Breast Cancer Screening in dubai

When cancer strikes, it alters your way of living for the rest of your life. If not diagnosed on time

Timing is everything in the medical domain. This is especially true when it comes to breast cancer screening and prevention, as it is commonly detected in females. It can be treatable if identify on time, it’s constantly advised to execute self-physical screenings at home and see a doctor if you notice any bumps and alterations in the surrounding, Every two years, women aged 50 to 69 are infected with breast cancer, and screenings for early detection help them to treat it at the initial stage. It can grow between investigations, so all women, regardless of age, should get their breasts evaluated frequently. Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai can detect the disease before it manifests itself and spreads throughout the body. There are multiple ways of detection. We will compassionately guide you through the breast cancer screening process.

The Aim of Breast Cancer Screening:

Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Dubai consists of routine mammography once every 2-3 years in females aged 50-70. If strange alterations in the mammary gland are discovered in a biopsy and other screening processes help you to treat it at the initial stage, the purpose of breast cancer screening tests is to detect it early before it pushes signs( like a clot in the breast that can be touched). Premature identification refers to discovering and diagnosing an illness before symptoms appear. And another detection therapy is a sort of x-ray analysis in which an x-ray is conducted. It is executed by utilizing a specific device called a mammograph in two points. It can detect very small breast cancers, as little as 0.5 cm or even less.


Typically, you will receive your results after getting this innovative method, within seven or ten days of the session. They will be delivered to you through an e-portal. If the effects are not clear, In rare cases, another mammography may be required to obtain a more explicit image of your targeted sites. outcomes will be provided to you after this second breast screening appointment. Don’t be concerned if the reports did not reach on time. You can contact the breast screening service to discover if there have been any developments. It does not imply that anything is wrong or that a lot of individuals will have a normal outcome. If your screening results indicate that additional tests are required, you will be recommended to an evaluation clinic. This does not necessarily signify that something is wrong. But it can remove your fair of cancer if you have presumed it, and if the symptoms are cancerous, then you can treat it on time.

Screening Techniques:

Breast cancer cannot generally be prevented, but there are three key things you can do to help detect it early. Most frequently  3 methods are utilized for early detection, which can help you catch it before it spreads, following are diagnosis procedures:


Mammograph in Dubai is a special component of tools utilized o analyze cancer. The radiologist takes two projections of the chest image. The applicants will be advised to display both breasts between two mammography plates to do this. Firstly breasts’ bottom plate descends from above, and then the top plate descends from above,  then the process will be repeated in another projection. Within a few seconds, the doctor obtains an image. The examination may cause some discomfort, but nothing more, if you feel any discomfort, immediately tell your expert. You should schedule a mammogram of your mammary glands a few days after your period ends. It is preferable to get mammography done by a reputed expert.


Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Dubai is In contrast to mammography, which employs X-rays to take photos of the targeted sites. MRI incorporates magnets and radio ringlets to create elaborate all-dimensional pictures of the targeted cells. Patients may require a different solution (pigment) put into their arms via an intravenous line before the test. Because the dye can harm your kidneys, your doctor may order renal function testing before administering the contrast solution. The solution will make any potentially malignant breast tissue more visible. Some people report mild discomfort during the contrast solution infusion. Cancers require an increase in blood supply to flourish. The contrast on a breast MRI tends to become more concentrated in areas of cancer development, resulting in white patches.


Biopsies Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Dubai offers three types of biopsy procedures:

  • Needle Biopsies: are the most accurate means of diagnosing breast cancer and should be used before surgical biopsies. They produce results that are as trustworthy as surgical biopsies and save patients from avoidable invasive treatments. It uses imaging modalities such as ultrasonography, mammography, and magnetic resonance imaging, depending on which is better observed.
  • Thick Needle Biopsy: Also known as a deep cut or core biopsy. For this procedure, specially designed needles are employed. The diagnostic value of the tissue samples obtained with these needles is quite high. Patients are not in any pain because the treatment is performed under local anesthetic. Patients have no pain throughout the operation and can resume their normal lives thereafter.
  • Vacuum Biopsy: It is used to examine areas of suspicious tiny masses, microcalcification, and distortion that have not yet formed a mass and are visible on mammography but cannot be seen with ultrasonography.


Breast Cancer Screening in Dubai Costs between AED 5,99 and AED 9,99. The price varies based on where you live and which clinic you attend. We deliver the most affordable expenses at Enfield Royal Clinic, but prices depend on multiple factors, which are given below:

  • If the clinic is found in a posh area, then the cost will be high because they offer additional services.
  • If the expert is well-known and experienced, then the cost will be different.
  • Selection of the treatment option can change the fee.
  • The severity and stage of cancer can alter the expenses.

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