Silhouette Facelift in Dubai, Abu Dhbai & Sharjah

Growing age is a part of life. Indeed, after crossing the 40s, the skin begins to drop along with deep creases, wrinkles, and folds. No doubt, we all wish to appear young forever. And that is the reason that the majority of us become obsessed with anti-wrinkle creams, lotions, and serums. Frankly speaking, these anti-aging ointments can’t do much and a facelift remains the only solution.

I believe that you all might be feeling insecure regarding Facelift. Of course, not everyone is daring enough to go under the knife. But worry no more! Non-surgical facelifts are accessible to you! Fortunately, their results are practically similar to surgical techniques. Amazed? But this is the truth.

Silhouette Facelift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is an extremely safe, non-surgical technique that focuses on restoring lost facial volume for younger looks. It carries out the natural contours of the jawline and neck by lifting the extent of the midface and cheeks.

Please continue reading to explore its cost, procedure details and possible complications.


The basic purpose of the Silhouette facelift is just to make you look younger than your actual age. It targets achieving a smooth lifting effect along with restored facial volume. Besides, our experts perform this in terms of attaining scar-free results. Please check out its core targets:

  1. Facial contours.
  2. Lifted neck.
  3. Improved skin tone.
  4. Collagen production.
  5. Triangle-shaped facial figure.

Results of Silhouette Facelift:

The results of the Silhouette facelift are immediate. Facial skin will get into its new position with a more lifted, Microneedling, contoured, and redefined effect. Favorably, acquired benefits usually grow over time as collagen production speeds up. Above all result factors, the biggest standout is the age rewind. You will look 5-10 years fresher than your real age.

Normally, the aesthetic results of silhouette last shorter than facelift surgery. Generally, for a maximum of two years or maybe more than this. To enjoy long-term results, follow a good skincare routine by avoiding smoking and sun exposure.

In the case of falling results, get another session straightaway.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The Average Cost of a Silhouette Facelift in Dubai starts at AED 1499. For more reasonable packages, installment plans, or somehow exact assessments, please book an appointment with us.

Am I fit for it?

Almost anyone can get Silhouette, but having a prior discussion with doctors is a must. So they can easily go over the preferences and concerns you have. Normally, it’s fit for every man or woman whose age is more than 30 and demands an instant facelift deprived of any surgery.

Besides, strictly prohibited for people under 18, and expecting or lactating women.

What Must be Done Before Silhouette Facelift?

Any particular preparation isn’t definite. Simply, just clear your queries, expectations, and fears regarding the procedure earlier. Also, make your consultant aware of preceding treatments you had in the past.

Generally, pre-procedure care encloses with avoidance of meals at least 12 hours before conduct. However, for more comfy procedures preserve a healthy lifestyle.

Process of Silhouette Facelift?

Here’s the procedure for Silhouette Facelift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi begins. First of all, the surgeon cleans out the skin using a medical wash. Afterward, a local anesthetic will be given for relaxing conduct.

Following the technique, doctors plot the specific points for placing out the thread. By using a fine needle, a soft thread under the skin is implanted in terms of pulling it up. After this, experts inject fillers and apply pressure on specific points for an instant facelift.

The entire procedure gets completed within 30-40 minutes with no intolerable pains or long recovery periods. Besides, this practice isn’t as simple as it seems. A satisfactory facelift is only possible by a trained doctor, though it’s beyond the capacity of a junior one.

What can I Expect After that? Are there any Guidelines?

Just like every aesthetic route, there is a chance of temporary puffiness, inflammation, and somehow minor pain. But that doesn’t mean everybody experiences this. Though, you should get indulged with post-care instructions for a riskless recovery period. Please consider the following ones,

  1. Sleep in a facelifted position at least for five nights.
  2. Handle your face gently while washing.
  3. Escape makeup products for a minimum of two days.
  4. Feel free to take painkillers but also forgo blood-thinning medications.

On a serious note, the more you lift your face in the recovery period. The more permanent changes it will acquire.


Usually, Non-surgical Treatments aren’t much complex to get worried off. Luckily, when done in the right hands, younger, pleasing, and soft looks won’t be away from you. But in the case of an inexpert doctor and too fragile skin, there is a chance of breakage of threads, displeasing looks, and distressful results.

At the leading edge, please ensure the doctor’s experience and best candidacy before you undergo this facelift.

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Silhouette Facelift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is mainly focused on restoring lost volume with more uplifting influence. It’s a one-day procedure performed under local anesthetic terms so you can continue your daily activities straight away after treatment.

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