The Use of Lasers in Enfield Royal Clinic Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The Use of Lasers in Dentistry Dubai!

Laser dentistry is the modern approach beyond the concept of needles. It uses water, air, and light beams to treat dental concerns which is why it is less painful and most effective even in severe oral issues. This advanced laser help has minimized the risk of bacterial infections and raised patient expectations in this regard. It can deal with anything from cold sores to gum disease to teeth whitening.

Lasers have still not replaced traditional dentistry, but with evolving research, this technology could become more common in your dentist’s practice.

Talk to our experts to find more about laser dentistry. You can also read this post to get some idea concerning the best use of dentistry in your case.


Numerous reasons prove the efficiency of lasers compared with traditional drilling. Here is the full picture of the tremendous benefits you can enjoy after having dental lasers.

  • No bleeding & faster healing of wounds
  • Reduced chances of infection
  • Help avoid damage to surrounding tissues
  • Efficiently produces periodontal tissues
  • Easily accomplishment of all dental procedure without any stitches or severe discomfort


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Are Dental Lasers for me?

It might be the best option for you if you have a phobia of needles as well as standard dental tools. But before you decide on getting this laser dentistry treatment in Dubai, arrange a consultation with our experts so they can lead you through the guidelines as well as instructs you on what to do during or before the appointment.

How does the laser work?

Dental lasers aren’t much complicated to get nervous about.

  • First, our dentist conducts proper examination through x-rays and then decides the type of laser to be used in your situation.
  • Next, they apply some sort of gel on your problematic area for a smooth and pain-free experience. The dentist then carefully passes the light beam on the directed mouth area. Note that laser light reacts differently to each problem.
  • If there is an intense surgical case, the laser acts as a surgical cutting instrument. Whereas in infected mouth problems, it subsides the pain and repairs the damaged cells for improved oral health.

Most Dental procedures get completed within minutes, especially in matters like lightening or decay elimination.


Laser-assisted dental procedures cost in Dubai depends upon the unique dental problem you are facing. You can expect to pay more amount if your dental concern is severe. However, it’s better to speak with our oral health care providers for ideal cost packages in your specific condition.

Most Common Laser Dental Treatments:

Dentists prefer the use of lasers in general as well as cosmetic oral issues. Check out one of the most common daily life oral problems tackled with Lasers.

Root Canal– Laser therapy for root canal uses the beam of light to melt away the germs and infection present in teeth. It cleans out the roots of teeth more effectively and removes the infection so you can easily continue on your daily eating routine.

Gum Disease– Lasers remove the gum infection painlessly and reshapes them for a pleasant smile.

Lesion Removal– The small piece of cancer tissue is a lesion. The laser takes out this problematic tissue and relieves the patient from intense mouth sores.

Teeth Whitening– Laser teeth whitening bleaches out the yellow teeth with the most powerful light beam, while eluding adverse reactions.

Tooth Decay & Cavity Removal– Lasers prepare the teeth for filling by discarding the cavity or decay present in them. This way fillings are reached deeply very well.

Remember not to consider lasers only for treating mouth sores. It greatly helps in beautifying the smile through gum-recontouring, teeth reshaping as well as proper fixation.

Laser Aftercare Tips:

Post-prevention is the best way to maintain good oral hygiene even after laser dental help. Take good care of your mouth by following the prescribed instructions from the dentist so that you never have to experience dental laser treatments again.

Go through some general tips for smooth as well as speedy recovery

  • Take liquids or a soft diet during the initial days of treatment.
  • Keep your mouth germ-free. Gently brush teeth or use prescribed mouthwashes.
  • Visit the dentist more often.

Free Consultation:

If you are interested in Laser Dentistry in Dubai, come talk to our dental experts.

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