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Every human has always prioritized appearance, and this desire cannot be changed, people use a variety of cosmetics to care for their skin, hair, and nails, but this won’t work because our skin is a very sensitive and large organ, and using any product by not getting a physician recommendation or prescription is simply rubbish of duration and capital, some people have skin types that fall into the oily, dry, or combination categories. It’s time to think, advance, and evolve because those were all traditional methods. Now, science has discovered multiple cosmetic procedures to contour your body, face, and overall look by saving you a huge amount of time and money. If you want to know the Best Cosmetologist in Dubai, then keep going. We resolve your related complications by offering all the most useful techniques to improve your imperfect look and reach your goal.

Who Is a Cosmetologist?

The technique and practice of enhancing hair, nails, and skin are known as cosmetology. A cosmetologist is an experienced person with vast training and authorization from institutions in the service of cosmetic procedures, therapies, and treatments to enhance one’s external look. Whether you want to improve hair, want smooth skin, or remove aging impressions, then consult with a highly qualified dermatologist.

What can Cosmetologists do?

They provide services after analyzing your problem, If you love hair, you can consult, just a handful of the services that certified cosmetologists can offer are listed below:

Skin Services:

An aesthetic specializes in grooming. Performed procedures carried out by a skincare expert include the following:

  • Facials  Exfoliation.
  • blemish removal.
  • Wrinkle elimination.
  • Age-defying remedies.
  • Acne and scar treatment.
  • Thread lifts.
  • Face contouring.

Hair Services:

If you want to enhance your hair volume and are suffering from any type of hair loss, then they can help to modify your hair and enhance your beauty, some of the functions done by experts are given below:

  • Keratin treatments.
  • Hair extensions.
  • Give volume indefinitely.
  • Hair straightening and shampooing.
  • Bleaching  Coloring.

Nails Services:

Cosmetologists in Dubai can help you to get rid of any type of nail fungal disease and can give you long and shiny hair if you have cracked nails or weak nails, the following are the main categories in which they can assist you:

  • Nails illness.
  • long and artful look.
  • Medication to enhance the appearance of nails.

Laser Services:

Permanent hair eradication is made possible by the use of specialized tools by an electrologist, giving a permanent solution to eradicate the regrowth of unwanted hair and fat, the following laser therapies are given below:

  • Permanent hair removal.
  • Fat eradication.
  • Melasma elimination and many more.

Treatment Performed by a Cosmetologist:

If you believed that the only way to look like a superstar was to have surgery, you might be surprised by the most immediate improvement in the cosmetic industry. A variety of non-surgical decorative procedures can enhance your natural features and gradually make your skin perfect thanks to more recent advancements in cosmetic expertise. Laser, injectable, peeling, and other topical element-based facial treatments are gentle on your body and have lasting results. With these innovative new cosmetic procedures, you can improve your appearance profile, but consult with the most experienced surgeon, following are the main treatments that can be done by the cosmetologist:

Cosmetic Peels:

Although this process has been used for a long time, innovative substances and techniques are occasionally incorporated. The peeling process exposes the chapped skin by removing the aged and strained skin, and your skin appears magically smoother, whiter, and more vibrant with a youthful sheen as new collagen cells replace the previous ones, these techniques are found in a variety of strengths, deep wrinkles, UV orientation, and freckles can all be greatly diminished with peeling.

Laser Therapy Treatments:

During this procedure, electrical rays are passed through your clogged pores and into the underlying layers of your skin using reduced alternating energy. It assists in giving your skin cells the nourishment they require. By eliminating the dead skin and boosting the system to reproduce new layers and enhance collagen production, it helps to remove acne scars, wrinkles, and many more. This treatment can burn the extra fat patches without involving in surgeries, there are multiple choices for extra hair elimination for a lifetime.

