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It’s a fact that time changes everything, and nothing remains the same as we grow.

We humans are supposed to enjoy each moment of our growing age with the same pleasure we had from our childhood to adulthood and furthermore growing. But the ever-increasing old phase comes with the sagging skin on the face and the neck. We opt for many cosmetic therapies to clear out wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of ageing in our face but forget that the neck area is also a victim of ageing. Neck lift treatment by Dynamic Clinic in Dubai fulfils the need to minimize ageing signs. 

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Neck Lift Surgery

It is a cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing the ageing signs on the neck area to restore that younger look you used to slay in adulthood. It’s a surgical procedure of neck rejuvenation that tightens and repositions the lax muscles, removes the excess skin, treats neckbands, restores the neck area elasticity and defines jaw and neck appearance that sets perfect with the facial proportion. Neck Lift surgery in Dubai has proven to be the most accurate treatment for restoring neck beauty.

How to Decide About Neck Lift Surgery?

Not just neck lift surgery; if we talk about getting any cosmetic procedure done, we must know that it changes our appearance forever. If not permanently, you have to spend a significant period of your life with the results, no matter if they’re according to your expectations or not. 

So, a person must be both mentally and physically prepared before it. The following points might help you decide it:

  • The mental and physical preparation as it’s a surgery and can have intense complications.
  • Knowhow of the process details
  • The prolonged recovery, incisions, cuts, and knowing how long you have to wait for the desired results.
  • The cost affordability and the knowledge that it will be covered by your insurance company or not.
  • The realistic expectations from it because it’s an improvement therapy, not magic.

Who Needs To Get Neck Lift Treatment?

Following are the requirements for candidacy criteria for neck lift plastic surgery:

  • Sagging skin and the droopiness on the neck
  • Double chin and undefined jaw
  • Excess fat on the jaw
  • Better skin elasticity and age above 18.
  • Physical well-being and mentally prepared
  • Maturity and expectations that it’s a surgery and will work just as surgery with some risks and side effects.
  • A person who wants a fresher look in the neck area with minimized and less visible ageing signs is the best candidate for a neck lift.

How Neck Lift Treatment is Done?

Several neck lift techniques are used for neck rejuvenation purposes, and each of them works well depending on the client’s needs and aesthetic goals.

  • Liposuction
  • Cervicoplasty
  • Platysmaplasty

These procedures are administered using local or general sedation and carried out as an in-patient therapy. Depending on the surgery, the patient might have to stay for a day/night or two days or more in the hospital. 


As liposuction is known as fat reduction therapy, it does the same here. The excess neck fat is removed by incision and a cannula into the targeted skin. The cannula is then moved back and forth in the skin, and then the fat is suctioned out with a vacuum. 

The excess is then stitched.


It’s another neck rejuvenation procedure that removes the excess skin from the neck. The surgeon makes two incisions behind or under the ears. The excess tissue and the skin are removed from the neck and then lifted with strong sutures in front of the ears or back. 


Weakened and loosened muscles are corrected through this procedure, restoring your neck look. In platysmaplasty, incisions are made under the chin or behind the ears to remove neckbands. The surgeon then pulls and stitches the neck muscles permanently, giving the neck a lifted look.

Are the Neck Lift Results Permanent?

The results of neck lift are long-term, not permanent because no one can ever argue that we can never stop ageing. And the longevity of the results depends on the person’s lifestyle, health, diet, age and how their body responds to the surgery. Generally, the effects can last from 10 to 15 years if you opt for it in your 40s and remain in good health.

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Recovery From Neck Lift Treatment

The patient is advised to take a week off from work and daily activities. The discomfort after the surgery will take an initial two weeks to subside. The total recovery usually requires four to six weeks; until then, the patient is advised to refrain from strenuous activities and avoid excessive and heavy workouts. 

The surgery’s effects can be seen just after the swelling on the incision site subsides after several weeks or months.

Benefits Of Neck Lift

  • Reduced Ageing Signs on Neck
  • Neck Bands Elimination with Perfect Jaw contours.
  • Thinner and more defined neck with tightened skin.
  • Less Visible Scars
  • Overall Personality Enhancement
  • Natural Results with Longevity
  • Less short recovery than experiencing a full face surgical facelift.

Are There Any Side Effects of Neck Lift?

  • The patient might experience hematoma( bleeding under the skin)
  • Redness, swelling and bruising are expected after surgery.
  • Scarring is also expected if the patient does not care for the wounds properly
  • The surgery can provide undesirable results in rare cases, so you might need another surgical procedure.


Four best Neck lift alternatives for patients:

Neck Lift Treatment Cost in Dubai

When talking about the charges of Neck lift surgery in Dubai, it is much more affordable at Dynamic Clinic with no compromise on services excellency compared to the competitors. The patient can expect to pay between 7000 AED to 24000 AED. Your plastic surgeon will inform you about the exact cost of neck lift surgery in the initial consultation

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