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What does it really mean to have a perfect smile these days? Everyone knows veneers bring beautiful smirks. But their preparation means “Shaven Teeth “which is obviously scary. It can significantly weaken teeth – leading to more vulnerable problems in the future. Well, thankfully this issue has been wiped out. We bring Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that fixes the front bond of natural teeth without altering actual tooth structure.

This modern coating—takes less time and is less invasive to apply. So the ones who don’t wish to tamper their real teeth can have this procedure. Let’s find more details.

Why Non-Prep Veneer?

Above any veneer, non-prep coatings are highly preferred to save precious tooth tissue. At Enfield we are offering state-of-art non-prep veneers from trained technicians to give advanced dental services.

  • Less dental problems in future
  • The more natural tooth, the longer would be the tooth lifespan
  • Secured oral care


The choices fall into three types. Discuss with your dentist about which one they’re offering and what might suit best in your oral condition.

  1. Lumineers
  2. Vivaneers
  3. Dura thin

Results of Non Prep Veneers:

After Non-prep veneers, you will be left with a beautiful smile—giving a natural-looking finish. Whiter, beautiful teeth appear instantly. But remember, no two patients will have the same smile. Results vary.

The average lifespan of veneers is 10 to 15 years.

Non-Prep Veneers in Abu Dhabi  Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai  Non-Prep Veneers

Non-Prep Veneers in Duabi and Abu Dhabi

Non-Prep Veneers aren’t for Everyone:

Although non-prep veneers are reported ideal still your oral condition needs to be evaluated first. These veneers might not be appropriate for you if your teeth are severely damaged, discolored, or stained. The candidate’s smiles must be in optimal condition.

  • No dentist can place non-prep veneers in cavities, gingivitis, or broken teeth. Such problems need to be addressed earlier.
  • This type of veneer is mostly preferred in mild to moderate teeth discoloration.

What is Expected?

Non-Prep Veneers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are cheap, small, and less durable to staining. A series of consultations are required at the dentist’s office to utilize a fake tooth cover using CAD/CAM technology. This advanced process designs the final smile on-screen which is then returned to the individual as ready teeth.

  • When veneers are prepared, dentists bond them in your mouth. You can pick their shades that range from eggshell to tip-top white.
  • Overall, veneers installation takes around 30-40 minutes after preparing.

After Non-Prep Veneers:

Since no-prep veneer isn’t linked to any intense shaving, complications are rare and therefore aftercare. You need to follow simple aftercare by escaping hard or sticky foods until the veneers settle completely.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


The advantages of non-prep veneers are immeasurable. Below are some major ones, please check.

  • Quicker smile makeover
  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • Preserves the natural tooth structure
  • Reversible


Just with every dental procedure, non-prep veneers also entail downside which is unknown to many.

  • Can be costly
  • Strict candidacy criteria
  • Bulky smile

Note that: Non-prep veneers can’t produce similar results as traditional veneers.

How Much is for Non-prep Veneers?

The average cost of Non-prep Veneer in Dubai UAE range in price from AED 1500 to AED 10,000 per tooth. It is certainly an inexpensive and therefore safe option to consider. You can contact our dentists directly for affordable, ideal cost estimates in your case.


Preparation isn’t always restricted to eating limitations. With Veneers, preparation is “Shaven Teeth” That’s why we bring Non-Prep veneers in UAE. This way, the new trend of cosmetic smiles won’t be scary anymore. If you are also one of those people who afraid of altering tooth structure can surely build their drastic teeth image without any ultimate effort.

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