Common Myths About Otoplasty in Dubai

The ear has a big impact on a person’s entire appearance and attitude. The harmony and balance of the face are significantly get impacted by the form, size, and placement of the ears. Additionally, because ears softly communicate emotions and provide subtlety to nonverbal communication, their location and shape can have an influence on facial expressions. A person’s overall charisma and appeal increase due to expressive ears. Ears also have a role in an individual’s identification and distinctiveness. Otoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is an option but people have myths about it.

An individual’s distinctive ear features add to their entire personality and sense of self by making them instantly recognizable and unforgettable. People with the irregular shape and sizes of the ear feel do not feel satisfied with it. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure to change the size and shape of the ears but there are some Common Myths About Otoplasty in Dubai that make people dissatisfied with this procedure.

What is Otoplasty in Dubai?

Otoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a surgical treatment that aims to change the size, shape, or location of the ears. And sometimes refers to as ear reshaping or ear pinning surgery. It generally helps to treat large or projecting ears, but it can also aim to treat other cosmetic problems such as lop ear malformation, asymmetrical ears, and enormous or stretched earlobes.

Children and adults who are self-conscious about the appearance of their ears frequently undergo otoplasty. Particularly for individuals who experience bullying or mocking due to large ears, this procedure increases their confidence and sense of self-worth. 

What does Otoplasty in Dubai Treat?

The main purpose of Otoplasty or Ear Reshaping Surgery in Dubai, is to treat prominent or projecting ears. It is a Cosmetic Surgery that designs to enhance the symmetry and look of the ears. It can adequately treat the following problems.

  • Prominent Ears:

The most typical application of otoplasty is to reduce the protrusion of the ears from the head. It can restructure the cartilage and move the ears in closer proximity to the skull, giving the face a more balanced and natural appearance.

  • Lop Ear Deformity:

The upper border of the ear gets folded or drooped in lop ear malformation, giving the appearance of being uneven or asymmetrical. Otoplasty can enhance the ear’s symmetry and form by adjusting the cartilage structure.

  • Ear Lobe Issues:

Otoplasty can also treat a variety of earlobe problems, including stretched or extended lobes, ripped or damaged lobes, or lobes that get harmed by previous piercings or trauma. The surgery can reshape and improve the earlobe’s appearance.

Common Myths about Otoplasty in Dubai:

There are some common myths about Otoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that prevail in society.  However, these myths have no value and are totally false. Some of the common myths include.

  • Otoplasty is only for children. It is a common myth but it is a technique that can also be done on adults to treat prominent ears. Many individuals get otoplasty to address persistent problems with the way their ears look.
  • Some people think it is a painful procedure. But this procedure utilizes anesthesia to control the discomfort and pain during the procedure.
  • Most people think that the results of otoplasty are immediately visible. But it is completely false. The doctor bandages the ears. Thereafter,  Swelling and bruising are possible The swelling takes some time to go down, and it takes some time for the results to show. The ears may need many weeks or months to recover completely and take on their final shape and location.
  • It is a common belief of people that otoplasty leaves prominent scars. However, During an otoplasty, the surgeon often makes small incisions behind the ears. Professional surgeons take great care to prevent scarring and make sure that any scars blend in with natural ear shapes.
  • The majority of people do not opt for this procedure because they think it may take a longer recovery time. But in fact, Otoplasty recovery time is typically fast. Within a week or two of the treatment, the majority of patients are able to resume their regular activities. 


It is essential to understand the process and what to anticipate before having Ear Reshaping Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure to make the ears seem better, especially when they are prominent or protruding.

  • Consultation with a trained plastic surgeon with experience in otoplasty is the initial step. The surgeon will examine your ears, assess your past medical history, and evaluate your general health. Furthermore, he will talk about your expectations, worries, and ambitions throughout this meeting. 
  • Uses local anesthesia, which numbs the treatment region. He may also use general anesthesia in some circumstances, especially for small children or more complicated situations, to guarantee the patient’s comfort throughout the surgery.
  • Makes oblique incisions behind the ears, in the creases that naturally occur where the ear meets the head. This positioning aids in hiding any associated scars.
  • In order to create the desired look, alters the shape of the underlying cartilage.
  • Moves the ears closer to the head in order to fix prominent or projecting ears. Sutures help to fix the reshaped cartilage in its new location. This action contributes to the development of a more symmetrical and attractive ear profile.
  • The surgeon will use sutures to seal the incisions after completing the necessary reshaping and repositioning of the ear.
  • In order to support the ears during healing, the surgeon applies a dressing or bandage and also gives detailed post-operative care instructions.

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