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Orthodontics- A Perfect way for a Beautiful Smile and Healthy Bite!

Not all of us are blessed with straight teeth. Some folks experience crooked teeth conditions that seem terribly embarrassing. It can affect your teeth bites as well. But don’t lose hope! A right orthodontic treatment in Dubai can effectively improve your oral health.

Find out which one is best for you!

About Orthodontics – It’s more than just Braces:

Orthodontics in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a dentistry branch that tackles the incorrect positioning of teeth through plenty of reliable techniques. The correct direction, inhibition, and interruption towards dental irregularities lead to healthier mouth bite along with great aesthetic benefits.

An orthodontist is a right person to consult for orthodontic treatment. They are more than just regular dentists. As their specialty is also in teeth alignment not only in hygienic protection.

Please check out one of the dominant teeth issues tackled by our orthodontists.

  • Crooked & Misaligned teeth
  • Spaces between teeth’s
  • Overbites, underbites & crossbites

Though, this is just a glimpse of our presented services.


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Orthodontic Treatments:

A long list of orthodontic treatments is offered by us. They involve using various appliances in the teeth to retrain the muscles. While slowly stabilization fixes the teeth into the right place, by spreading gentle pressure throughout the jaw. Whereas used equipment can be either fixed or removable ranging from braces to aligners to cheek bumpers and many more. But indeed their purpose is the same- just to give you a healthy bite with the most amusing smile.

Depending upon your severity of the problem, our orthodontist will guide you to the right technique. We offer our patients, the most reliable advice that works best for their teeth!

Following are the most popular orthodontics treatment stated. Please proceed.

Braces- Metal and Ceramic:

Braces are ordinary stable appliances. Due to the dominant participation of wires, bands, and brackets, the teeth gradually move towards the directed position. Though, they are only intended to be worn for a period of a few months or maybe longer.

Dentofacial Orthopedics:

Dentofacial endorses both teeth and face. Indeed when it’s combined with orthopedics, it proposes the straightening of the teeth with the proper facial figure as well. This treatment is typically found convenient among children.

Hollywood Smile Design:

This technique is best for a perfect dental smile. Our best orthodontist in Dubai uses various approaches to overcome the crooked teeth defects which are responsible for an unpleasant smile. By placing caps, veneers, or dental crowns, the teeth get prevented from shifting back to their previous position.

Damon System:

Damon system is the ideal way to treat misaligned teeth. It’s certainly found beneficial instead of traditional braces. Due to innovative technology, Damon system braces are transformed lightweight with no discomfort and in fact, they put less pressure but deliver perfect smiles within less time.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the latest ones. They are found quite similar to the metal braces but they stay out of sight, which is certainly the best thing about it. Though, their adjustments take a longer time. Initially, they can be uncomfortable but after some time patients get used to it.

Early Treatment (between ages 8-10):

Tacking the foundations of teeth earlier can save you from lifetime dental checkups. The timely decision for best orthodontic conduct is the key to a healthy dental base. This conduct prevents improper teeth growth and helps children enjoying aligned teeth with the most perfect smile.


Wondering that teeth unbending can only benefit you aesthetically? Though, the reality is totally beyond this concept. Bent or misaligned teeth are tough to clean and can be painful sometimes. They make rigid to chew and can result in severe headaches.

Through our orthodontic conducts, you can simply chew, bite, speak, and surely with the most satisfying smirk.

Get the UAE’s Top Orthodontist’s Advice!

Previously, orthodontics treatments were only associated with kids and teens. But nowadays, adults can also seek orthodontic help for long-standing problems. Fortunately, it can assist people at any age in achieving a beautiful, healthy smile.

At Dynamic clinic, we propose plenty of reliable way-outs to align your crooked teeth for a pleasant smile. Indeed we’re here to help you in this regard!

Feel free to get in touch with our Best Orthodontist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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