Volbella Fillers For Lip in Dubai

Losing volume in the face and even in lips is the normal aging process and affects our entire look unpleasantly. No doubt, everyone desires to look beautiful no matter in which age period they’re however due to tremendous improvement in cosmetic procedures it’s possible to look young even in your 60s.

Having plumper and fuller lips have been revolving as a beauty trend for a long. To follow this modern fashion, everyone desires to have a modification in their lips, and obviously, surgeries would be the very first option that comes into their mind which is quite risky and complex. On the other hand, when we talk about the non-surgical treatments for enhancing the lips size, there would be no other best choice than Lip Fillers in Dubai. But here we’re discussing the Volbella Fillers For Lip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you might be wondering the difference among them. Though, it’s just the advancement in the previous filler techniques to provide you more natural results safely.

Volbella Lip Fillers:

Volbella Fillers are intended to enhance the size and shape of lips exactly as you want. It involves the injection of a gel-based solution on the specified areas of lip and mouth to get back the lost volume. The most dominant use of hyaluronic acid slows down the aging process however we can call this technique the advancement of Juvederm fillers.

Moreover, after having this you won’t be a victim of vertical lines on lips as they’re greatly responsible for making the overall look displeasing and even older than your actual age.


The natural results grasped from Volbella Lip Fillers in Dubai can be noticed immediately after the procedure but complete fallouts might require 4-6 days. You will observe the visible difference in your lips through an appealing fuller and plumper form which usually lasts for a maximum of one year or perhaps more than this. Attending 2-3 sessions would be a great choice to achieve long-lasting results.

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Who are the Candidates?

Men or women, who’re dissatisfied with their lips figure and want to make it enlarged non-surgically, this approach would be the best choice for them. Besides this, if aging has left a negative impact on someone’s appearance with thin lips then considering Volbella is a great deal of options.

However, anyone can experience this safest lip filler procedure but double-checking the medical history is also an important aspect everyone should be aware of.

Preparation Guidelines:

Volbella Fillers isn’t a surgical procedure so the list of preparation instructions isn’t much longer. Just a few days before treatment, you will be needing to stop the intake of alcohol and further drugs.

Moreover, prepare yourself in advance by having realistic expectations from the procedure.

Besides this, please deliver a clear idea of your lips image to your doctor. From its fullness to even edges, every single point should be cleared in detail so your doctor can perform the alterations accordingly.

In case you’re having any sort of query or fear discuss it with your consultant.


The process of Volbella Fillers For Lip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is quite simple and safest to deal with. It won’t result in serious complications until and unless the doctor is an expert so ensuring the skills and qualification of the practitioner is the most important aspect.

At first, the lips and mouth area is cleaned and numbing cream is applied on it to subside discomfort. Your doctor will inject the smooth gel filler into the marked sites and after this, you’re free to go anywhere.

However, the number of injections will be advised by the doctor in consideration of your aesthetic demands and prevailing conditions. Generally, during one session, 4-5 injections have found enough in most of the cases.


Aftercare is not much simple. You will be needing to stop the use of cosmetics or makeup products on the treated area which is found quite tough among women.

However, right after the procedure, you may feel some sort of bruising, itching, or swelling on the injected site but there is nothing to worry about it. As they subside after a few hours of treatment.

For the permanent existence of results, follow-up sessions must be attended frequently.

Average Cost:

The cost of Volbella Filler for lip in Dubai starts from AED 200 to AED 6,000 maximum. It’s greatly reliant upon the concern of the patient and individual beauty demands.

Free Consultation:

If you desire to have plumper and fuller lips naturally within minutes, get the best Volbella Fillers For Lip in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at Dynamic clinic. We’re offering this effective therapy from skilled doctors at reasonable rates, I assure you it won’t be a wrong investment.

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