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Loss of vaginal muscular integrity, low sex drives, and problems with holding your urine are some of the major and commonly occurring problems after childbirth, after any traumatic experience, hormonal changes, or abrupt weight changes.  Nobody except the woman herself knows how painful it is to deal with vaginal problems all alone. Nothing can work or you can say females normally don’t want to discuss it. However, seeking help from a specialist and intimate surgery expert is essential both for your mental well-being as well as your sexual life.  There are now new and improved techniques available for vaginal rejuvenation not by surgical methods but by easy approaches that are minimally invasive such as PRP Treatment for Vagina in Dubai. Here are some insights about PRP and its effectiveness on vaginal rejuvenation.

Why is PRP Used for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The reason why PRP is chosen for Vaginal Rejuvenation is basically because it is effective in improving the blood flow to the labia and the clitoris. They collectively make up the vagina and improvement in the blood circulation makes them more sensitive to arousal and better quality of sex. The loss of vagina integrity is basically because of several reasons and so not everyone wants to go under the knife for surgical treatment. Therefore PRP is a better option as it is minimally less invasive and the benefits are quite outnumbering.

What are the Causes of Vaginal Problems? 


Loose Vagina:

 One of the common reasons for the loosening of the vagina is childbirth. The hormonal contractions and the expulsion of the fetus normally cause the muscles to lose their function as well as their physical integrity. This is a major turn-down for women and they see their partners also lose interest in them because of the changes in the anatomical muscles of the vagina. 

Urinary Incontinence:

As a woman ages the sphincter muscles that are present or holding the urinary bladder and orifice tend to lose over time. This is not just confined to the bladder but also makes the problems worse when it is connected to the vagina. 

Hormonal Problems:

Aging is one of the major contributing factors in giving rise to the problems of the vagina. This is again correlated with hormonal imbalances as well. As a woman ages the hormonal imbalance tends to double and the estrogen level drops.  The drop in estrogen levels fails the vagina to get lubricated while arousal and the decrease in the blood flow also makes sex painful for the women.  

Lack of Lubrication:

According to sexologists and therapists, the goal of reaching a perfect climax and orgasm is to become fully lubricated. Little do you know that this lubrication is only achieved when there is proper blood flow to the genital organs in a woman. A decrease or absence of proper blood flow to the vagina makes lubrication impossible therefore a PRP treatment can be successful in improving the blood supply to the vagina.



One of the major psychological problems arising from disregarding a woman’s sexual life is stress and anxiety. Around 8 in 10 women are inflicted by stress and so they have a lack of desire or no interest at all. This as a result affects the vagina, the muscles cannot withstand the forces of penetration if they are not used to it.

Traumatic Experiences in History:

Women who have faced violence and traumas previously in their lives affect their sexual lives badly. This in turn fails to attempt to lubricate arousal and as a result, vaginal dryness starts becoming common. treating it at the right time and improving the lubrication through PRP can help to overcome this problem. 

What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma; it is a constituent of the blood that when injected into the candidate’s body can help trigger new cellular growth and improve the turnover of the cellular activity. It is not just done to improve the blood supply but it is also used for regeneration and rejuvenation of the parts of the body that have lost their integrity and maintenance of functional activity.

How is Vaginal PRP Rejuvenation Done?

The expert will first clean the area with an alcohol swab. The next step includes PRP-infused injection placed into one to three multiple sites around the walls of the Labia. 

The expert injects an adequate amount of PRP solution into the vagina and gently rubs the area so that it can merge within the skin and deep down easily.

What is the Mode of Action of a PRP in Vaginal Rejuvenation?

When PRP is injected it causes the stem cells to increase in number and a better quantity of cellular growth is also expected to take place. Once the PRP is injected it is expected that the release of growth factors and improve the production of collagen which is the main protein responsible for the maintenance of skin integrity and elasticity.

What Do You Expect in the Results after PRP Treatment?

  • Better stimulation of the labial muscles on arousal
  • Improved blood flow to the vaginal muscles
  • Better response on being excited and aroused
  • Increased lubrication and moisture around the vaginal walls. 
  • Improvement in sexual intimacy 
  • Better confidence and self-satisfaction 

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