Pico Laser Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Only 30 minutes are enough to get the type of skin you dream of. Pico Laser Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is benefiting people all around the globe.

Aim of the Treatment:

The treatment aims to treat sun damage, stretch marks, pigmentation, tattoo, acne scarring, photoaging, wrinkles, etc. This safe and FDA-approved treatment works by targeting pigments without harming surrounding tissues. Picosure Tattoo Treatment can treat these skin concerns better than other laser and skincare treatments. It is most commonly known for tattoo removal because it can remove all the tattoos regardless of the pigment type and ink color. The pulses target both superficial and deep pigmentation. It allows you to recover within a few days with minimal discomfort.


  1. Tattoo Removal:

When laser pulses are directed at the area that contains the tattoo, they target the individual cells and shatter the ink particles.

  1. Skin Rejuvenation:

Pico Laser Treatment stimulates collagen production which allows the skin to rejuvenate naturally on its own.


If you have brown spots, freckles, blemishes, or wrinkles on your face or any other area of your body you can consider Pico Laser Treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The treatment is not recommended to you if you have a darker skin tone or if you are more susceptible to the side effects of laser treatment. You are recommended to meet the following candidacy criteria to be an ideal candidate for the treatment if you:

  • Want to brighten your skin tone.
  • Are looking for a non-invasive solution to remove your tattoo.
  • Want to eliminate pigmentation, wrinkles, Stretch Marks, age spots, etc.
  • Are above 18 years old and overall healthy.


  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in deeper layers of skin.
  • Reduced risk of scarring.
  • Simple and quick procedure that comes with almost no downtime.
  • Can be used for tattoo removal.
  • Treats pigmentation and acne scars.
  • Better results of skin rejuvenation.
  • Facilitates tissue healing.


  • No excessive sun exposure, sunbathing, and tanning cream for 3 weeks prior to treatment because they decrease the effectiveness of the results and increase the chances of complications after the treatment.
  • Wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or above. Apply to the treated site while going out in the hours when the sun is at its peak. You are advised to make this a part of your skincare routine.
  • Do not wear makeup including moisturizer on the day of the treatment.


The treatment uses a very short pulse duration, usually less than 1 nanosecond, to treat various skin conditions. Pico Laser Treatment in Dubai allows rapid obstruction of abnormal pigmentation without causing any harm to the skin. The procedure does not require general anesthesia because it is non-invasive in nature. A handheld laser device is used to deliver nanosecond laser energy to the affected areas to perform skin rejuvenation or tattoo removal.


  • Avoid sun exposure to the treated site, and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above to protect your skin.
  • Avoid touching or scratching the treated area for one week after getting the treatment.
  • Immediately after the treatment you will experience some discomfort, apply cool gel packs or acetaminophen to minimize it.
  • Keep your skin hydrated 48 hours post-treatment.


Pico laser treatment results in younger-looking, radiant and fresh skin. This advanced laser treatment produces better results for the sufferers’ than other laser treatments. You will notice remarkable results in just a few sessions. Usually, 4-6 sessions are required to get optimal results from the treatment.

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Minimal downtime is associated with Pico laser treatment. You will experience a slight tingling sensation in the treated site throughout the procedure. The treatment has some side effects but no need to worry they are temporary and minor. Some of them are listed below:

  • Pain.
  • Blistering.
  • Redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Scarring.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Scarring and post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation are very rare, they appear in very few cases.

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