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A full head of hair is the wish of all individuals. But because of many elements, we lose our hair. It can affect all genders, including males and females. The main factors are genetics, medication, and a poor diet. Many people may have hair loss, which can be a common concern. To address this problem, there are many treatment choices. However, the selection of a reliable treatment is important. We provide the PRP In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The treatment encourages hair growth and increases hair thickness. The procedure involves the use of your blood to enhance hair growth. But keep in mind that experienced doctors can help you achieve the best results. So you must select a reputable treatment center.

What Is Hair PRP?

The process of injecting the plasma into our bloodstream to help trigger the body’s regrowth system is known as PRP Treatment. This process involves taking a sample of the patient’s blood, centrifuging it, and then separating the plasma for injection into the treatment area. But if you have any blood deficiency problems, it is best to consult a doctor first. This method is not only used for treating hair loss but also to promote the growth of new cells in the lips, joints, and face.

It is a safe and minimal to no pain procedure approved by the FDA. It is the treatment for those looking for a permanent hair solution in a quick, easy, and less discomfort procedural plan for their concerns.

What Are the Results of PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

The results of this treatment are very prominent and you can tell the difference from a mile away. The recovery time for this option is a bit faster compared to getting a transplant. This option is faster since there are no external factors that need healing.

Plasma-rich platelet shots are directly infused with the patient’s scalp to promote a quicker regrowth process. The results are usually evident after a few weeks. But after a few months, you can see the visible thickness in the patient’s scalp. So if you don’t want to wait for the recovery period, get PRP injections in Dubai instead.

It is common practice that your doctor will take pictures of your scalp before the procedure and then after the procedure to compare the results. However, in this scenario, your “after procedure pictures are taken after the new hair grows out. The results are shown below:

prp in dubai  prp in dubai  prp in dubai

  prp in dubai  prp in dubai  prp in dubai

How Are These Injections Infused into the Blood?

This method of triggering the body’s growth response is the most effective way to get your hair back. It is a painless procedure and only lasts around 1 hour. Platelet-rich plasma for Hair Growth in Dubai is extracted in the following steps:

  • The doctor will first test a small sample to analyze the blood’s purity.
  • If your tests come back positive, your doctor will take another sample for the plasma extraction.
  • The plasma will be extracted via centrifuge.
  • A doctor will inject anesthesia into the treatment area to numb it.
  • The separated plasma will be injected into the treatment area using a syringe.
  • This treatment is carried out over 1 hour. This means you can go home the same day.

How Does PRP Hair Treatment Work?

These shots are injected directly into your scalp to help trigger hair growth in the bald spots. PRP Hair Growth in Dubai is a growing therapy method to help patients regrow their locks. The therapy works by healing the target areas and stimulating the repairing cells with the help of growth factors in the plasma. These growth factors trigger the production of elements which includes collagen as well. This will promote the production of new hair cells in the bald spots.

Since plasma therapies are completely natural without any added chemicals, you can be worry-free about getting any severe allergic reaction. Getting a transplant requires investing a lot of time into the procedure and the recovery. This is one of the main reasons why a majority of people prefer getting PRP for Hair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi instead of getting a hair transplant.

Why Choose PRP in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Losing your hair can seriously impact your social life. Not only do men get conscious about having bald spots on their scalps, but they also start to stay indoors more often. But let’s face it, that is not the solution to your balding problem. You cannot hide out your prime youth years in the safety of your home. So PRP can be done to solve this problem.  

A vast majority of individuals in Dubai will resort to either going fully bald or getting a haircut that will hide their bald spots. But those solutions aren’t permanent. A permanent solution would be to get PRP hair treatment in Dubai. This is a better alternative to maintaining your hair or going fully bald.

Cost of PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai:

The Cost of PRP treatment depends on the number of injections you get and the treatment area. A rough estimate would be that getting this treatment would cost you from AED 699 to AED 2,999.  This price range depends on which area of your body you get treatment for and how many appointments you need for the treatment.

There are a lot of times when you will only need one session to get optimal results. This means that you will not have to spend too much money on therapy. However, if there are multiple reasons why you need PRP Injection or have multiple bald spots, then you will have to pick the more pricy options.

Per Session Cost For PRP Treatment
Sessions Cost Cost Per Session
1 Session 700 AED 700 AED
3 Sessions 1750 AED 583 AED
4 Sessions 1980 AED 495 AED

Note: when you exceed sessions to 6 sessions, the cost may increase to AED 3,950.

Who Should Opt for PRP for Hair?

Almost everyone and anyone is eligible for this hair regeneration therapy. However, this does not mean that the procedure will be conducted without running the patient’s blood through some tests. This is why the following are a few things to keep in mind when booking your appointment

  •     Anyone who has blood impurities cannot qualify.
  •     If there is alcohol present in your blood, you don’t qualify.
  •     If you are an avid smoker, you cannot get the treatment.
  •     Are you want to get PRP In Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you should not be overweight.
  •     Lastly, you should not be on blood thinners for this treatment.

What are the Aftercare Steps for PRP Therapy Shots?

This method is only effective as long as your bloodstream is pure. So the following steps should be followed to maintain a clean blood flow:

  •     Do not smoke for at least a month.
  •     Avoid consuming alcohol until results show.
  •     Try not to use any blood thinners.
  •     Stay away from hot baths and saunas.
  •     Try not to touch the treatment area for about 3 days.

If you have made up your mind about getting Plasma for Hair loss in Dubai, these guidelines need to be followed.

Are There Any PRP Side Effects?

Since this method is fully natural, there are little to no side effects to option for this. There is a very small chance that a person reacts negatively to their blood plasma. However, there are still a few people who experience mild symptoms where the treatment was administered. They are:

  •     Minimal bruising.
  •     Bleeding in a very small amount.
  •     Soreness at the injection site.
  •     Irritation and itchiness as a reaction to the syringe needle.

These side effects are so rare that they are not even considered side effects.  The reason why PRP is the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai is that there is only a 1% chance anyone would experience these symptoms. The rest do not face any problems at all.

Insurance Coverage:

You should also note that PRP Treatment is not covered by insurance as it is mainly a cosmetic procedure. But if you are getting this treatment for your injuries, then insurance might cover it.

Other Treatment:

Treating hair loss or hair damage is not the only reason why this method is used. This option is an all-rounder, which means that it is used to address several problems in the body. Apart from being used as an alternative to getting a hair transplant, this option is also used to treat facial hair loss, acne scarring, joining pain, and to reduce the signs of aging in the body.

PRP Hair Specialists in Dubai UAE:

Are you looking for a PRP hair specialist? Our clinic offers the best PRP Hair specialists in Dubai UAE. They have sound knowledge and outstanding skills that make the treatment successful run. Book your PRP session right now to get an appointment with the top-notch specialists in town. You will be amazed to see their results on just the first visit.

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