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General Overview:

Not achieving orgasm while doing the deed in bed? Are you not happy with your sexual life?  This means that there is some problem with the G-spot (grafenberg spot) . A G spot is basically an area which is present just next to your urethra. It is the spot which is responsible for becoming activated and stimulated while one is about to reach the orgasm. Sometimes many women complain about not achieving a pleasurable orgasm, either it is too quick or some may not even feel it at all. With the use of orgasmic shots this condition can be improved and it promises to provide you the better sexual life along with intense pleasure. The good news is our clinic now provides some very successful Orgasmic Shots in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that you should definitely try your hands on. 

What is an Orgasmic Shot?

And orgasmic shot is a treatment which is done in the form of injecting a substance into the G-spot in order to improve its response during the sexual intercourse. The most common agent that is used in an orgasmic shot is PRP nowadays and in some cases fillers are also used.

What is the Aim of the Treatment? 

The goal of an orgasmic shot is to restore, enhance and rebuild the volume and sensitivity of the G-spot so that the woman feels maximum pleasure during her climax with continuous waves of orgasm. 

What are the Reasons for a Failed Orgasm?

  • Trauma in the past.
  • In boppre stimulation or activation.
  • Lack of proper arousal.
  • Not being ready mentally.
  • Absence of lubrication.
  • Any hormonal disturbance in the body.
  • Vigorous or toxic partner who does not carry out foreplay.
  • Anatomical deformities in the vagina.

What are the Treatments for G Spot Stimulation? 

It is always better to go for a palliative treatment before undergoing a therapeutic treatment. Ask your partner to help you stimulate and activate your G-spot. It is important to locate it first and only then you will know how to work on it. When you notice that  stimulation is not worthy and is of no use then it is better to consult an intimate specialist like those that are present in our clinic. You will then be suggested with Orgasmic Shots in Dubai. 

What are the Benefits of Orgasmic Shots?

Here are some benefits you should acknowledge after getting and orgasmic shot in Dubai: 

  • A perfectly tight and well contoured vaginal anatomical muscles. 
  • Better sex drive.
  • The consistency and frequency of the lubrication increases.
  • A woman normally feels better in holding the urine and it improves urinary incontinence.
  • Enhances the sexual arousal.
  • The labial walls of the vagina also become smoothened and a lot more youthful.

How is  a Single Session of Orgasmic Shots Performed?

Here is what you can expect in a single session of orgasmic shot: 

  • Initially the doctor will first analyze you and will note down the shortcomings that are leading to orgasmic failure in the candidate.
  • Once the candidate is analyzed, the doctor then proceeds towards the RPO collection
  • Blood is drawn from the candidates body and is then sent in a centrifuging machine that is responsible for the separation of PRP from the blood.
  • As soon as the PRP is collected it is then injected into the surroundings of the vagina and prior to the PRP injection the area is desensitized using a local anesthesia. 
  • The Injection is inserted into the walls of the vagina and the doctor ensures that a subsequent amount of agent is loaded.
  • The end results show a more sensitive and well stimulated vagina with high chances of G-Spot enhancement to sensitivity.

How do Orgasmic Shots Work?

Once a PRP orgasmic shot is inserted, it is then responsible for improving the blood flow to the vaginal muscles. The essential growth factors that are present within the PRP are responsible for the regeneration, regrowth and reshaping of the vaginal tissues along with the maintenance of the functional integrity. The better the blood supply the better is the vulvar and clitoral stimulation. 

Why choose us?

Our clinic plays a vital role in making your intimate life better and giving you the kind of pleasure you expect. Each and every procedure carried out in our Intimate department is ushered to be kept as confidential as possible and the details of each and every candidate is kept private. 

 The bottom line!

Give yourself a better sexual life and health by booking an appointment for Orgasmic Shot in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi.  Our clinic keeps on running introductory offers promotions and packages related to the medical intimate and dental treatments round the year. 

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