Clear Braces

What is a Clear Aligner?

Clear aligners, also typically famous as invisible aligners, are mouthpieces tailored according to a person’s mouth and are placed over the teeth to align them. Contrary to braces, which are made up of metal wires. Clear aligners are not visible as they are made of transparent thermoplastic. However, teeth aligners perform a similar function as braces: align crooked or misaligned teeth. No two aligners are the same. This is because aligners are custom-made, meaning they are based on every individual’s teeth. Clear aligners are more convenient because they can be taken off. This provides patients with the liberty to take better care of their oral hygiene.

One of the products of aligners is Invisalign. They are in-office aligners that are employed for treating different cases of misalignment. Invisalign is rapidly being used because of the commendable outcomes that they yield.

Process/Procedure of Clear Aligners

Following steps are employed in the placement of aligners.

  1. After you visit your dentist to treat misaligned teeth, they will examine your teeth and take a scan of your teeth. This aids your dentist in devising a treatment plan for you. The examination of your teeth determines the plan. Sometimes, your dentist might show a digital demonstration of the preview of your new smile.  
  2. At this step, the dentist has the impression of your teeth with them. With the help of 3D technology, treatment is devised. Aligners are made to be sent to the production facilities if the 3D model is approved. At this step, the actual process directly involving you commences. You will get aligners for your teeth at this step.
  3. Once you get aligners, you will have to change the aligner tray for three weeks. Since one aligner can align one tooth, you will need multiple aligners. To get complete results in a proper time frame, you need to wear teeth aligners at least twenty to twenty-four hours a day. The time this treatment requires ranges from three months to two years.
  4. After the completion of the treatment, custom made retainers are to be worn so that you do not lose your new smile. Otherwise, there is a constant possibility of malocclusion.

Why Do Clear Aligners Have the Edge over Other Orthodontics Treatments?

Clear aligners are becoming rapidly famous. The reason for their success is that, unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, clear aligners are being employed by people belonging to every age group. Before them, the trend of having braces or other orthodontic treatments was seen only among children or teenagers. Moreover, the results of teeth aligners, specifically clear braces, are quite satisfactory. Therefore, it is highly likely that if you want to treat crooked teeth, your doctor may recommend teeth aligners to you.

In addition to yielding desired results, invisible braces are removable. You can remove aligners and brush your teeth properly. Also, many people with wire braces have reported having a sore mouth. Invisalign or other clear aligners do not cause as many problems. However, discomfort is the same with traditional orthodontic treatments and clear aligners.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have various benefits.

  • Aligners are usually removable, which makes them easy to handle
  • Clear aligners are not visible, so you can retain your natural appearance while also getting your teeth straightened.
  • They can align your hair in a comparatively quicker time
  • You can easily take them off and take care of your teeth
  • Because they are removable, your oral hygiene can be maintained, which is difficult with traditional orthodontic methods
  • Invisible aligners such as Invisalign, the possibility of dental issues is reduced
  • There are lesser side effects to aligners as compared to the metal brace
  • You can floss and brush your teeth easily

Cost of Clear aligners?

Depending on the type of aligners you are to get, a clear aligner’s cost in Dubai can range from AED 7500 per jaw to AED 20,000 per jaw. At Dynamic Clinic, you will pay AED 7500 for one jaw and AED 9500 for two jaws. Likewise, the price of Invisalign lite is AED 13,000 for one jaw and AED 15,5000 for two jaws. Invisalign comprehensive is the most expensive one. It will cost you AED 20,000. This shows that the price of clear aligners in Dubai depends highly on the type of teeth aligner you are to have.


Some dentists believe that Invisalign or other best invisible braces take half the time traditional metal braces are likely to take. This is why aligners are becoming increasingly popular among every age group. People who have opted for aligners at our clinic are delighted with the results that it has given.

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