FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Why Choose FUE Hair Transplant Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Nothing to do with styling techniques and wearing hats—let’s treat baldness logically.

FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi works by extracting a group of one to four hair follicles from the donor area, and transplanting them to the area—that is balding. This method has been most popular, and effective, leaves no scars, and just reinstates natural hair growth for a lifetime. But it may not be convenient for every person. The best candidates are the ones who have enough donor hair. We always prefer consultation to assess personal suitability for FUE.

In terms of raising awareness and instructing people about this Hair Transplant, this guide can surely help. Continue ahead.

Good Candidates for FUE Hair Transplant:

If you get a “Yes” answer to all inquiries stated below, then, surely you are a good candidate for FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai.

  • Do you wish for a permanent solution to hair loss, thinning, or alopecia?
  • Do you understand the concept of hair transplant?
  • Are you having healthy donor hair?
  • Do you have realistic expectations to transform yourself?
  • Are you overall fit?

Follicular Unit Extraction can treat:

  • Thinning Hair.
  • Receding Hairline.
  • Bald Spots.

Fast Facts:

  • Cost: Starts with AED 6,999.
  • Safety: Generally safe.
  • Results: Natural, Permanent.
  • Suitability: Both Men and Women.

FUE Hair Transplant Before and After:

FUE Hair Transplant results vary. It takes around 4-6 months to start noticing the growth of grafted hair. However, the final results take almost one year.

FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai Abu Dhabi FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah FUE Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi

FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai FUE Hair Transplant Dubai FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

FUE Methods:

  • Manual FUE: Uses traditional punching tool
  • Automated FUE: Uses an automated punching tool for faster extraction

FUE Hair Transplant— Procedure:

Here is the step-by-step guide on the procedure of FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Step 1— Plan: We determine first the degree of Hair Loss, and hereditary conditions, and design a hair transplant plan that specifically meets your expectations.

Step 2— Extraction: Your surgeon will extract the required number of hair follicles from the donor area —one at a time.

Step 3— Transplantation:  In the end, the surgeon will create recipient sites on the balding area with needles and then carefully implant the follicles in them at the proper angle to ensure natural hair fullness.

The entire process is painless, comfortable, and gets completed within 5-6 hours

Recovery Process:

Since no incisions are involved, just one day’s bed rest is enough. We make everlasting aftercare plans for our patients until they relish the final results of hair transplant surgery in Dubai. Following are the guides we mostly advise our patients after transplantation.

  • Don’t shower for at least 4 days.
  • Use prescribed shampoo once you start washing your hair.
  • Experts strictly avoid wearing hats after transplant—don’t think to cover your head until your doctors suggest.
  • Give yourself a complete rest without interacting with any physical activity.

Transplanted growth would be noticed after 3-4 months. 

FUE Hair Transplant Dubai Latest Alternatives:

Till now, no procedure reported as effective as a hair transplant. Still, there are some alternatives to consider in case the idea of transplantation freaks you out or seems uncomfortable.

  • Permanent Hair wigs (prepared from natural hair).
  • Scalp Micro-pigmentation.
  • Low-level laser therapy.
  • PRP Injections.

Pros & Cons of FUE Hair Transplant:

Here are the common pros and cons of FUE Hair transplant in UAE.


  • Lifetime hair growth: Natural hair will grow enduringly.
  • No scars: It’s not associated with any visible scar.
  • Body Hair: The donor’s hair is not limited only to the head. Body hair can also be used especially in patients with low donor hair on the scalp.
  • Self-confidence: It can leave you satisfied, confident, and contented.
  • No maintenance: Looking at the brighter side, no post-upkeep is requisite.


  • Scalp swelling: Around transplanted hair swelling can be seen for 48 hours post-surgery.
  • Bleeding: There can be slow bleeding on the first day of surgery which is normal.
  • Infection: In case of allergic reactions, there can be an infection on the scalp. Take prescribed antibiotics for it.

See the doctor in case of any emergency

Cost of FUE Transplant Dubai UAE:

The Cost of FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai greatly varies as per the extent of hair loss and desired thickness. Charges may range from AED 6,999 to AED 18,000 or perhaps more. A personal consultation is necessary to conclude an extensive evaluation of your case.

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  • Patient safety.
  • Proof of Before and After.
  • Satisfied Patients.

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