Ozone Therapy For Sleep Disorders in dubai & Abu Dhabi

Taking good sleep is entirely important for good mental and physical health. Our brain helps in regulating the sleep and awake cycle of the body. It acts like an alarm and controls the time hours of sleep. For a normal person, it is necessary to get sleep for about 7-8 hours per day. This is an ideal time span for perfect mental health and activity. But if an individual does not fulfill the sleep demand he gets mentally sick. This can lead to depression and many other humoral diseases. He remains tired the whole day and can not pay attention to his work. Keeping in view this problem an effective treatment for a sleep disorder is introduced. If you face insomnia you can get Ozone Therapy For Sleep Disorders In Dubai. Pay a visit to our clinic and know about the effectiveness of treatment. 

What is It?

This therapy mixes the ozone gas with the blood to improve the body’s functions. It is very efficient in treating all medical issues. Actually, doctors mix the blood with ozone and then transfer that blood back into the body. It improves the oxygenation of tissue and malfunctioned organs. This therapy is very efficient in treating all medical issues all over the world. It is gaining immense popularity over years and consider a safe treatment method.   The excessive or wrong administration of ozone may lead to death and many chronic problems.

Cause of Sleep Disorders:

Sleep disorders are becoming common among youth. All physical, mental, environmental, and physical problems can lead to a lack of proper sleep. Ulcers in our body are physical disorders that lead to sleeplessness. Similarly drinking alcohol or smoking may is also a crucial factor that causes this problem. The person gets addicted to the harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke or drinks that are harmful to them. Certain psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety make the quality of sleep poor. Persons who work night shifts do not get the required sleep which affects their mental health. Some medications may also interfere with the normal sleep and awake cycle. Lastly, it can also be a genetic disorder such as narcolepsy. 

Out Comes:

Ozone Therapy For Sleep Disorders in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Ozone Therapy For Sleep Disorders in Dubai & UAE Ozone Therapy For Sleep Disorders in Dubai

Pre-Treatment Measures:

Your healthcare provider will take a thorough examination of your body. He will study all the anatomy and physiology of body organs to see your eligibility for treatment.

  • Firstly he will take all the blood tests, urine tests, and liver functions to ensure that you are healthy enough for the procedure.
  • There is an enzyme known as G6PD that tells that amount of blood formation. If you are anemic then you are not considered for this therapy.
  • You should avoid taking blood thinners and alcohol before getting therapy.


There are two treatments for the administration of ozone gas in the blood. One procedure is inhalation and the other is intravenous injections. 

In inhalation, ozone gas is inhaled in the lungs for a short time period. It opens all the airway passages and naked breathing easier. Moreover, it can treat many respiratory problems also.

The other method is intravenous injections. In this method, the ozone gas is mixed with the blood. This mixture is left for some time for settlement. This solution is injected back into the body with the help of IV drips. They directly pass the solution into the bloodstream. Ozone therapy improves oxygen saturation of tissues and improves blood circulation. 


Every treatment requires care and precautions after it is done. The longevity of treatment depends on how regularly you follow the instructions. 

Following are some general aftercare measures:

  • Take proper sleep for at least 8-10 hours daily.
  • Do not sleep late at night. This has a bad impact on mental health.
  • Take all the medicines regularly to get fruitful results.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Take a good diet rich in proteins and vitamins.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables to fulfill all nutritional deficiencies.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks. They can lower the absorption of ozone in the blood.


There are many benefits of ozone therapy. Some major benefits of this therapy are as follows

  • Improves Sleep Quality:

Ozone therapy makes your sleep quality better. It relieves all the stress and tension and makes your brain calm. The part of the brain that controls the sleep cycle gets to relax and gives you good sleep at night.

  • Minimizes Anxiety and Depression:

Depression is the leading cause of sleeplessness. This therapy improves your sleep by releasing some good hormones that restore your body’s normal functioning. 

  • Triggers the Release of Good Hormones:

Certain hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and other vasoconstrictors play role in good sleep. They give a message to the brain part to get calm and work on better sleep. You can get sufficient sleep through this therapy.

  • Reduces Inflammation:

Ozone therapy improves blood circulation in the body. They lower the inflammation in the body and heal all the wounds. This therapy has multifunctions and lowers the risk of infection. 

  • Provokes Memory:

This therapy stimulates the normal functioning of brain parts. If some brain part is not working properly this therapy cures those problems and makes the functioning good.

  • Improve Blood Circulation:

Blood circulation gets improves in your body. All the malfunctioned organs get enough blood supply. This helps them to work properly without any risk of failure. 

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