Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Breathing easily is one of the things people often take for granted. Often times when people become super sick or are suffering from a certain illness they are unable to breathe due to the blocked airways. This can impact their breathing, as well as their coughing. Blocked airways often make it impossible for people to breathe, and cough. To help a person who is suffering from pulmonary conditions a suction technique is used. Our clinic offers advanced, methods to help overcome your problems with Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Understanding Oral Suctioning:

It often becomes difficult for people to move secretions in their throats. Having excessive secretion or buildup of mucus can block the airways, making it difficult for the person to breathe easily, and it also leads to swallowing difficulties. To help the patients breathe easily we use a catheter tube to help suck this build-up mucus in their mouths. But this method should only be carried out by a professional doctor you must not attempt it on your own.

Which Patients Require Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai?

Individuals who face the following conditions are ideal candidates for Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai:

  • People who are unable to force their mucus with the help of cough.
  • Individuals who suffer from impaired swallowing reflux, impaired tongue, or weak cough.
  • This process is mostly applied to people who are unable to clear the secretions of their mouth all by themselves.
  • Individuals who suffer from decreased consciousness.
  • Patients experiencing noisy breathing sounds.
  • Children who suffer from certain diseases are unable to get rid of excessive mucus on their own.

Types of Oral Suction Catheters:

There are two types of catheters that are used for this process, these are:

  • Suction catheter.
  • Yankauer catheter.

At-Home Oral Suctioning Service:

Visiting a hospital every single time you suffer from breathing, or coughing issues can be difficult. We know it can be difficult for patients to travel when they are not feeling well. So the aim of our home health oral suctioning service is to help with the air management problems of patients, in the ease of their homes. Here is what you can expect at our home oropharyngeal suctioning service:

Before the Course of Action:

  • Our healthcare provider will reach your house with the proper equipment for the process.
  • The initial step is to take the consent of the patients, and their family members.
  • Then the doctor examines the condition of the patient. This examination will include checking your breathing pattern, and lungs sound, and monitoring initial vitals.
  • Before the process begins the patients should brush their teeth.
  • You must not eat anything at least 2 hours before the suctioning process takes place.
  • Our nurse follows all the hygienic measures before starting the process.

Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai Process:

The process has the following steps:

  • The doctor will first ask you to lie in a comfortable position. You should be in a semi fowler, or in a sitting position.
  • Our nurse will wear proper gloves, and will initially ensure hand hygiene. They will also wear goggles and masks because the process can cause splashing
  • Then the doctor will apply a specific lubricant at the tip of the catheter to ensure a smooth, painless insertion.
  • Then the device is gently inserted inside the mouth of the patient. The doctor makes the way of the catheter through the gumline to the pharynx where the secretions usually occur.
  • When the tube is full with secretions then the doctor will rinse the catheter by placing it in a wash basin and cleaning it with saline water.
  • The doctor uses certain rotating positions to ensure removing all the build-up mucus from the area.
  • After all the mucus has been removed the nurse cleans the mouth of the patient to ensure proper oral hygiene.

AfterCare Steps for Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai:

The patients must follow certain guidelines after the completion of Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. These instructions will help with recovery:

  • If you often suffer from massive mucus buildup in your throat you must avoid drinking cold water, or beverages.
  • You must clean your teeth properly to maintain oral hygiene.
  • After the process completion, the catheter tube should be cleaned properly.
  • The family members must pay attention to the condition, as well as the breathing patterns of the patients. If you notice anything unusual immediately consult an expert.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water as it will help thin the mucus.

Advantages of Availing at Home Oral Suctioning Service:

  • Helps improve breathing issues within the comfort of your home.
  • The at-home process minimizes the risks of infections.
  • Helps cleans the airways, and provides a better breathing pattern.
  • Minimizes the problem of drooling.
  • Less expensive than hospital stays.
  • At your home, you feel more comfortable during the entire process.
  • Helps maintain oxygen ventilation.

Can I Do Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai without a Doctor?

No. One should not even try to perform this process without the presence of an experienced healthcare provider. A person cannot perform this process on their own, and the family members should also avoid doing it if they have no knowledge regarding it as it can cause damage to the throat or internal organs.

Can Pregnant Women Undergo Oral Suctioning Process?

No, one must avoid undergoing this process while they are pregnant.

How Much Longer Do the Results Last?

The results can last for several months. But it usually depends on the condition of the patients and the level of secretion they have in their throat.

Here’s to a Better Breathing!

Dynamic Clinic Dubai provides its patients with Oral Suctioning at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah so they can get better in the comfort of their homes. You can avail a free consultation with our experts at our clinic.