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Breast cancer initiates within the breast It could form on one or both sides and surrounding as well. It originates when cells start to multiply uncontrolled. It affects men as well. It is critical to recognize them in the early stages, as the majority of targeted bumps are not cancerous. Non-cancerous breast tumors are abnormal growths that do not extend outside the breast. But it is very critical to identify whether the lumps are cancerous or not, but don’t worry. A very innovative diagnosis method can help you identify the disease at an early stage. It is Mammogram Screening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi which is breast screening. It is commonly done to check for early symptoms of cancer or any dysfunction inside the breast, although it can also be done for other reasons. It shows very genuine outcomes at a reasonable cost.

The Aim of the Treatment:

Mammographic screening, which involves taking X-ray images of the breast, is an authentic technique for detecting a change in your breast tissue early. The purpose of this type of screening is to examine the breast closely to discover whether there are any tumors. place yourself in front of the mammography machine while your breast is sandwiched between two plates. They are mainly made of plastic and are known as compression plates. These plates help flatten the breast, allowing less radiation to be used and more of the breast tissues to be seen. The treatment’s primary goal is to determine:

  • Is there a problem inside the breast?
  • Are there any new tissues formed?
  • Is there a problem with the way the breastworks?
  • Cancer detection at an early stage.


It produces extremely accurate findings and shows instant outcomes. The presented results are highly valuable in identifying the early spread of delicate tissues, or what we call cancer cells, and assisting patients in dealing with it as soon as feasible in order to be cured of such a deadly condition. Because of your severity, the outcomes in some rare cases may be delayed. The radiologist searches for signs of cancer and other illnesses that may necessitate additional testing, follow-up, or treatment. The results are collected in a report and given to your doctor. Inquire with your provider about when and how the results will be shared with you.

Pre-procedure Care:

This procedure is non-invasive and performed in a very easy way, so there is a very simple preparation for the procedure; it is just a simple scan that will create an image of your breast using x-rays. So you can continue all of your activities both before and after the therapy. Here are the easy actions you must take:

  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Discuss your health history with your expert.
  • Tell your doctor about your allergic medication.
  • Do not use any cosmetics and moister on the targeted side.


This is a very convenient way to diagnose your cancer symptoms at an early stage, and it is performed in the following steps:

  • Initially, the expert will ask you to remove all the jewelry and take off all your clothes.
  • You must position yourself in front of the screening machines.
  • Then you will be instructed to place your breasts on plates one by one.
  • Another plastic plate will subsequently be utilized as a compressor above the breast.
  • It will slightly press against the breast.
  • The plates will apply pressure to the breasts, causing them to straighten so that X-rays may be taken.
  • Due to the stretching of the plates, the client will feel a minor strain or pressure.
  • Then the light beams will be inserted into the plates for a clear image.
  • The process will be repeated on the opposite breast.
  • When the procedure is finished correctly,
  • Then you will be instructed to wait for the reports.


This procedure is a sort of x-rays, there is no need for post-process care, but the problem will start if your report shows indications of cancer. Then you will consult with the expert for further treatment and prevention measures.

Is it safe?

Mammograms expose the breasts to low-level radiation, and the benefits of mammography outweigh any potential risks associated with radiation exposure. Modern devices use low-radiation sections to produce body X-beams with great image quality. The total part for a standard mammogram with two perspectives on each side is, on average, The radiation component of 3D mammograms might range from somewhat moderate to higher in comparison to normal 2D mammography.


The screen is very beneficial in multiple ways, including:

  • The procedure has the potential to save your life. Early detection of breast cancer reduces the chance of death by 25–30%.
  • It is a quick process, and most women experience little discomfort.
  • Mammography is a risk-free treatment that exposes you to only a trace amount of radiation.
  • It is an approved method for cancer identification.
  • It shows instant and clear outcomes.
  • If you have dense breasts or are under the age of 50, consider getting digital mammography.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure to identify the initial stage of cancer.


Mammograms have the following risks:

  • Low-dose radiation is used in mammograms. The dose is relatively low.
  • The benefits of frequent mammograms outweigh the hazards associated with this level of radiation.
  • A mammogram may result in extra testing.
  • If something unusual is discovered, then you may require additional tests.
  • Sometimes it is not as effective as an ultrasound or a biopsy.
  • The vast majority of mammography findings do not indicate cancer.
  • It does not detect all malignancies. Which are discovered during the biological assessment, but scanning cant identify them.
  • The symptoms may be skipped if it is too small or placed in a different direction which is not detected by the process.
  • Not all tumors detected by this procedure can be treated.
  • Some dangerous cells are very dangerous and spread swiftly to other regions of the body.


The Cost of a Mammogram Screening in Dubai ranges from 699 AED to 999 AED, but it is not constant; it depends on multiple factors. Because it is a very crucial decision for treatment, you must choose a reliable place and an efficient doctor. The factors that influence the cost are explained below.

  • The expertise of the doctor, as an efficient doctor, will deliver authentic outcomes.
  • The clinic’s geographical location; if it is in a posh neighborhood, the cost will be accordingly high.
  • The process selection is because each screening process has different costs.
  • The severity of the targeted areas.

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