Ostomy and Colostomy at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Suffering from severe diseases, or illnesses often makes it difficult or impossible for people to pass their fecal matter from their bodies. By undergoing proper medical techniques and methods these patients can improve their health concerns. Ostomy and Colostomy at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah aim to provide an improved quality of life to patients who suffer from serious illnesses. These procedures are not so uncommon and if you’re someone who wants to learn more about them for yourself or your loved one, then let us help guide you through the process.

Understanding Ostomy/Stoma Surgery:

People who suffer from various digestive or urinary tract issues often face difficulty in handling their fecal problems. But with advancements in medical science, these problems can be easily tackled. Ostomy at Home in Dubai is a surgical process that makes an opening in an individual’s abdominal wall. This opening helps the fecal matter to move from the body directly into a bag. This process can help people in removing their poop or their urine. There are three types of ostomy processes: 

  • Ileostomy.
  • Colostomy.
  • Urostomy.

A Brief Intro to Colostomy:

This surgical process creates an opening in the colon. The opening is made from the large intestine to the outside of the person’s body. The waste is collected in a bag. Colostomy at Home in Dubai helps when the colon is not working properly or if the person suffers from severe diseases.

Reasons Individuals Would Need Ostomy and Colostomy:

If you or your loved ones are suffering from the following conditions, then you might need to undergo these procedures:

  • People who suffer from a blockage in their bowel.
  • Individuals who suffer from colon, or rectal cancer.
  • People who have Crohn’s disease.
  • If you have injured intestines.
  • Individuals with bladder cancer.
  • People who are suffering from serious infections such as diverticulitis.

The Surgical Procedure of Ostomy:

  • The process begins by numbing the area with anesthesia.
  • The surgeon then creates either a long incision or uses the procedure of laparoscopy.
  • The doctor creates an incision within the patient’s abdominal wall. The doctor then attaches the portion of the patient’s intestine to the abdominal wall.
  • This opening helps the body’s waste material to leave the intestines into a pouch.

The Surgical Procedure of Colostomy:

People often get confused with this term, however, a colotomy is one of the types of ostomy. This procedure is done to divert the end of the large intestine through the opening of the abdominal wall. This process is usually required when there is an issue, or problem in the stoma.

  • The doctor first gives anesthesia to the patient. 
  • Then he begins to create a hole in the patient’s belly wall.
  • Then the surgeon redirects the direction of the intestine towards the opening of the anus. This creates an opening for the waste material, and this opening is known as a stoma.
  • By doing this your poop passes through the new opening stoma, instead of your anus.
  • The patients have to wear a colostomy bag, so they can collect the poop when it comes.

After Care to Follow:

There are certain post-care guidelines that the patients should follow to ensure a proper recovery:

  • The patients should take a warm bath to relax their abdominal muscles.
  • Try to avoid eating solid food items.
  • Avoid playing sports like tennis, or football.
  • The patients should wear loose clothes.
  • You must avoid activities like swimming, or water skiing 
  • While taking a shower you must put a plastic shield or appliance to keep it dry during the shower.

Advantages of Colostomy and Ostomy Procedures:

When people become aware of these procedures they often become afraid. It becomes difficult for people to accept living with these surgical processes, but you should know that they offer various benefits. It can be hard to accept them, but Ostomy and Colostomy at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi provide ensuring of your good health and life:

  • These surgical procedures help improve the quality of life, and the patient’s sustainability.
  • With the home health service of ostomy and colostomy, you no longer have to make frequent hospital visits.
  • At home, people are more comfortable and their privacy is not disturbed.
  • The individuals have better bowel management.
  • With such delicate processes patients often become more prone to diseases, so being in the hygienic environment of your home you’ll be less likely to catch any infectious disease.

Can People Change Their Stoma Bag by Themselves?

Yes, after having proper instructional guidance the patients should be encouraged to change their drainage bags themselves.

Can People Get Infection from Stoma Bags?

No, if you follow proper hygiene and cleaning of your skin, and the bag then the chances of catching an infection or irritation are very low.

Journey Towards A Better Health:

Dynamic Clinic Dubai provides various services for people who suffer from different fecal problems. We know life can get hard when you suffer from certain illnesses. But we aim to make your lives easy by providing our vast services within the reach of your home. So if you have any concerns regarding Ostomy and Colostomy at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you can reach out to our professional experts by booking a free consultation at our clinic.