What is Incision-Less Otoplasty?

When it comes to ear deformities, it is quite surprising. And the first thought that comes to your mind is do ear deformities exist? Unfortunately, yes ear deformities are one of the most common conditions arising. Especially in children with premature births. On the other hand, it is also a major concern of aesthetics for those who have extremely protruding ears. Fear not. Ear Surgery in Dubai is the solution.

Yes, there are now some refined methods that have gained significant popularity known as Otoplasty in Dubai. It is a surgical method through which the malformations of the ears are successfully corrected. Let us discover how our top-notch specialists carry out this treatment without leaving any scar marks behind.

What are the Causes of Ear Deformities?

Before moving forward toward the treatment of ear deformities, let us first have a closer look at the aspects that lead to ear deformities.

The Birth Defects:

Around 60 to 70% of ear deformities occur during intrauterine life or at the time of birth. This can either be because of an induced forced delivery or an improper positioning and embedding of the fetus during the Intra uterine life. There is nothing much one can do about it. They can only wait for an extended period until the infant has attained a sustainable age.

Trauma or Accidents:

Severe trauma or accidents occurring at the roadside can also lead to deformities in the ear. The ear is made up of a cartilaginous film that is very fragile and can deform very easily.

Premature Births:

When it comes to physical deformities, premature births are another leading cause. The incomplete formation of the body organs as well as the cartilage within the womb contributes to the disfigurement and irregular surfaces of the extremities of the body. 


We get to see multiple patients every day who come for Ear Surgery in Dubai for their satisfaction. The ears may not have any functional disability but just because of the unappealing aesthetics some patients often opt for Cosmetic Surgeries

Treatment Modalities at Dynamic Clinic:

Let us now discover what our specialists have in hand to provide you with in case you would like to get the shape of your ears changed for good. 

Manual molding:

In the initial and the early days of life especially in the case of prematurely born infants, molding ears manually for a couple of weeks can help in regaining the accurate shape of the ears. This is because the cartilage is fairly softer during those days. 

Otoplasty or Ear Surgery:

One of the most successful leading treatments for improving the aesthetics of your ears lies in ear surgery. This technique involves surgical methods, making incisions, and reshaping the ears. And then suturing them back. It is an irreversible process and so only refined surgeons can perform this surgery.

What is Incision-less Otoplasty in Dubai? 

Over the years, ear surgery or Otoplasty has been gaining significant popularity. Especially in the areas of Aesthetic medicine. But over time, people who are more aware and conscious started to notice that the markings of incisions and scars are quite noticeable after the surgery
Considering the turn down of the incisions and their scars, there is now incision-less otoplasty carried out. Especially in our Dynamic Clinic by our well-versed specialists and surgeons.
An incision-less otoplasty is a kind of ear surgery in which there are no scars. Incisions made for the ear surgery are skilfully hidden and concealed in such a way that it is not visible after the recovery. The treated area looks completely fine and scar-free. 

The Art and Science of Incision-less Otoplasty at Dynamic Clinic:

Our surgeons believe that any surgery performed improves the aesthetics. Surgeons working in the Aesthetic department perform the surgery in such a way that it is less visible and does not leave any scars. Patient satisfaction is our first goal. The surgeries performed are to improve the appearance and please our patients completely.
Here’s how our specialist team utilizes the art and science of incisionless otoplasty: 
  •  Make very fine incisions.
  •  Conceal the incisions with the finest threads of sutures.
  •  Use some specialized techniques.
  •  Keep the incisions as low as possible.

The Final Verdict!

If you feel that your deformed ear is one of the major turndowns and does not compliment your facial appearance, then what are you waiting for? Grab your appointment at the Dynamic Aesthetic clinic and book yourself for Otoplasty in Dubai. You can then slay in your favorite pair of earrings without any hesitation and feel confident