Hemorrhoid(Piles) Treatment

When the capillaries around your lower rectum and anus swell and bother you, it means you have hemorrhoids, which can affect both men and women. By the age of 50, hemorrhoids will affect about half of the population. It is a rectum condition marked by venous nodes and varicose veins in the lower region of the rectum. This protozoa condition is currently the most prevalent, and the early signs of hemorrhoids are simple to find. If this occurs, it’s crucial to get in touch with a specialist right away and receive expert assistance. The choice of approach for Hemorrhoid Treatment Dubai is based on the symptoms.

There are multiple treatment options for the problem, but the suitability of the cure depends on the stage of the disease. Keep reading for the complete details.

The Aim of the Hemorrhoid Treatment:

Hemorrhoids are a common problem for pregnant women and new mothers. The blood cells in the applicant’s pelvic area are put under additional strain because of the pressure of carrying a baby inside of you. When giving birth, straining to push the baby out puts additional pressure on these blood arteries, but several treatments aim to correct your partner’s dysfunction and improve performance.

Results of Hemorrhoid Treatment:

The outcomes of each therapy vary depending on the stage of the disease and the treatment chosen. Because chemotherapy takes longer to remove the problem, laser therapy is the quickest way to treat these abnormalities without any side effects. If these two methods are unable to achieve the desired goal, the last option is the surgical cure.

Causes of Hemorrhoid:

When your anus veins are under too much pressure, hemorrhoids develop. Potential root causes and danger signs include:

  • Strangling when going to the bathroom.
  • Sitting for a long time, particularly on the toilet.
  • Enduring recurrent bouts of hard lifting or other physically demanding activities
  • If applicants have a family history of hemorrhoids,
  • Applicants might have persistent constipation or diarrhea.
  • If you are obese,
  • If you are engaging in anal sexual activity, which might aggravate the disease.
  • Delivery and pregnancies might be big causes.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoid:

There are numerous signs of abnormalities, but piles are commonly indicated in two ways: internally and externally:

Internal Hemorrhoids:

This mostly occurs within the rectum,  it infrequently causes distress and is often difficult to see or feel. But straining or soreness during urinating can result, and it shows in the following ways:

  • The presence of blood on tissue after a bowel movement
  • Skin becomes stretched from the anus when a person urinates.

External Hemorrhoids:

These are located on the exterior side of the skin near your anus. Some warning signs and symptoms include:

  • Intense itchiness in the anus
  • Feeling discomfort in the form of lumps or swelling close to your anus, especially when sitting.
  • Often, these symptoms don’t hurt.
  • Swelling of puffins in the surrounding area.


Your doctor may do several tests to determine if you have hemorrhoids, including:

  • Oral examination: Your rectum and anus are examined physically to look for hemorrhoid symptoms like swollen blood vessels.
  • In a Digital Rectum Examination: in which an oiled filled probe is inserted into the applicant’s rectum by a healthcare professional to look for any issues,
  • Anoscopy: in this process, a hollow, lit tube is inserted into your anus to see internal hemorrhoids.
  • Proctoscopy: in this testing procedure, a small tube is administered to the targeted area. This allows you to see your whole rectum.
  • Sigmoidoscopy. This examination looks inside a section of your big intestine to identify the causes of the bleeding, abnormal growths, stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • Colonoscopy. The distance of your big intestine is examined during this examination. It can assist with the symptoms of bleeding and infections.

Hemorrhoid Treatment:

There are multiple alternative treatments available to treat your problem, but the suitability of the procedure depends on the condition of the applicant. Consult with an expert for effective treatments; the most effective treatments are explained below:


Your doctor might advise over-the-counter lotions, ointments, suppositories, or pads if your hemorrhoids only cause minimal discomfort. These lotions have chemicals, including witch hazel, hydrocortisone, and lidocaine, that help reduce itching and pain.

Non-Invasive Treatment:

There are multiple minimally intrusive techniques, and your physician will recommend them after analyzing the applicant’s condition if they are uncomfortable or have recurrent bleeding. These procedures can be completed without the use of anesthetic.


  • Sclerotherapy in Dubai is a non-surgical method of treating hemorrhoids. in this procedure, your doctor shrinks the hemorrhoid tissue by administrating a chemical mixture into it. Despite being painless, the injection may not be as effective as rubber band ligation.
  • The procedure is appropriate for treating chronic internal abnormalities in their early stages because it has a small list of contraindications and a minimal risk of side effects.

Rubber Band Ligation:

  • To stop the circulation of internal hemorrhoids, your doctor wraps one or two thin rubber bars around the bottom growth. Within a week, the hemorrhoid dries out and peels off.
  • Bleeding is a bothersome side effect of the therapy but it is rarely serious. Sometimes, more severe issues can happen.

Laser Treatment:

  • Laser Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be performed at a moderate stage of the disease, and it eliminates piles. You can eliminate internal and external piles with this procedure in the kindest possible way.
  • This procedure simultaneously removes the diseased tissue layer by layer; small wounds remain in their locations, but they eventually crust over and heal.

Surgical Techniques:

Surgery is the most reliable and effective method but it is only recommended when the condition is severe, However, if earlier approaches weren’t successful or you had huge hemorrhoids, your doctor may suggest one of the following:


  • In this process, using one of the various methods, the surgeon eliminates excess tissue that causes pain. This is performed under anesthesia.
  • This treatment method is very effective in treating severe or recurring hemorrhoids the most thoroughly and effectively.
  • After the procedure, the majority of patients experience some pain, which drugs can lessen. A hot bath could also be advantageous.

Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy:

This technique stops blood flow to Hemorrhoidal tissue. Usually, it is exclusively applied to internal hemorrhoids; it causes more discomfort than stapling, which enables a sooner return to normal activities. The probability of recurring rectal collapse, in which a part of the rectum is separated from the urethra.

Cost of Hemorrhoid Treatment:

The Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Dubai is inexpensive, and it ranges from AED 1,499 to AED 6,999, but it is not constant; it can be different for different people because everyone has different indications and different intensity, but it can fluctuate by multiple factors, including the selection of the treatment option as each treatment targets a different cause, the reputation and experience of the doctor, the location of the clinic, and the condition of the applicants.

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