Vaginoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Vagina Surgery Cost

Have you lost your youthfulness of vagina? There can be several reasons for the loss for instance age. Furthermore, other candidates might observe this issue at a very early age or in their teenage because of childbirth. But our individuals should stop worrying as we have the Best plastic surgeons for Vaginoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to sort out your concern.

What is Vaginoplasty?

This procedure is only for female candidates. It is used to make a woman’s testicles or other genital organs more attractive and youthful. This is a surgery that is done to tighten, rebuild, or restore the vagina’s original look. 


  • The quantity of tissues reduces.
  • The opening to the vagina narrows.
  • Restore youthful appearance. 
  • The lost tone of the vagina has been restored.
  • Noticeably improves physical sensitivity.
  • enhancing the vividness of sex-related experiences.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results of any treatment vary from person to person. Individuals’ health also lay a great impact on the results. Typically, Vaginoplasty in Dubai has long-lasting impacts. It depends on the age as well, if you are young maybe you face light signs of sagginess at the age of 50 again or maybe after any other vaginal delivery. 

If you will maintain your diet, weight, and health the results will stay with your lifetime. Sometimes it is not possible to achieve the goal with a single procedure. In some cases, you may need 4 to 5 consecutive sessions for your desired outcomes. 

Facts to be Focused on:

  • The method of the surgery.
  • Anesthesia can be given.
  • The duration may be for two to three hours.
  • Recovery will take some time.

Benefits of having this:

  • It will increase your confidence level.
  • Make you feel more comfortable wearing all types of clothes.
  • Increases sexual pleasure.
  • Diminish your discomfort and pain.
  • Enhance your hygiene and health.

Who can have this Treatment?

You can have this treatment if you:

  • Want to enhance your sexual life.
  • Have the desire to enhance your sexual function.
  • Want to fix the imperfections of childbirth.
  • You’re in pretty good health.
  • Also, have reasonable expectations for the treatment.
  • Over 18 can have this treatment.
  • Not suffering from blood sugar or any severe illness.
  • Lose self-confidence because a lot of women feel uncomfortable. 
  • If you feel pain while having sex.


The procedure of Vaginoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi needs some preparation. These preparations include;

  • Start taking supplements.
  • Must take proper sleep.
  • If You have an allergy to any medicine do inform your consultant. 
  • Start using advised medicine.
  • Refrain from using blood thinners.

How Does this Work?

  • First doctors will collect your blood samples for tests.
  • After that, they will clean the targeted area.
  • If it is done by surgery, firstly doctors lie you on the table.
  • Then doctors will give you anesthesia to numb the lower part of your body.
  • After that, they tighten the tissues.
  • This procedure also includes stitching the muscle.
  • All this can be done in almost half an hour or sometimes take more than an hour.


There is a high risk of infection, so patients must take care of their wounds. Vaginoplasty in Dubai does need some aftercare as well.

  • Walk carefully.
  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Also apply ointment.
  • Take sitz baths.
  • Be careful while showering and drying the place.
  • Wear loose clothes.
  • Do not wear underwear.
  • Do not put anything inside your vagina.
  • Avoid doing heavy exercise.
  • Take proper sleep.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Be very careful while using the toilet.


  • It depends on the health condition of the patients.
  • Swelling and bumps may disappear in two to three days.
  • Full recovery will be possible in two to three weeks.
  • Nausea may occur but it will recover in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Take all the medicines on time as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Keep your bruises dry.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Take shower very carefully.
  • Also, add protein to your diet.


The cost of any procedure varies according to the locality of the clinic, sessions of the process, the expertise of the dermatologists, and the way or method you opt for treating your problem. The standard Cost of Vaginoplasty in Dubai will range from AED 31,000 to AED 40,000. The cost is not fixed, and the actual cost will be determined at the first meeting with the practitioner.

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The women having vaginal issues are losing their confidence so stop worrying about this. Dynamic Clinic in Dubai is offering you the best consultants and the best pain-free treatment for Vaginoplasty in Dubai. Our clinic is updated with equipped with modern technology and our consultants are also updated with modern procedures. Our staff members are timely updated and get certificates. We assure you to provide the best and cheapest treatment cost in Dubai.

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