Gum Bleeding Treatment

Bleeding Gums aren’t Always Normal

Gums are the foundation of healthy teeth. Their bleeding shouldn’t be taken lightly no matter it’s occasional or frequent. Without treatment, you may have a greater risk of losing adult teeth. Therefore, Dynamic Dental clinic Dubai provides Gum Bleeding Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi—by expert dentists to efficiently handle the critical nature of teeth and gums.

Timely treatments are always appreciable! Mild gum bleeding can further turn into brown-colored- swollen, receded gums. It also could lead to a change in the position of the teeth. And eventually, tooth loss happens. This is why we always encourage our patients to keep an eye on their gum health and reach us whenever they notice any change in their gums.


Below are the symptoms you should never ignore:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Red or painful gums
  • Longer teeth

If any of the above problems have encountered you either often or rarely—the best thing is to call a dentist and arrange an appointment. Otherwise, these symptoms could become gradually worse. Meanwhile, avoid self-treating. It can lead to additional problems as you might not address the real cause of the problem.

Causes of Sensitive Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding gums are usually caused by harmful plaque—holding an excess of bacteria in them. Other causes include:

  • Poor oral cleanliness
  • Brushing too hard
  • Irregular flossing
  • Gingivitis, or early-stage gum disease

Bleeding Gums Treatment Dubai:

Fortunately, there are so many treatments dentists perform to help stop the progression of bleeding gums or any gum disease. But Scaling and Planning stand out as prominent dentistry procedures for Bleeding Gums. You should seek suitable guidance from dentists by disclosing each gum-related concern.

Below are the most practiced Gum Bleeding Treatment in Dubai:

Routine Cleaning: Frequent dental check-ups always help in cherishing healthy teeth and gums. Our dental cleaning experts remove the plaque, and calculus from the depth of teeth and gums; giving the cleanest mouth that is free from gum diseases or any bleeding.

Scaling and Root Planing: Dentists use scarping dental tools to remove the rigid tartar and plaques stuck in teeth. Along with this, polishing is also performed to make gums plaque-free. You might be advised repeated sessions for optimal results.

Periodontal Therapy: Periodontal therapy can include a couple of dental treatments including gum surgery. This therapy is mostly advised in complex bleeding problems.

After Bleeding Gums Treatment:

  • Once you have received the Gum Bleeding Treatment in Dubai UAE, take care of your mouth. You can leave the clinic right away after the procedure but if gum surgery is performed, you may need a few hours rest or perhaps an overnight stay.
  • Our dentists will inform you about the next instructions you must follow based on the condition of the gum and chosen procedure.

Important Tips: How to stop Bleeding Gums

At times, treating gum bleeds at the dentist’s office may not be beneficial for a lifetime until you bring some change in your oral care routine. Dentists advise doing a couple of things to enjoy healthy gums enduringly. Below stated ones are most crucial; read ahead.

  1. Brush and floss regularly with a soft or electric brush. Try to replace toothbrush every 2-3 months
  2. Use medicated mouthwashes or use a toothpaste that is formulated to reduce the plaque and bacteria
  3. Get your teeth cleaned twice a year
  4. Avoid smoking. It can make your teeth and gums, more susceptible to infection
  5. Don’t miss Dental-checkups
  6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Benefits of Healthy Gums:

When your gums are healthy, you won’t be having any bad breath, dental decay, or any intense risky disease. No embarrassments, no tooth loss-just healthy mouth will become a part of your life.

Cost of Gum Bleeding UAE:

The Average Cost of Gum Bleeding Treatment in Dubai starts with AED 200 and goes maximum up to AED 1500 for normal cleaning, scaling, and polishing. Beyond that, if gum surgery is performed you are expected to pay a little more than this.

Please let our team know if you wish to get ideal cost appraisals in your case.

The Takeaway:

Globally, around 75% of people suffer bleeding gums and very few of them visit the dentist for it. To all those who are experiencing bleeding gums, we strictly advise Gum Bleeding Treatment in Dubai to perceive the formations of strong teeth for life. If it’s time to get a dental check-up it’s now.

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