IV Therapy Ozone Sexual Health Male and Females in Dubai

Ozone therapy, not only helps to treat severe illnesses but can also enhance the sexual health of both genders. Since there is an increase in several health diseases nowadays. Simultaneously, the majority of people are also facing a decline in sexual health. In view of the fact that they are becoming habitual to eat unhealthy food and not walking and exercising enough that the human body requires. There are a variety of treatments to elaborate the sexual health of both genders. But these treatments take time and also require surgeries if these conservative methods face a failure in treating these peculiarities. However, IV Therapy Ozone Sexual Health Male and Females in Dubai helps to bring back the lost sexual urge irrespective of gender. 

What is it?

This treatment consists of the utilization of ozone. Ozone constitutes three oxygen molecules. It is a highly unstable molecule which is why it quickly dissolves in the blood and improves the condition of the person. It not only helps to reduce pain, treat cancers, and boost immunity. According to the latest research, it can improve the intimate life of both genders.

A large population of males and females face sexual health problems that mostly include premature ejaculation and decreased intensity of orgasm respectively. Additionally, this treatment helps to improve fertility in both genders.

Aim of the Procedure:

The aim of this procedure is to improve sexual wellness for both genders. It helps to enhance libido, the intensity of orgasm, and overall satisfaction. When ozone enters the bloodstream it increases circulation in the genital areas. Eventually, the increase in circulation aids in removing toxins from that area and reducing oxidative stress. It also stimulates the production and balance of hormones. All these factors result in provoking sexual health. 

Ideal Candidate:

There is a certain criterion to be eligible for each treatment. The same is true of this treatment. If you feel you are having any kind of sexual health problem, go through these criteria and then consult the doctor for further procedure. To be the perfect applicant for this procedure the person should have the following characteristics

  • Is not prone to get anemia.
  • Does not have a deficiency of G6PD.
  • Is not facing any serious health condition.
  • Wants to improve libido, energy, and stamina.
  • Stimulate the sexual urge.
  • Want a long-lasting treatment.
  • Confronting erectile dysfunctions.
  • Manage the premature ejaculation.
  • Increase the intensity of orgasm.

Pre Procedure:

After considering yourself eligible for this treatment, consult our doctor. He will examine you and advice you to follow some instructions before beginning the treatment to avoid the risks or complications during it.

  • The doctor will perform some diagnostic tests to ensure that you are not anemic and deficient in G6PD.
  • Furthermore, he will ask you about your past medical history to confirm that you do not have a disease that can contraindicate the treatment.
  • If you are allergic to anything, brief your doctor about it.
  • Drink enough amount of water.
  • Take rest and proper sleep.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food.


Ozone increases the circulation of blood which eventually increases oxygenation. These increases cause a decrease in oxidative stress and boost the immune system. It also removes toxins and waste material from the body and results in improving the overall health condition of the body.

The doctors are providing this treatment through the IV root. The doctor removes a small amount of blood from the body. He then mixes the blood with the ozone solution to get the ozone-mixed blood. The doctor then administers the ozone-mixed blood into the body intravenously. Furthermore, ozone saunas and ozone injections can also help to enhance sexual health.


Next to completion of treatment, the most important step is to follow the aftercare measure. Firstly, these preventive measures will make you achieve the results you desire. Secondly, they will make your treatment worth investing in and time-consuming.

  • Drink a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 glasses per day.
  • Quit smoking for 4 days after treatment.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine for 4 days post-treatment.
  • Refrain from sexual behavior for 48 hours.
  • Take medications in time as your doctor suggests.
  • Check up with your doctor as he recommends.


According to recent research, this procedure is a safe and non-invasive method. It not only improves sexual health but will also help to improve the energy and stamina of the person. The doctor performs this procedure in different numbers of sessions. Each session hardly takes 30-40 minutes to complete. This procedure has the following benefits.

  • Increases libido.
  • Enhance the time for orgasm.
  • Improves the sexual drive. 
  • Cures erectile dysfunctions.
  • Improves the fertility of both genders.
  • Stimulates the circulation and oxygenation of the body.
  • Ameliorate the vaginal lubrication.

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IV Therapy Ozone Sexual Health Male and Females in Dubai is a successful procedure. Our skilled physicians are capable of performing this treatment in the best possible way. If you want this treatment to be worth investing then opt for our clinic. Consult our doctors instantly by filling out the consultation form now. Book an appointment and feel free to discuss your problems with our physicians.