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Overtake Dental Infection Now!

Bad toothache or decay? Even after the Root canal? Pay attention, this indicates Root Canal Infection. It’s not always vital to relieve dental tension by the time you have your root canal done, the infection can still persist. This way, your mouth should be looked at by a dentist. They can help treat the problem promptly with “Root Canal Retreatment in Dubai” to prevent further damage.

  • Be aware, severe toothache indicates root canal infection.
  • Let’s first see what Root canal Infection is and how it can be cured.

What is Root Canal Infection?

The inner layer of the tooth has soft tissue called the pulp, when bacteria invade it, infection occurs—named as Root Canal infection in Dubai. This infection can spread to the surrounding tissue if not cured earlier. It’s important to be familiar with the warning signs dentist informs.

Below are some major symptoms of this infection.

  • Dental pain
  • Gum swelling
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth discoloration

Why it is necessary to treat Infection?

Above all, Root canal pain in Dubai is testified major reason that makes handling essential. The inner tooth is extremely sensitive and its pain is unbearable. It must be treated promptly, otherwise, the result would be severe which can even go beyond the dentist’s control.

  • Infected pulps don’t heal by their self
  • Leaving the mouth as it is can make things worse
  • Severe bacterial infections at times go beyond usual root canal treatment

When to see a dentist?

As soon as you notice the symptoms of root canal infection, meet the dentist right away. They will take dental x-rays and inspect the infected pulp to perform suitable treatment for it.

How is infection treated?

At Dynamic dental clinic, dentists treat Root Canal infection in Dubai with Root Canal Retreatment to evade severe Dental Infections and to give a healthy, painless, comfortable smile.

This re-treatment is quite similar to the previous procedure. During treatment, your dentist will typically perform the following.

  1. Examining infected pulp with X-rays
  2. Numbing targeted area using anesthesia
  3. Positioning shielding barrier around the mouth to protect teeth and gums
  4. Drilling infected teeth with a dental drill to reach the affected area
  5. Cleaning out the infected pulp, removing older fillings
  6. Drying out the area to create a new infection-free space
  7. Placing filling material to heal the infection
  8. Fixing the root-filled teeth securely
  9. Dental crowns are placed over treated teeth to protect against upcoming infections


A restored tooth will look completely natural. Crowns placed over teeth make a perfect fit and gives a seamless blend with no possibility of future disputes.

How much does it cost to treat Root canal Infection?

The average cost of Root canal re-treatment typically ranges from AED 800 to AED 2000. In case if this cost is unaffordable to you we have several financial offers for you. Contact our team for more details.

Tips on Prevention

So many things you can do to take care of your root canal teeth, but maintaining good hygiene stands out prevalent. Read the below tips to maintain a healthy mouth.

  • Gently brush and floss teeth daily
  • Take counter-pain relieving medications
  • Make sure you get dental cleanings twice a year
  • Meet dentists upon noticing any infection signs

Best of all, meet the expert dentist Dr. Rasha Mhanna. She creates the plan for lifelong oral health; entailed strict protective measures to inhibit re-treatments.


Just because you come across strong tooth pain doesn’t mean you need root canal therapy. A toothache could occur by some other dental issues like decay, periodontal disease, bruxism, and fracture.

Besides, at times the tooth that needs a root canal doesn’t hurt at all. Proper guidance is requisite to ensure what is suitable for your dental condition. Contact our dentists today.

Why choose us?

We propose detailed initial consultation so that patient doesn’t doubt anything regarding the steps of a root canal re-treatment in Dubai. This builds a relationship of trust. The thing that makes us distinctive from others is “quality”. We never compromise the quality of the procedure over the cost we offer. As many clinics attract patients with cheap costs and make them spend more on handling post-complications.

You can be assured of receiving exceptional care at our clinic.

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