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The capillaries visible on your face are a sign that your skin is either too thin or the capillaries are quite swollen. The visibility of such capillaries on the skin surface are also known as varicose veins or spider veins.  Serums and creams will generally clear and clean your skin from the outside but the capillaries or the internal structures in your skin will remain as it is. In order to get skin clarity you need to undergo a Facial Capillary Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi that will fade the capillaries by working on them internally. 

What are Spider Veins? 

The visible capillaries noticed on the face or on the feet are also known as Spider Veins or Varicose Veins. They are very uncommon on the face but in some cases you can notice them on them too. People with clear and thin skin that has very low elasticity tend to show more capillaries than those who have a rigid and healthier skin.

These capillaries are more visible especially when they are swollen or the blood flow is disrupted.

What Are the Causes of Visibility of Facial Capillaries?

People who tend to stay in excessive cold weathers and live in  temperature with very low altitudes tend to show facial capillaries quite commonly. This is because of the rapid dilation and constriction of blood vessels in the skin surface.

Thin Skin:

The thinner the skin the more are the chances of capillaries being noticeable. This is mainly because of subcutaneous fat covering the internal structures within your face is very less or rarely present and so the number of capillaries accessibility to see in such skin surface is definitely higher

Fair Complexion:

A fair complexion or a fair skin appears more transparent and is probably “see through”. However, Dark skinned people are more opaque and the internal capillaries or Spider veins are very less likely to be observed in such candidates. 


Some people are just born with such Capillaries on their face and there is no such external environmental factor associated with it.


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What Are the Options for Facial Capillary Treatment in Dubai?

Dubai has a hot and arid climate but despite that many people face facial capillaries problems. The best and easiest approach towards it is to go through medical help. Following are some therapeutic methods that are available for Facial Capillary Treatment in Dubai offered in our clinic.

Use of Retinoids:

Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives and their effect on the skin is remarkable.  they’re available over the counter in the form of gels or creams and they have definitive results when used over Acne Scars or such revealing capillaries. 


A Sclerotherapy is a treatment in which an agent is injected into the capillaries via the skin directly. The agent is set to enter into the capillaries and decongest them. Sooner or later the appearance of the capillaries is said to disappear and this may take around two to three weeks completely. 

Laser Therapy:

One of the best facial capillary treatments is through laser therapy. It is a new modified and improved technique in which a laser beam technology is brushed over the kappel Aries that are exposed. The laser light then gently breaks the capillary fragments and evens out the blood flow If congested or restricted. Within a few days the capillaries appearance starts to diminish and you are left with a clear spotless skin.  Our specialists have been performing Laser Treatments on different patients who come up with facial Capillaries problems and almost all of them have been satisfied with the treatment.

Benefits of Laser Therapy:

  •  Is completely noninvasive  and does not require any surgical intervention.
  •  It does not disrupt the skin.
  •  Has been proven to even out the skin relentlessly.
  •  Improves the skin texture it does not leave any scars or marks behind.
  •  Has a very less downtime and is a quick and rapid procedure.

How many sessions of Laser is Required for Facial Capillary Treatment?

The number of sessions totally depends upon the kind of imperfection or severity of the appearance of capillaries. Candidates who have very swollen capillaries may require multiple sessions whereas with tiny and less noticeable capillaries one single session is sufficient.

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