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Eat right so that the pants don’t get tight!

Good nutrition is an essential part of maintaining your physical and mental health. It’s always good to plan into action, the worthy plan— that is unique as you are.

Poor eating habits can cause malnutrition and obesity — both of which can be tough problems to tackle. Our nutritionists, aka Dietitian in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah offer a range of dietary services to help you meet your health goals. Hurry up, get a personalized therapeutic mean plan and improve your quality of life now.

Who is a Dietitian?

A Dietitian’s job is to put together a healthy eating plan for you, and your job is to follow it. Basically, he is a board-certified, and regulated food expert that diagnoses and manages nutrition problems of adults and children. He uses the latest research findings in food and health conditions which he then transforms into practical guidance. To be precise, he uses diet knowledge and helps individuals and groups make informed decisions about what to eat. Based upon current lifestyle, diet, body, and food intolerances he brings out a unique plan that holds advice on skipping foods and the best time to have a finite proportion of something.

What Schooling is Required?

To become a nutritionist in UAE, you will need a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics or equivalent credits from a recognized university. Upon graduating, you have to clear a jurisprudence exam in the city in which you will work. You should then complete a residency program — supervised clinical practice in your selected field. So you know that duration of the training program can vary depending on your potential and specialty. After this, you can apply to be a registered nutritionist in Dubai.


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What Does a Dietician Do?

Whether you are looking for a meal plan to keep your breast milk safe and healthy, weight management techniques to help your child prevent food intolerances, or healthy eating tips to provide strength to the elderly at your home, a dietitian is the person you can count on.

Dietitians work in government-funded centers and in private clinics. They offer incredible nutrition services to both outpatients and inpatients. Either way, it is very important to select a highly qualified and experienced professional who can meet your nutritional needs and make a plan that suits your health, conditions, and goals.

Types of Dietitians:

You must be wondering: how many different dietitians are there? Well, dietitians are often classified by area of practice. There are four types of dietitians known today:

  • Clinical dieticians.
  • Community dietitians.
  • Research dietetic practice group.
  • Foodservice dietitians.

Signs You Need a Dietitian:

Visiting a dietitian will do you and your health a world of good. Here’s what he can do for you:

  • Offer preventive health services.
  • Reduce your risk of diabetes, high BP, and other chronic diseases.
  • Help you lose or gain weight.
  • Allow weight management before and after your Bariatric Surgery.
  • Ensure safe breast-feeding.
  • Cope intolerance or allergy to any food.
  • Advice on eating disorders, metabolic syndromes, and gastrointestinal problems.
  • Give nutrition management for kidney conditions, liver problems, and cardiovascular disorders.

We will give you more in-depth nutrition education at the initial appointment.

What to Expect During the Consultation?

Consulting a nutritionist is very different from consulting a doctor. Your meeting with a nutritionist won’t take longer than 1-hour until any severe medical condition is to be identified.

  • During the meeting, nutritionists analyze your health issues, current lifestyle, and expectations. They also spend enough time looking at your medical history, what foods you eat and what factors are affecting your diet.
  • Specialists also assess your nutritional needs. In case, if you are pregnant women dietary instructions are given accordingly.

Once our experts have all the important information, they come up with a unique plan to address your problem. Besides, in most cases, there is a lot to discuss and share. This is usually not covered in one session. You may need to contact your nutritionists for further advice.


Eating instructions are delicate, everyone identifies late. The majority don’t even know what to eat. If however, one gets some idea, they don’t actually know the matter of doing it. This is the reason why results aren’t seen even after putting in so much effort.

Below are the benefits you can expect from the Best Nutritionist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

  1. Healthy nutritious diet.
  2. Strong supervision.
  3. Reduced health problems.
  4. Sincere assistance after Weight Loss Surgery.

Best Dietitian in the UAE:

Healthy living can enhance your confidence. A registered dietitian is qualified to work in clinics, research institutions, private health centers, and local communities. At Dynamic Clinic, our Nutritionists and Dietitians in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah provide amazing nutrition care plans for adults and children. We have the expertise to help patients with different medical conditions by assessing and fulfilling their nutritional needs. You must contact us now to find out more about our dietitian’s specialties.

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