Smoker’s Lips Treatment

It’s Never too Late to think for Yourself.

Just imagine if you could naturally get pink lips permanently without any painful treatment? Its surely possible today thanks to Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Addicted to smoking? – Sure, you would be hating dark lips too. Well, this treatment will be the biggest good news for you. Aside from quitting smoking and waiting months to see results, consider its quick reliable methods that can benefit you instantly. Let’s discuss each one in detail along with associated benefits, costs, and risks.

Reason Behind Smoker’s Lips:

Smoker’s lips are always black. This is because cigarettes contain a high amount of nicotine which reduces the blood flow and causes melanin to form. This way lips and gums become blacken leading to the most uneven Pigmentation. Blotchy purple, dark lips are seen mostly.


Chain smokers wishing for pink, hydrated lips are acutely reported best candidates for this treatment. However, for the proper recommendation, talk to our experts directly.


Every smoker’s lips treatment has different results. Whereas pink lips are the common result noticeable with all of the procedures. There is no ambiguity about effectiveness. You can expect to obtain more valuable results if your practitioner is properly trained.

best smokers-lips-treatment in dubai  smokers-lips-treatment in Abu Dhabi  smokers-lips-treatment Clinic in Dubai

Best smokers-lips-treatment Clinic in Dubai   Best smokers-lips-treatment in Abu Dhabi  smokers-lips-treatment in dubai

Note that: Results are temporary. With frequent follow-up sessions and proper care, results can be maintained for a lifetime.

How we Treat Smoker’s Lips:

Don’t you love the natural pink lip color? While quitting smoking can often stop further damage to your mouth but its effects remain present. Several methods are done at our clinic to bring back the permanent pinkish glow in your lips naturally.

Below is the detail of the most effective smoker’s lips treatment in UAE:

Lips Mask:

A Lip mask is the best way when suffering dehydrated lips. The directed area is coated with a custom-made dermatologist’s mask. Turmeric, lemon juice, and glycerin are its ingredients that are mostly combined with constituents containing vitamin A or E.

This 15-minute practice could bring a dramatic change in your life.


Injection used for brightening lips is basically collage-based. It plumps the lips, fills scars, and results in a rosily pink color. Along with a pinkish glow, they can also add some volume to lips to create a perfect pout.


Chemical Peels gently exfoliate the lips. Its procedure embraces the careful use of suitable peel on lips. Over a series of sessions, you will be looking towards brighter lips.


Laser Treatments is the latest method to improve lips color. Till now it’s reported as one of the best dark lips treatment in Dubai.

During treatment, dermatologists first clean the lips to remove any dirt. Next local anesthesia is applied for a smooth experience. Afterward, an ablative laser is moved gently on the lips several times. This breaks down the excess melanin penetrates the skin deeply, stimulates new cells and reveals the pink baby lips in very little time.

Important: The same laser session needs to be repeated several times to produce notable prompt change. Normally, 3-5 sittings are found enough in most cases.


Last but not least. Most delicate tip to enlighten the lips. You can get an exfoliator at home or in a dermatologist’s office. Doctors mix salt with almond, or coconut oil and arrange gentle lips massage. This act is repeated a couple of times for a few weeks.

At times, a soft brush is also used for exfoliation purposes. You can do this even in your home but after some necessary guidance from our experts.

You Should Know:

All of the above actions are performed uniquely. While most of them are finished in 40 minutes maximum and through a couple of sessions you can say goodbye forever to the smoker’s dark lips. Moreover, they have a downtime of 1 to 2 days. Follow all the doctor’s instructions in this period. Additionally, keep in mind the guides mentioned in this article.


Our lip brightening procedures can leave you with the most dramatic brightened lips and surrounding skin. Following are the benefits you can expect with our Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

  • Pink, soft, fresh lips
  • Restored skin
  • Affordable
  • Enduring results

Pre and Post Care For Lips:

Instead of trying risky home remedies to treat dark lips, one must need to keep their lips natural. Though, this is the best preparation. Just use chemical-free lip balm before the procedure.

Besides, after dark lips treatment in Dubai, focus on extensive care of lips. Apply nourishing cooling gel on lips as the doctor advised. Avoid using other beauty products for at least 2 to 3 days. Keep the body hydrated to flush out the toxins from the body. Plus, ensure escaping excessive sun exposures.

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, we arrange a special session to guide patients about pre and post-care. We do not leave them in any confusion. With our reliable guides, one can sustain the beauty of lips for a lifetime.

Cost of Smoker’s Lip Treatment:

One Estimate concludes the average Cost of Smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai is AED 750. This can exceed up to AED 2000 or above depending upon the procedure you choose.

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