Male Urine Disorders in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

When you’re in your 40s or 50s, you suffer from many issues. You might also realize that you’re waking up a lot more at night for pee. It is something that guys experience when their prostate enlarges. However, discussions on diverse medical disorders are essential in healthcare. Male urinary issues are one issue that needs to be addressed. These diseases also influence a person’s quality of life. The problem demands proper understanding and treatment. Are you also suffering from Male Urine Disorders in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? These illnesses include a variety of conditions that impact the urinary system. It also causes irritation, pain, and other issues. However, the emerging field of regenerative medicine is offering a solution. 

What is Male Urinary Disorder in Dubai?

These refer to a variety of conditions affecting the urinary system. These disorders can cause discomfort and embarrassment. While conventional treatments have been the norm. However, the burgeoning field of Regenerative Medicine provides novel approaches. These treatments help treat these ailments. Many factors lead to Male urinary problems. The urinary system comprises the kidneys, bladder, urethra, and related muscles. These illnesses can develop because of a variety of variables. Including age, genetics, and lifestyle. However, understanding the individual disorder is critical for developing the best treatment strategy.

Causes of Male Urinary Disorder in Dubai:

The first step towards treatment is determining the source of the problem. The cause of the issues depends on many factors. The following are the Causes of Male Urinary Disorder In Dubai:

  • Constipation.
  • Persistent cough, bladder infection, or urinary tract infection.
  • Obesity.
  • A urinary tract infection is caused by weak pelvic floor or bladder muscles.
  • Injury to the nerves.
  • Deterioration of sphincter strength.
  • Prostate cancer causes neurological abnormalities that trigger bladder control signals.
  • Drinking, smoking.
  • Being inactive.

How To Diagnose:

If you are suffering from this ailment, then you must contact us. Our urologist in Dubai will guide you through everything. They will examine your case and recommend the best prescription. They will collect the complete biographical and physical examinations. The following are the most effective diagnostic tests:

  • Urinalysis:

It is the analysis of a urine sample for infection, blood, or other abnormalities. The expert will tell you to cough or lean with a full bladder. It will help to assess whether tension in the bladder causes leaking.

  • Post-void Residual Urine Measurement:

The expert will insert a thin, soft tube called a catheter into the bladder. It will help measure residual urine. In this procedure, the expert will remove the urine for measurement. They will also examine the empathies of the pee in the blood. The expert will also perform the ultrasound.

  • Cystoscopy:

It is a physical examination of the interior of the bladder. The expert will use a viewing device called a cystoscope. They will examine the problem by looking for anomalies.

  • Urodynamic Testing:

The procedure entails inserting a small tube into the bladder. Because it probes the bladder with X-rays. It will help to check the anatomy of the bladder and urethral sphincter muscles.

What are the Symptoms?

The issues appear in many forms because symptoms can vary. It depends on the severity and condition. The following are the major symptoms of the problem:


These symptoms include difficulties in urination and poor urine flow. It also shows the sensation of a full bladder. This can cause sleep disruptions and interfere with routine activities. It is a prevalent ailment among older men. Because the prostate gland presses against the urethra. It also causes urinary issues. This might lead to insufficient urine flow and frequent urination.

 Urinary Incontinence:

This can cause humiliation, social disengagement, and emotional misery. Stress incontinence (leakage during strenuous activities). Urge incontinence (urgent, abrupt desires to urinate) can occur in men. This disorder can develop because of weaker bladder muscles. Or damaged neurons controlling urine. It can disrupt everyday activities and influence self-esteem.


It can cause a burning sensation while urinating and murky or bloody urine. The issues can also lead to pelvic discomfort. These symptoms can cause problems at work and home. While they affect all genders. UTIs can cause urinary pain and frequent impulses to urinate. It lowers abdominal discomfort.


These symptoms can range from mild to severe. This includes urinary discomfort or burning. Applicants also suffer genital pain and ejaculation pain. This can also cause intense burning. While urinating, pain in the genitals, and pain during ejaculation. This can annoy and influence sexual well-being. The inflammation of the prostate gland is referred to as prostatitis. It can produce painful urination. It can also cause pelvic discomfort and flu-like symptoms. Prostatitis can be difficult to treat. But it also hurts a man’s quality of life.

Bladder Overactivity:

If you always feel the pee and a full bladder. Then you may also experience incontinence or leakage. Which can hurt your quality of life. Overactive bladders can also be caused by some drugs. Such as diuretics and being overweight.

Kidney Stone:

These are stones that form inside your kidneys. Kidney stones afflict one out of every ten people. It is also a very common condition. Men and AMAB in their 30s and 40s who are white are more prone to getting kidney stones.

What are the Treatment Options?

Regenerative medicine offers promise for treating a variety of medical diseases. It includes male urinary issues. Many procedures help with this issue. However, this emerging non-invasive treatment’s success rate is high. The following are the most effective Treatments for Male Urine Disorders in Dubai:

Stem Cell Therapy:

These cells are divided into many new cells. Including those seen in the urinary tract. The procedure helps restore damaged or dysfunctional urinary organs. Such as the bladder or urethra. The goal of this method is to replace damaged tissue with healthy tissue. Stem cells can heal damaged tissues. And also enhance organ performance. The procedure enhances prostate tissue regeneration and improves urinary control.

Tissue Engineering:

The procedure involves generating artificial organs or tissues in the laboratory. In this procedure, the expert regenerates the urinary organs. It helps to replace defective components of the male urinary system.

Gene Therapy:

Another area of regenerative medicine for urinary diseases is gene therapy. The procedure helps to repair hereditary abnormalities. That impairs urine production or flow. These strategies help to change or replace genes responsible for the urinary system.

Exosome Therapy:

Exosomes are small vesicles released by cells. That contain bioactive compounds. Such as proteins and genetic material. They can also promote tissue repair and regeneration. Exosomes are a non-invasive method of treating urinary diseases.

Biological Scaffolds:

The procedure involves the generation of elements from natural materials. The procedure can help with tissue regeneration. They act as scaffolding for the body’s cells to develop and repair damaged tissue. These scaffolds could aid in the reconstruction of injured urinary organs.

PRP Therapy:

The procedure includes stimulating healing with the patient’s platelets. PRP may help heal urinary tract tissues. And also restores bladder function in male urinary diseases.

Ozone Therapy:

Ozone treatment holds fascinating promise for treating male urinary problems. It can increase oxygenation and decrease inflammation. The treatment boosts the immune system. And also improves blood flow and helps with urinary difficulties.

What are the Conventional Therapies?

Many procedures are available other than regenerative. But it depends on the severity of the problem. The following are the conventional Treatments for Male Urinary Problems:

  • Medications:

BPH is treatable with medications such as alpha-blockers and 5-alpha. UTIs are treatable with antibiotics. While many medications are effective for incontinence, they also relax the bladder muscles.

  • Surgical Procedures:

For BPH patients who do not respond to medication. Then surgical procedures such as transurethral resection are effective. Surgical therapies for incontinence and prostatitis are available.

  • Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle adjustments such as controlling fluid consumption. The applicant must also be performing pelvic floor exercises. And practicing excellent hygiene might help relieve the symptoms.


The Cost of Male Urine Disorder Treatment In Dubai is reasonable. However, the applicant must consult the expert to find out the cost. Because the following factors can alter the cost of the treatment:

  • The expert’s experience
  • The location of the clinic
  • The severity of the issue
  • The selection of the treatment

Why Choose Us?

Male urinary diseases can influence a man’s life. However, advances in regenerative medicine offer hope. The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai is the competent facility for the treatment. They have qualified doctors. Fill out the form below and book a consultation.