Keloid Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

What is a Keloid?

A Scars & Keloid disorder occurs because of the overgrowth of scar tissue. They are red, itchy bumps that gradually increase in size. In some patients, they appear as pink, purple or brown round skin elevations. Research has proven that they tend to affect both the sexes equally but people with dark skin tones are more affected by this condition. Common body areas affected by this skin disorder are chest, back, shoulders, and neck.


Keloids appear where the skin is physically harmed. Common causes of keloids include injury, burn, acne, surgery, blister, piercing, or vaccination. To prevent it from forming, take proper care of the skin after an injury. You can use petroleum gel or a bandage on the wound to prevent Keloid Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Other than that, follow all the post-op instructions of the doctor to let the wound heal faster with less scarring.

When to See a Doctor?

A keloid caused due to an injury is much larger than the area of the injury itself and they mostly appear gradually over the next three months of the accident. Some keloids can cause pain, itchiness or soreness so it becomes mandatory to remove them.

The worst thing about them is that unlike other scars they do not disappear on their own not even after several years. You cannot get rid of them without seeing a dermatologist. Doctors diagnose a keloid based on how they look and how are they caused. Sometimes, he performs a biopsy for the diagnosis purpose. In this test, a piece of skin tissue is taken and examined under the microscope to check whether the cells are cancerous or not.


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The Cost of keloid scar removal treatment in Dubai is very reasonable. The expenses range from AED 499 to AED 2,999. The cost of the treatment is not constant. Because this problem can be cured with different treatments. That’s why they can vary for all applicants. Before selection of the procedure, applicants must talk with the experts. They will ensure you the suitable treatment after analyzing your condition. The following are the cost influencer elements:

  • The cost will vary depending on the selection of the treatment.
  • The more intricate the condition, the more expensive it will be to treat it.
  • The cost of treatment is determined by the number of locations to be treated. Because everyone is unique and, needs unique treatment.
  • Some therapy procedures may necessitate numerous treatment sessions. So each of which has its own cost.
  • The doctor’s credentials and skill influence how much he charges for his services.
  • The clinic’s location and level will influence how pricey or inexpensive therapy is.

Keloids Treatments:

Keloids are harmless but affect the cosmetic appearance of the skin. They look unpleasant on the skin so it is better to get them treated. There are different treatment options that you can go for. Talk to an expert, he will help you choose the best one by assessing the size and location of your keloids.

Keloid scars treatments in Dubai include,

  1. Surgery
  2. Cryosurgery
  3. Laser therapy
  4. Medication


For large and old keloids, doctors recommend patients to go for the surgical option. During this procedure, the doctor simply cuts out the keloids. It will provide immediate result but there is no guarantee that they will not reappear again. In some cases, the keloids removed by this method return on the skin with a bigger size and worse look so make your decision carefully.


It works on the freezing method. Cryosurgery involves the use of liquid nitrogen in the affected area. This method is effective but sometimes results in skin discoloration, which obviously no one wants. It is preferable for treating small keloids and acne.

Laser therapy:

It is a good alternative to surgical keloid removal because there are limited chances that keloids will return after the treatment. A high beam of laser light is directed on the problem area to flatten the keloid. You may experience some bruising for some days after the Laser Treatment.


You can use Corticosteroid to cure or stop the growth of keloids. It is a well-known medication given to the patients through shots. It involves a very low risk of inflammation and keloids regrowth which makes it better than other options. Meet the doctor and discuss with him if the treatment has any disadvantage or not.

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