Ozone Therapy For Mental Health And Anxiety

Mental health is a crucial factor that plays role in overall good health. A person with good mental health has peace both internally and externally. He has mental peace that makes him enjoy his life. On the other hand, a depressed, lonely person has no willpower and no feeling of gratitude. He thinks that he is useless in the entire world and has no means to live. The disturbance of mental health may be due to various reasons such as lack of a proper healthy diet, an inferiority complex, decreased metabolism, and many chronic health conditions. 

In recent years the graph for poor mental health and anxiety has gone really high. Seeing the current situation doctors start working to find the therapy that can fight depression. And bothering about it they introduce an ozone therapy that is helpful for patients to come out of anxiety and poor mental health. Now  Ozone Therapy For Mental Health And Anxiety In Dubai has been introduced and is effectively treating stressed people.

What is Ozone Therapy?

This therapy is a controversial medical procedure that involves the transfusion of ozone gas into the blood. The blood is taken out, mixed with ozone gas, and then transfused back into the body, This treatment offers many health benefits and relief all oxidative stress.

What are the Causes of Weak Mental Health and Anxiety?

Mental health is a major issue that is present all around the world. The feeling of stress, anxiety and depression is caused by many factors that are deeply related to personal and social life. The causes of mental depression are described below:

  • The most common cause of poor mental health is drug abuse. The majority of the population smokes and drinks alcohol. They have many addicted substances in them that take over the control of their body. 
  • The person who is not financially stable has no friends in the true sense. Despite his good nature and many other qualities, he is always neglected. This attitude leads to mental depression and stress that he can not cope with.
  • Another cause of mental depression is a lack of support from friends and family. The family imposes their decisions on the young man which becomes intolerable for that person and he develops mental depression.
  • Some life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and thyroid conditions can also lead to poor mental health.
  • Lack of electrolytes in our body is also a factor for anxiety. The vessels and muscles do not have enough nutrients which causes disturbance in mental and physical health. 
  • Malnutrition or poor diet may also cause disturbance in mental health. 

Aim of the Procedure:

This procedure is gaining immense popularity over recent years. As the problem increases so the demand for a solution to that problem also increases. This treatment is an integrated approach to treating mental anxiety and stress. The amount of stress activating mechanism and hormones are normalized to their accurate level. It is a safe therapy that provides oxygen to the tissue and cells and promotes blood circulation in the body. This has the potential to fight against oxidative stress, anxiety, and depression. Actually, hormone such as cortisol is produced by our adrenal cortex which is part of the kidney. Whenever we are in stress the amount of these hormones get elevated which accelerates the stress mechanism. This therapy actually works by relaxing the stress hormone and promoting the production of serotonin and epinephrine. They are actually vasodilators that enhance the amount of blood supply to the tissue and lessen the level of trauma and stress. 

What is Done Before the Procedure?

This treatment is a delicate treatment that is done by when the person fulfills the treatment criteria. If you plan to get this ozone therapy you need to visit your doctor to get some instructions: 

  1. Your healthcare provider will thoroughly examine your physical health. He will take all the blood tests, renal and hepatic tests, and others if required. In this way, he will see your internal condition and know if you are suitable for this treatment or not. 
  2. A person who has a low level of G6Pd is not welcome for this treatment. It is actually the enzyme that causes erythrocytes to work properly. If the person has a low level of this enzyme he is prone to hemolytic anemia. 


This method is performed intravenously and an accurate amount of ozone gas is mixed in it. Your doctor will take out a drip of blood from the body and mix it well with ozone gas. After mixing the solution is placed for settle g down. When the solution is settled down and the ozone is completely mixed then it is administered back into the blood. This blood is now enriched with ozone that is circulated in the body. Ozone gas lowers the level of stress in the body and stimulates the secretion of good hormones in the body. These hormones give mental peace and a happy mood to the person which lessens the level of anxiety. 


Ozone therapy is a safe and sound procedure and has numerous benefits. Some benefits of this therapy are given below:

  • This therapy reduces inflammation and swelling in the body.
  • It makes the brain function properly and takes proper control over the body.
  • Ozone therapy stimulates blood circulation in the body and enhances the metabolism of the body.
  • It also assists in immune functions and provides a role in immunity.
  • Ozone therapy reacts with red and white blood cells and accelerates metabolism. It upgrades the level of energy in the body. 


  • After therapy, the patient should take rest.
  • He should drink plenty of water and fresh juices to prevent weakness.
  • He should avoid doing strenuous exercises and lifting heavy objects.
  • The patients should eat unhygienic food. It may contain harmful pollutants and bacteria that can lead to infectious diseases. 
  • The person should have a maximum intake of fruits and vegetables for blood formation.
  • He should see his healthcare provider when he calls him.

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