treatment here is what you can expect in a single visit for Thermiva Procedure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • History taking and consultation
  •  the patient will then be told to lie down on the gynecological seat
  •  the required position will be advised
  •  the laser device is then emitted over the vaginal surface for about a 10 to 45 minutes the light is shown and destructed
  • The patient will be then left for 15 to 20 minutes to see the recovery or observed any allergic reactions closely
  • The candidate is then dismissed for home soon after the treatment is completed and no signs of adverse reactions are noticed. 

How Soon can you Recover after Thermiva? 

Since the treatment is non-invasive and does not require any surgical intervention the recovery is as quick as 5 days. Some important instructions to follow include: 

  • Avoid sexual intercourse for the first 5 days 
  • do not use any painful sanitation methods such as tampons or menstrual cup 
  • avoid sitting or using extremely hot showers. 

The Cost:

The actual Cost of the Thermiva Procedure in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah fairly ranges between 6999 AED to 9800 AED. However the costs can vary from what type of clinic you choose, the experience and skills of the surgeon, the kind of device used during the procedure and the patient’s compliance. 

Why choose us?

One of the vice list reasons why you should choose our clinic for thermia procedure is because this treatment is not widely available in any other states of Dubai turn Abu Dhabi. Moreover since the device is a new technology it requires a thorough knowledge and skills for its performance and so I trained staff has such skills sustained.

Not to forget the main reason why you should choose us is because we ensure that Each and every equipment performed in intimate field will be grand under strict privacy and confidential terms. 

The Final Verdict!

Relive your intimate life and avoid all the circumstances that bring a hassle in it. Choose the Thermiva Procedure in Abu Dhabi and enjoy its Benefits with intimacy.  Booking appointment with the specialist and avail a free consultation right away. This offer is valid for a very limited period so grab it before it ends.

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