Injectable Process:

By rejuvenating the cell structure, the skin rejuvenation treatment known as “bio regeneration” brings back its natural attractiveness, it contains a hyaluronic acid-based injectable which is a most important ingredient for a youthful look and enhancement. It makes the skin flexible, young, and smooth. As we become older, its synthesis decreases, but estheticians have discovered a solution in the form of an injectable to add volume to the gaps.


In essence, this process involves spraying the skin with microscopic crystals, exfoliating with them, and then vacuuming off the crystals and dead skin cells that are left over. Most frequently performed on the face and neck, this procedure is usually rapid and comfortable, these are a painless non-invasive method employing abrasive crystals and removing lifeless compartments, and boosting the skin functions to enhance the production of new cells.

Benefits of a Cosmetologist:

There are uncountable benefits to getting treatment from highly skilled doctors. The associated benefits of the treatments are given below:

  • Each surgery uses advanced technology and the highest-quality medical pools.
  • Strong medications are utilized only under the expert’s supervision.
  • The expert is in charge of both the procedure’s effectiveness and the patient’s security.
  • in order to protect customers from bacterial, microbial, and other infections.
  • These procedures are totally non-invasive and comfortable.
  • No adverse consequences have been notified yet.
  • It can help you shape your body and face to your liking.
  • These techniques assist you in adding volume and tightening saggy skin.
  • It helps to eliminate excess fat without surgery.
  • These treatments are less expensive compared to traditional surgical methods.
  • You can permanently remove unwanted hair.
  • Less time is consumed in these types of treatments, and the outcomes are magical.

Pre-treatment Care:

As noted overhead, all therapies are non-invasive, and there are no hard and fast pre-instructions required for all treatments. You have to take care of some guidelines which depend on the type of procedure and are given below:

  • Tell your expert about your entire medical history.
  • Stop using any types of supplements or thinners.
  • Stop using medicated products and drugs.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.


These treatments function in very simple steps, which are given below:

  • Initially, the area will be deeply cleaned.
  • Then highlight the area.
  • If the treatment typically requires local anesthesia, then it will be injected, but most procedures are completely painless, which is why no enthusiasm is required.
  • Lastly, the expert will advise you on the precautions and medicines to avoid infections and instant effects.


As previously stated, there are some minor post-operative precautions listed below.

  • Do not scratch and touch the injectable or treated area.
  • Only use prescribed medication.
  • In the case of redness and puffing, apply ice packs and consult with an expert immediately.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure.

Side Effects:

All these treatments for hair, nails, and skin are completely non-invasive; they don’t cause any negative effects after the treatment. You may feel some redness, puffing, and inflammation, but it will go away after some hours, and the healing process is very quick and magical. 


The Cost of a Cosmetologist in Dubai is absolutely affordable as corresponded to the demand, but expenses are entirely different for all because they are offering multiple choices of alternate problems. There are multiple factors affecting the overall cost that is given below:

  • The choice of treatment can change the price because each process requires extensive specialized knowledge and has a different cost.
  • The targeted area can also alter the cost. If the patient has a severe condition in the targeted area, then they will need extra time to fix the defective part.
  • The reputation of the doctor can influence the budget because results are dependent on the expertise of the doctor.
  • If the clinic is found in a considerably pricey area, then fees will be transformed according to the territory, because they will provide the cleanest and greenest environment.

Before selecting the expert for getting the treatment, you have to pay focus on these variables that are dependent on cost level increase or decrease. At Enfield Royal Clinic, the cost ranges from 499 to AED 3500. 

Why Choose Us?

Cosmetologist Treatment in Dubai is highly demanded now because their doctors are very experienced, qualified, and licensed. They deliver appropriate and effective services in all dermatological departments. If you want to get highly satisfactory effects from all the treatments, then fill out the below-mentioned form and get your first free consultation, in which the doctor will examine the entire condition of your problem and suggest the most efficient treatment category for avoidance your problem, and will guarantee you hundred percent satisfied and successful outcomes without any adverse effects.