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Baby teeth – also known as primary teeth or deciduous teeth – have very important roles in the development of a child’s mouth. They are essential for chewing, smiling, and maintaining the arch length within the jaw. These teeth are supposed to fall out around age 6. However, if they are lost way too early, say at age 3, the permanent teeth may not erupt properly as they won’t have enough room to come in. You need to keep that space open to avoid future space loss and orthodontic hitches!

Our orthodontics can address the premature exfoliation of primary teeth with the best Dental Space Maintenance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. They offer a wide range of treatments for those who have lost a baby tooth too soon. Read on to learn more about this treatment.

What is Dental Space Maintenance?

  • Using space maintainers is one great way to fix a tooth lost too early.
  • These dental tools are placed in the child’s mouth to make sure that their adult teeth develop properly.
  • Maintenances leave enough space open for the permanent teeth to grow in, thereby also helping prevent future serious orthodontic issues.

Note: If the treatment is delayed, there’s a risk the child could develop severe and long-lasting dental problems later in their life.

Dental Space Maintenance Types:

If a space maintainer is indeed the solution for you, the orthodontist will suggest an appliance, particularly for your requirements. The maintainers come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, making un-fun situations entertaining for the patient.

When it comes to dental space maintenance, you have different options – and you’ll want to get to know all of them before making a final decision. Four main types of space maintainers are:

  1. Fixed – a semi-permanent tool to maintain space for the permanent teeth to emerge.
  2. Removable – appliance made of acrylic material used when the child’s permanent tooth is almost ready to emerge.
  3. Unilateral – uses a wire to keep the space open between the two teeth.
  4. Bilateral – Used when the child’s teeth are lost on either side of the mouth.

The Procedure of Dental Space Maintenance:

Dental space maintenance in Dubai typically requires two office visits:

  • In the first session, the dentist makes the impressions of the “gap” to create a custom-made space maintainer.
  • The second session involves placing a maintainer into the cavity where the baby tooth was lost prematurely. This allows the adult tooth to develop properly in its expected location.

Aftercare following Space Maintainers:

At Dynamic Clinic, you will be given written and verbal instructions when you start your child’s Dental space maintenance.

Here are a few basic tips on maintaining the teeth and making the most out of your treatment:

  • Brushing and flossing the teeth for at least three weeks is essential.
  • Your child should continue to see the orthodontist for regular dental checkups.
  • Make sure your child avoids sticky foods like chewing gum, and caramels.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Below, we have broken down the biggest pros and cons of Dental Space Maintenance in Dubai:


  • Triggers the proper eruption of adult teeth.
  • You can get those straight, perfectly aligned teeth in a matter of a month.
  • Painless approach.
  • Preserves the space for unerupted teeth.


  • Requires extensive care and attention from the orthodontist.
  • Increases the risk of plaque accumulation.
  • Can contribute to advanced periodontal diseases.

Is Dental Space Maintenance Painful?

Fortunately, No. There is no discomfort or pain associated with this treatment.

Cost of Dental Space Maintenance:

Spaces maintainers can effectively deal with premature exfoliation of the baby’s teeth, but they have been quite expensive. The costs vary widely depending on factors such as the type of space maintainer you get, where you live, and the reputation of the dentist/orthodontist.

The average Cost of Dental Space Maintainers in Dubai is around AED 1,499 to AED 1,999.

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