Laser Hair Removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Why wax hair every couple of days, when you can undergo a more long-lasting solution? Just 25 to 30 minutes and –boom- you are left with a perfectly hairless skin.

Dynamic clinic’s dermatologists have extensive experience in eradicating unwanted hair with a non-invasive, and no stitch approach called Laser Hair Reduction or Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our doctors have been polishing up their expertise since 2007 and are known far and wide for their brilliant results and reputation.

Way It Works:

Laser hair removal is a process in which pulses of laser light are intended at the hairy area to terminate the unwanted follicles. The directed pulses are captivated by melanin, a hair pigment, which eventually smashes the unwanted follicles. However, it not only removes existing hair but also halts new hair to grow.

However, note that it requires multiple laser treatments to endlessly remove extra hair. Over time, it brings us to the point where hair growth has permanently stopped and we don’t need more sessions.

Studies show individuals seek this procedure purely due to cosmetic reasons. It is an effective and completely harmless technique to pull out existing hair and delay further growth. Nevertheless, Arms, bikini lines, armpits legs, and face can be safely lasered. Anyhow, it should be pointed out that a few side-effects are possible. Mild inflammation and skin discoloration are very likely to occur after it. However, you’d be really happy to hear that these effects are short-term – last only 7 to 10 days. Further, they can be avoided by perfectly pampering the skin a week before and after the laser appointment.

Good Candidates:

It is the ideal choice for men and women with coarse hair and light skin. Pulsating Laser Light is exceptionally operative in such candidates. While nearly any body area can be lasered, but it beautifully reduces hair from underarms. Anyway, pregnant or lactating ladies are not usually considered good candidates. Furthermore, if you have tattooed skin, it is highly recommended to get tattoos removed first before receiving this type of laser treatment.

Please note that laser hair removal Dubai requires to be repeated every two months to stop new hair growth.

Results of Hair Removal Dubai:

Final results will always differ based on the type of laser used, patient’s skin type and needs, the focus zone, and skills of the clinician. Furthermore, as stated above it is not typically a session that makes the desired change, at least six to eight sessions are required to achieve a 60%-80% reduction. In general, the patient sees a 20% reduction in hair density after every session of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Although it is safe and simple, finding a certified doctor who has extensive experience in skin treatments is essential.

Furthermore, prior to the appointment, schedule a consultation with the laser consultant to check if you are ready to receive this treatment or not.

Most probably, you will be given the following guidelines to prepare for your first laser appointment.

  1. Let the doctor review your medical history, including current prescriptions, allergies, health conditions, skin infections, and more
  2. Discuss treatment goals with the specialist. However, it’s very important that you set realistic expectations for the treatment otherwise, you may not be happy even after receiving an ideal outcome
  3. Stop taking the medications that you regularly use.
  4. Safe and effective laser treatments always require great skills so, explore the practitioner’s credentials before you see him
  5. Stop smoking 48 hours prior to the appointment day


The Dynamic Cosmetic Clinic utilizes hand-held machines and latest types of lasers including alexandrite laser, ruby laser, and Nd: YAG laser to target unwanted hair.

Since it is non-surgical, there is no general anesthesia needed. However, the practitioner might use a topical anesthetic to prevent pain when you receive the treatment.

After delivering anesthesia, the practitioner activates the laser device to let the beams pass over the affected skin. This is the point where laser pulses damage the existing follicles and cease additional hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Facts

Treated Areas:

The treatment produces better results for larger surface areas of skin such as arms, legs, chest, etc. Common treatment areas of Permanent Hair removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi are,

  1. Armpits
  2. Face
  3. Legs
  4. Back
  5. Chin
  6. Bikini line


When it comes to aftercare, it is quite simple. Following are some important aftercare tips that you need to take into account:

  1. Avoid UV exposure by applying sunscreens before going out. This is actually the best way to minimize the risk of long-term side-effects
  2. If blisters develop don’t pierce or else, you may experience infection
  3. It’s likely that patients will experience swelling, pain, and bruising in the lasered area. Ice packs surely can help reduce them more quickly
  4. Resting for a few days is important to promote improved skin healing
  5. Dirt, bacteria, sweat, etc. can lead to infection so, it’s important to take care of them


Here are the top 6 real benefits of laser therapy for hair reduction.

  1. Cost-effective, and low-maintenance remedy
  2. The most reliable way to say goodbye to extra facial hair
  3. You can get hairless without undergoing the knife
  4. Completely safe: no major side-effects or complications
  5. After completing the course, hair growth will be stopped permanently
  6. A simple and quick fix to unattractive, hairy skin.

What it’s like to Recover after Laser Treatment:

In most cases, sufferers fully recover within a week. Anyway, here is what patients can expect after getting the laser hair removal:

After the laser appointment, he will feel sore and tired. However, the negative effects are likely to last 3 to 4 hours only.

Other than that, he might experience swelling and bruising at the lasered site. This is normal so don’t overreact when you see it. As you approach 10 days, you will notice that the effects have entirely faded.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost Dubai?

In UAE, the Cost of Laser Hair Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 299 to AED 1,900. It depends on some variable factors e.g. hair texture, skin tone, laser type, and the place of the health center.

Wrapping Up:

You can seek advice from Dynamic Laser Clinic or a dermatologist if you want to reduce unwelcoming hair, however, for permanent hair reduction, Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is certainly the best solution. Depilatory creams and shaving have long been used for extra hair but as the request for long-lasting hair removal has grown, more people are considering alternatives that have many additional benefits over traditional hair removal techniques: Alternatives that have better results, quicker recovery, and reduced side-effects.

You can find more details about this treatment during the initial consultation session. Fill the consultation form to schedule a free appointment.