Post-Op IV Ozone Therapy in Dubai

Some diseases become critical and do not cure by conservative management. Such diseases require a surgical approach for their treatment. Surgeries are an invasive procedure that lacerates the skin. However, after the surgery, the scars and wounds are a cause of post-operative stress. It not only affects your physical health but also disturbs your mental health. Since the surgery causes a lot of pain, individuals take a lot of medications to cure it. They feel depressed and anxious because surgery causes them to be dependent for some time. Post-Op IV Ozone Therapy in Dubai can help in treating post-operative wounds in very less time which will eventually cause a reduction in stress.

What is it?

Most people feel afraid of the name of surgery. Many of them feel stressed after the surgery completes. They face physical and mental changes because they fear the surgery. And they also feel fear of recovery after it. The scars and wounds cause more pain due to which inflammation occurs

Doctors are using ozone therapy after the operation because they think that it can help to treat post-operative symptoms more efficiently. He administers ozone directly into the vein that enters the bloodstream and cures these symptoms. It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress which ultimately reduces pain.

Aim of the Procedure:

The aim of this procedure is to reduce pain and stress after the surgery. The doctors mostly inject Ozone intravenously. It enters directly into the bloodstream to ensure 100% absorption of nutrients and minerals. The main goal of the procedure is to improve circulation and oxygenation. It substantially decreases oxidative stress and the effect of free radicals. All these factors combine to reduce the pain and promote the healing process. 

Ideal Candidate:

Every individual can get this treatment irrespective of age and health condition. Since every procedure has criteria for application. Similarly, this treatment also restricts some people to opt for it. If someone wants to be an ideal candidate for this procedure he should have the following properties. So that the treatment is free of risks and complications.

  • Anyone who wants early healing after the surgery.
  • Does not have a deficiency of G6PD.
  • Is not anemic.
  • Does not have any chronic illness that may contraindicate this treatment.
  • Is not allergic to ozone.
  • Have realistic expectations from the result.

Pre Procedure:

Before the initiation of the procedure, the doctor examines the patient completely. He assesses your past medical history. By doing this he ensures you do not contraindicate this treatment. He suggests the following guidelines prior to the treatment. So that you do not face any sort of risks and complications during the treatment.

  • Firstly, the doctor performs some diagnostic tests to see the value of G6PD in the blood. Because the individual that has the deficiency of it cannot undergo this treatment.
  • He will also make sure that you have an adequate amount of hemoglobin.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself.
  • Eat a healthy diet that contains a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • Do not smoke and utilize caffeine prior to treatment.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any kind of allergies or disease.
  • Brief your doctor if you are taking any medications.


Ozone therapy is getting more common with the passing days. This is because it not only treats the respective disease but also helps to improve the overall condition of the patient. The doctor uses numerous ways to insert ozone inside the body. But the most common way of inserting the ozone into the body is intravenous root.

IV means intravenous. After the surgery completes, the doctor directly inserts the ozone into the vein. He uses the cannula or drip to inject the ozone into the body. In this procedure, he mixes the ozone with the blood sample and administers the solution in the vein. When it enters the bloodstream it increases circulation. It also causes an increase in the oxygenation of cells which eventually decreases oxidative stress and pain. Furthermore, it increases the activity of antioxidants that fights the free radicals and decrease their effect.


After the procedure completes, you can return back to your daily life activities. But aftercare measures are still important. The doctor suggests these preventions because he wants the results to last longer. Besides ozone is a simple and effective method but it can have minor side effects. So, the person should be very careful in following the aftercare measures. 

  • Drink plenty of water to maintain hydration.
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits in considerable quantity.
  • Quit smoking and alcoholic beverages.
  • Follow your doctor after the treatment as he advises.
  • If you face side effects that last for a longer time immediately consult with your doctor.


Ozone therapy is a safe and non-invasive method. It is a fact that whenever a person undergoes surgery it takes them a long time to heal from the scars and wounds. This treatment helps to heal faster and makes the individual get rid of taking individuals.

  • Since ozone has the capability of reducing inflammation and pain, it can act as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory medicine. And makes the healing of wounds and scars faster.
  • Helps to improve circulation of the operated area.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Improves the scars by increasing tissue repair.
  • Reduces the risk of complications after surgery.
  • Stimulate the body’s natural healing process.
  • Decrease the risks of infections in wounds.

Number of Sessions:

Ozone therapy requires a number of sessions. Doctors perform this procedure under their supervision to examine how your body is responding to the treatment. Mainly, the number of sessions depends on the condition of the patient and the reaction of the body toward the treatment. The doctor mostly completes this treatment in 5 sessions. However, some patients may require more depending on their condition.


Post-Op IV Ozone Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a cost-effective treatment. Dynamic Clinic in Dubai offers this procedure at a very reasonable price. Moreover, we have highly proficient doctors that work in a professional way. The cost of this treatment depends on the number of sessions the patient requires to improve his condition. If you are willing to know the exact cost of the treatment then consult our doctors now. They will inform you about the cost after examining your condition. Note that every person has different conditions so is the price for their treatment.

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