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Women’s sexual and reproductive health’s importance can’t be described enough in words. Women are the epitome of strength in every matter of life. They go through a lot and still have the power to bring another human into the world, facing multiple complications throughout the pregnancy and during the Childbirth. From periods at a very young age, painful sexual intercourse involves reproductive issues, teenage pregnancies, premature delivery, miscarriages, reproductive organs cancer, and so much more. It is very necessary to check yourself regularly under the administration of Experts and the Best Obstetrician and Gynecologists in Dubai to ensure you are healthy enough to make your life decisions.

Who are Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Dubai?

Most people think that these are the two names of the same profession, and there’s no difference because it deals only with female issues. It is correct that they both deal with female problems; they are not the same but somehow related to each other. Only a physician can be both Obstetrician and Gynecologist as women need both in different phases of their lives.


Obstetrics is a medical field related to pregnancy and Childbirth. An Obstetrician is a medical professional who practically caters to pregnant women, unborn babies, all aspects of pregnancy throughout the period before delivery, delivering a child, and post-childbirth care, not a gynecologist.

The Specialist makes sure that both mother and baby are doing well before and after the pregnancy, looks after both of them and makes sure that everything is okay and delivery should be done quickly without complications and with the mother’s safety and the child’s. 

An Obstetrician would guide you so you have a healthy pregnancy and there will be no stress on you and the baby. They are the answer to your every query and deal with every pregnancy-related complication. For instance, If you deliver a premature baby, an Obstetrician will deal with it and find the best possible solution keeping in mind the safety of both precious humans. 

Apart from dealing with pregnancies and Childbirth, the Obstetrician will also guide you and help with what you need accordingly if you want to become pregnant. Obstetricians also provide fertility therapies that help women conceive easily.

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Best Obstetrics Gynecologists in Dubai

Conditions Treated by Obstetricians:

Obstetricians are the trained medical professionals to deal with all the aspects of pregnancy, including:

Ectopic Pregnancy:

This issue occurs when the fertilized egg can’t make it to the uterus and grows outside, usually in the fallopian tube. There might be some infection or inflammation in the fallopian tube, which blocks it, and the egg couldn’t move quickly from it to the uterus. Unfortunately, the fertilized egg cannot survive outside the womb. It might cause the tube to burst, resulting in severe internal vaginal bleeding, decreasing the chances of protecting the mother’s life.


Preeclampsia refers to pregnancy complications in which the mother has high blood pressure, headache, blurred vision, swelling on the face, feet, and hands, shortness of breath, and vomiting. Also, the high protein levels in the urine show kidney damage or other organs.

Placenta Issues:

In placenta issues, the mother goes through intense vaginal bleeding during and before the delivery. Other symptoms of the placenta include back pain, abdominal pain, uterine tenderness, and contractions. C-section childbirth might be needed if these things occur. 

Cesarean Section Childbirth:

The Obstetrician prefers Cesarean Sections or c-sections when the mother’s cervix is not opening wide enough to let the baby out of the womb even after stronger contractions. It is the best option for delivery when the mother suffers from intense pain and there is a risk of changing the baby’s heartbeat. Then an incision is made in the abdomen to take the baby out from the uterus ensuring both mother’s and baby’s safety. 

An obstetrician is always here to help you out, no matter which problem you’re suffering from before or after the pregnancy.

Gynecologists in Dubai:

Gynecologists deal with every aspect and issue related to the female reproductive organs. They are specialized practitioners who look after and care for the reproductive organs, including:

  • Uterus.
  • Ovaries.
  • Fallopian Tube.
  • Cervix.
  • Vagina.

These earlier mentioned female organs are treated and diagnosed by the gynecologist when a female gets her first period till the months after her last period when there is no egg-releasing process. 

The gynecologist also provides advice on preventing sexually transmitted diseases, healthy sex practices, preventing pregnancy, and other sexual matters. In simple words, the gynecologist can correct issues that are not related to pregnancy. 

Conditions Treated by Gynecologists in Dubai:

Following are the issues treated by gynecologists:

Vaginal Infections:

It refers to the fungal infection in the vagina that causes intense itchiness, vaginal discharge, and irritation in the tissues at the vaginal opening and the vagina. 

Cancers of the Reproductive System:

The gynecologist deals with the five types of cancer that can occur in the female reproductive organs, including:

  • Cervix Cancer.
  • Ovarian Cancer.
  • Uterine Cancer.
  • Vaginal Cancer.
  • Vulvar Cancer.

Ovarian Cysts:

This refers to the fluid-filled pockets in the ovary or on its surface. The symptoms may include frequent need to urinate, irregular or heavy periods, pain during penetrative sex, and more.


It’s a painful condition in which the tissue, similar to the tissue in the uterus, grows outside it. It is a bothersome condition, and the symptoms are painful too, including painful periods, pain during and after sex, irregular bleeding, and more. 

Irregular Menstruation:

You have irregular menstrual cycles if your periods always come late or early, or the gap between each menstrual cycle keeps on changing.

There are several reproductive organ issues treated by the gynecologist efficiently. 

What Can I Expect at a Gynecologist Appointment?

You can visit the Obstetrician and Gynecologist when you have your first period when you notice any sexual change in you or you become sexually active. If there are any reproductive health-related issues you have, feel free to visit them and ask them.

Ultimately, there is no issue if your problem seems too sexual or embarrassing to you. The obstetricians and gynecologists at Dynamic Clinic are the specialist doctors. They have more knowledge about your reproductive system than you, and these intimate questions are an essential part of the consultation. 

Tell them about:

  • Your menstrual cycle issues.
  • Vaginal Discharge.
  • How sexually active you are, and the sexual partners you had and have.
  • Contraceptive methods.
  • Your Future Pregnancy Plans.
  • Sexual Issues.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Make sure to visit them every six months or annually to know if your sexual health and the reproductive system are working well. Also, visits are necessary because many reproductive organ problems have no significantly visible symptoms. 

Services Provided by Gynecologists in Dubai:

Gynecologists treat every bit of reproductive organs and provide the following surgical therapies to correct their imperfections:


Oophorectomy is a major surgical procedure that refers to the removal of ovaries. The ovaries can be removed due to ovarian cancer or more.


Hysterectomy is also a major surgical procedure that removes the uterus or womb. It is a significant surgery because you’ll no longer be able to get periods again and no pregnancy after the surgery. 

Cone Biopsy:

Cone biopsy refers to the removal of the abnormal tissue or the cancerous cells from the cervix(lower part of the uterus) 


It is a surgical procedure of removing the fallopian tube of a woman. Usually, this surgery is done to treat ectopic pregnancies.  

Tubal Ligation:

Tubal Ligation aims to tie off, block, or remove the fallopian tubes to permanently prevent pregnancy. It is a permanent birth control method.

Surgical Procedures by Gynecologists in Dubai:

Obstetricians treat every minor to the major problem related to pregnancy and provide several surgical procedures to make them better. 

  • Operative Vaginal Delivery.
  • Shoulder Dystocia.
  • Abnormal Fetal Presentation.
  • Genital Tract Lacerations.
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage.
  • Cesarean Delivery.
  • Abnormal Placentation.
  • Cesarean Hysterectomy.
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