Lip Reduction Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Voluminous and big lips are a sign of beauty for some women but when the lip is disproportionally large then you may feel unhappy and dissatisfied, as they seem disharmonious with your other facial features.

No matter, whether you have genetically big lips or have acquired them through an accident or illness. If you want to reduce the size of your lips to make them more proportionate with your face, then you can consider Lip Reduction in Dubai.

Objectives or Goals of Procedure?

The following are the aims of Lip Reduction in Dubai:

  • It will help you in reducing the size of your overly large and bulging lips.
  • It will help you in improving the symmetry of your lips.

Good Candidates for Lip Reduction Procedure?

If you want to undergo the Lip Reduction Surgery then it’s important for you to check whether you are a good candidate or not:

  1. If you have disproportioned big lips.
  2. If you are overall healthy.
  3. If you aren’t satisfied and happy with the lip augmentation surgery.
  4. If you aren’t a chain smoker.
  5. If you have realistic expectations regarding the results of the Lip Reduction procedure.

How the Procedure is Performed?

Following are the procedural steps involved in Lip Reduction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

  1. First of all, the surgeon will administer local anesthesia to your lips.
  2. Then he will make a horizontal incision along the length of your lips.
  3. The surgeon will carefully strip off or remove extra fat and skin tissues from your lips.
  4. In the end, he will close all the incisions with stitches to complete the surgery.


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What are the Benefits of Lip Reduction?

Following are the various benefits of Lip Reduction:

  1. It will help you in making your lips slimmer and prettier.
  2. It has long-lasting and natural results, as compared to other lip reduction procedures.
  3. It will help you in improving your facial harmony.
  4. It’s a completely safe procedure and doesn’t cause any side effects, skin allergies, and post-operative complications.
  5. It will help you in giving you a younger and more sensual look.
  6. The procedure of Lip Reduction requires minimal downtime.
  7. It will help you in improving your confidence and self-esteem level.
  8. It has a quick healing and recovery process.

Lip Reduction Surgery Cost?

The average cost of Lip Reduction surgery in Dubai can range from AED 8,000 to AED 13,000. Unlike injections that begin to dissolve within a year, this surgery comes up with permanent results. But remember, never focus on cost always. Patients attracted to cheap rates end up having complications. Hence ensure first, from whom you will receive treatment.

A Free Consultation:

If you have disproportionally large or puffy lips and want to reduce the size by making them more comparable with your face, then you can consult the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic to consider Lip Reduction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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