Milia Treatment in dubai

Having spotless skin is a desire of everyone. Pigmentation, dark circles, acne can fade off but what about the skin tags such as milia that are embedded deep into the skin and cannot go by any method? Sounds horrendous right? We have got you covered. Our clinic provides some of the profound Milia Treatments in Dubai that are very effective and beneficial. Let’s learn about milia and the treatments offered by our clinic in order to eliminate it. 

What is Milia?

Milia is the presence of tiny white, yellowish or skin colored bumps that appear on the face. It is supposed to be noticed  at birth and in newborns.  however adults can also see milia on their face. It is not helpful but the only problems related to it are aesthetical concerns. There are now sound and safe treatments available for milia that can remove it from the core and can limit Its exacerbation.

What are the Target Sites of Milia? 

Milia is distributed anywhere on the face but some sites are very common such as the area around the eyes, the circumference around the eyelids, scattered on the chin, can be seen on different parts of the body and even on the tip of the nose. 

What is the Etiology of Milia?

According to physicians and skin specialists, milia does not have a specific Cause and there can be some contributing factors. Some of the common conditions for milia include: 

  •  It can be congenital or hereditary.
  •  Can occur as a result of any previously existing disease.
  •  Can take place after any trauma to the skin.
  •  Overuse of medications such as steroids.
  •  Can be autoimmune or common in candidates who are immunocompromised.
  •  Candidates who have extensive exposure to the sun.

How is Milia Diagnosed?

Mia is best diagnosed by its clinical presentation for the tiny white and yellow bumps that are expressed onto the skin and are not painful upon touch and can be significant in identifying the skin tags and moles as milia.

What are the Treatment Options for Milia?

The following are some of the treatments that are performed routinely for milia in our clinic: 


Deroofing is a procedure in which the specialist will use a scalpel in order to exercise off the milia spots. The treatment is done with precision skills and accuracy so in some cases the flared up skin is very gently removed ensuring that the superficial layer is removed and the remaining part is intact. 


It is one of the most commonly performed procedures.  It is done by surrounding the milia spots with a copper wire which is heated. This hot wire is then set to remove the spots or any skin tags.


Cryotherapy is basically done by the use of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is supposed to freeze up the surfaced spots such as milia then the freezing occurs. A big ulcer is formed that is then easily pulled off and disappears within a couple of days. 

How is the Treatment of Milia Performed?

The treatment for milia performed by the surgeries and methods are mentioned above. The surgeon will first analyze the area and will look closely whether any underlying structure is associated with the spots or not. 

What are the Benefits of the Treatments?

  • Smooth surfaced skin.
  • No more textured feeling upon touching the face.
  • The treatments are quite feasible and are done in a very painful environment.
  • The treatments have long term effects.
  • Milia does not reoccur after the treatment is performed correctly. 

How to Improve the Healing after the Treatment?

If you want to improve the healing you need to follow the post treatment care instructions very closely. The most common instruction to follow is to take your medications on time in case you experience any pain. Secondly you will experience some mild to moderate soreness, dryness, and redness and inflamed areas after the treatment which will cease within a few days. 

Cost Related Concerns:

When it comes to cost, our dynamic clinic charges the most fair prices in the entire Dubai. Milia treatment in Dubai is for only about 100 AED to 400 AED.  

The Final Verdict!

If you have not taken any treatment for milia yet then we welcome you at our place to provide you with the best services.  Ensure all the safety protocols, confidentiality and all the treatments will be done under strict privacy settings. Fill up the form below and get your appointment with the dermatologist to avail a free consultation.