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You know losing weight is not easy, especially if you are a food lover. Your gym membership is of no use if you are not keeping a check on your diet and just burning the calories less than the consumption. A Gastric Plication in Dubai is a method or a surgery through which you can minimize the amount of food intake people.  The surgery works more like a brain game rather than being a weight loss surgery itself. 

What Does Gastric Application Mean?

According to Medical Sciences, Gastric Plication is a kind of Bariatric Surgery. Gastric plication is done by removing a portion of your stomach and suturing it back in order to shrink its size. 

You can now analyze that the smaller the stomach the less food consumption you will do. The stomach fills up at a faster rate and gives you the perfect perception of fullness.The surgical interventions which are done on the stomach include larger foldings of the stomach. 

Who are the Candidates?

The candidates who are ideal for a gastric plication include:

  •  Candidates with hypertension and diabetes.
  •  Candidates who are excessively obese and have excessive weight gain.
  •  People who have a weight that has crossed beyond their BMI limits people who recently suffered a cardiac disease and are still at risk due to their weight.

How is Gastric Plication Surgery Done in Dubai?

A Gastric Plication in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is done only by some of the top not specials of our clinic we ensure that the surgery is done under complete infection control protocol and all the steps are done monitored and performed the right way here is what you can expect on the day of your surgery:

  1.  Admission in the surgery department.
  2.  History taking and examination.
  3.  Educating the patient about surgery.
  4.  Retrieval of blood for multiple lab tests and screening.
  5.  Administration of a local or a general anesthesia.
  6.  A gastric plication done by incising the stomach and folding it.
  7.  Suturing back the stomach after a subsequent amount of shrinkage.
  8.  Observation and step down recovery.
  9.  Dismissal from the clinic the next day.

What are the Benefits Associated with a Gastric Plication?

  •  Instant weight loss.
  •  The relieves joint pain.
  •  Helps in feeling much more confident.
  •  Makes the regular activities less burdened.
  •  Helps achieving a streamlined body.
  •  Prevents you from consuming unhealthy diet.
  •  Restricts all the oily and junk food.

Is Gastric Plication Surgery Reversible?

A Gastric Plication Surgery is reversible in such a way that your stomach cannot expand again but the amendments and moldings of the stomach can still be possible.

What can be the Potential Risks?

 You know that with every pros comes the cons of the treatment. The common risks that are associated with the gastric plication include: 

  •  Hemorrhages and blood clots.
  •  Infection after the surgery.
  •  Unbearable pain.
  •  Adverse reactions or allergic responses to local or general anesthesia.
  •  Excessive uncontrolled bleeding.

How can you Minimize the Risk of Gastric Plication Surgery?

  •  Take your antibiotics on the time.
  •  Avoid lifting heavy objects after the surgery.
  •  Keep a check and control on the diet you consume.
  •  Report to your surgeon when you notice any unusual signs such as fever or excessive bleeding.
  •  If you are pregnant or suspect a pregnancy then report to your surgeon immediately.

Why do our Surgeons Recommend a Gastric Plication?

Our Weight loss surgery clinic is considered the best because we have multiple surgeries available in association to weight loss. Since gastric plication is considered as less invasive most of our weight loss specialists and even the dietitians recommend that a Gastric Plication in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the best method. 

Why because, through this a portion controlled eating can be encouraged which eventually helps in weight loss. 

Cost of Gastric Plication in Dubai:

The cost of gastric plication in Dubai is somewhere around AED 9,999 to AED 30,000.  Nonetheless the prices can vary and they totally depend upon the type of the surgery, the surgical techniques used and also depend upon the case of the candidate.

The Final Verdict!

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is quite famous for a Gastric location not just in Dubai but across the world. This is because of the top notch and renowned specialists that we have hired. 

On the other hand the feedback of our candidates is what actually makes us successful. Those who have taken a gastric plication shared their experience by stating that they have felt an instant weight reduction that has improved their lifestyle and its overall quality. We at the dynamic clinic are pleased to serve you with our weight loss services as we are considered as the Best Weight-Loss Surgery Clinic in Dubai. Fill up the form below for your appointment and schedule it to get a free consultation.

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