Occlusal Bite Problems in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE Bite Solution Cost

Everyone is unique, so Malocclusions vary Significantly in Symptoms.

What we all want? To have a “perfect bite” in which both upper and lower teeth properly fit when they meet. However, sometimes, because of various circumstances, teeth don’t meet correctly and results in different problems. You experience tooth pain, jaw soreness, and unwanted depreciation of your teeth and gums.

Luckily, most bite hitches can be managed with dental procedures. We offer a range of treatments to help you get a bright, beautiful smile. Learn more about the treatments options here.

All about Bite Problems:

Bite problems in Dubai can be painless or painful or may be permanent or temporary. Some have natural causes, while others may be situational. Some are deadly, and others can be mild. Ask an orthodontist to help you cope with the bite problems you have.

Before we move on to the treatment options, we will first recall the causes. Keep scrolling.


Various lifestyle choices and genetic situations can lead to the development of bite problems. The identified causes are:

  • Non-nutritive habits.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Accidents.


Best bite-problems in Abu Dhabi  best bite-problems in dubai  bite-problems in dubai

bite-problems in Abu Dhabi   bite-problems-Clinic-in-Dubai  Best bite-problems Clinic in Dubai

5 Common bite Problems:

Contact an orthodontist if you think you have one of these problems:


Overbite, aka buck teeth, is a form of malocclusion where the upper front teeth protrude over the lower ones.


Openbite is a jaw misalignment where upper and lower teeth don’t touch when the mouth is closed.


Crossbite refers to the misalignment of dental arches. It is a condition in which the upper tooth or teeth have a higher lingual position than their equivalent teeth in the lower arch.


A dental condition in which the lower teeth protrude outward than the upper front teeth.

Spaced teeth:

Spaced teeth is a condition in which the front teeth are separated by large, noticeable gaps.

Preventing Bite Problems:

Some bite problems aren’t preventable, including the malocclusions due to genetic factors, and accidents. But it’s possible to stop these problems from turning into something more serious.

Use these tips to avoid future oral health complications:

  • Floss and brush your teeth gently.
  • Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste is important.
  • Avoid smoking, alcoholic beverages, and tannin-foods.
  • Visit a dentist, or orthodontist at least twice a month.


Luckily, many bite problems are treatable. It’s important to get help as soon as possible. Left untreated, malocclusion can become extremely exhausting, and can lead to very serious oral problems such as cavities, infections, gingivitis, periodontitis, and so on.

There is a range of safe and effective treatments for malocclusions. You can improve your smile and speech difficulty with them.


  • Braces are dental appliances that put pressure on the teeth to adjust the malocclusion.
  • Corrects the bite pattern by shaping the jaw.
  • There are three basic types of braces: Metal braces, ceramic braces, Lingual braces.


  • Thin, clear trays to straighten teeth.
  • Fixes the open bite, transforms the smile and boosts the confidence.

Jaw Surgery:

  • Jaw surgery can fix minor and major dental irregularities.
  • Offers long-lasting results.
  • Improves speaking, breathing, and eating.

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