SMART Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai

Mercury Fillings are Poisonous and Harmful to the Human Body. Get its Removal Now!

Dental amalgam was one of the regular materials used in the dental filling. This typically involved silver or mercury which is now considered dangerous. Advanced researches have strictly forbidden the use of dental amalgams. This is why (IAMOT) has introduced SMART- Dental amalgam removal as a protective measure for the elimination of mercury fillings.

SMART Dental Amalgam Removal Dubai & Abu Dhabi is the safest technique to minimize the release of poisonous mercury. First, it removes the filling material carefully with an air-filtration system and replaces it with some attractive alternative.

Dental experts of Enfield clinic perform this removal procedure exactly as per the recommendations of IAOMT. We take extensive safety measures for the ideal utilization of this procedure.

With this guide, you can easily figure out our procedure details and cost as well. Continue reading.

Are Amalgam Fillings Really Dangerous?

The metal filling must be removed. It becomes more dangerous when it reaches the lungs and bloodstream. This usually happens when an amount of mercury is released, especially while brushing, chewing, or taking hot liquids. It passes through the throat and goes into the stomach, which is later absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence, it damages the kidneys, lungs and can result in severe complications like tremors, emotional instability, hearing disability, immune disorders, or even paralysis.

To prevent such kind of problems, smart-amalgam removal is the best way. It discards the preceding filling material and replaces it with some secured alternative. This way it inhibits those issues without affecting the tooth’s functionality.

Can I get this Smart Removal?

  • If your mercury fillings are broken, damaged, or if there is any severe tooth decay, then you must get its removal without any delay. Besides, in case if fillings are not bothering you but still you want to dodge its side effects on health then you are also a good candidate for this procedure.
  • So if you are sure to discard such fillings, reach out to our dentists. They will help to inform the safest possible technique after some proper analysis. Indeed it all depends upon your needs, desires, and medical condition as well.

Note that: Pregnant or lactating mother should wait for a while to get this filling removed.


SMART - Dental Amalgam Removal Dubai SMART - Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  SMART - Dental Amalgam Removal

SMART - Dental Amalgam Removal in Dubai


What is the Procedure of SMART- Amalgam Removal?

The process of SMART- metal amalgam filling removal is quite simple to understand.

  • At Enfield clinic, our dentists take all safety measures to discard the potential risks. First, they put over safety glasses and then cleans the mouth, and numb it for a smooth, pain-free experience deprived of any uncertainty.
  • During the procedure, you will be given activated charcoal to swish your mouth. It would result in a swollen jaw that prevents the internal lining.
  • Next, we place a rubber dental dam inside the mouth to prevent the ingestion of mercury vapors. Basically, it acts as a special protective barrier that simply just isolates the mouth. Besides nasal mask is also given to patients for proper oxygen breathing.
  • Then, a high volume air filtration device is brought closer to your metal filling. This device consists of a special nozzle that sucks out the poisonous filling from your teeth. It also behaves like a vacuum cleaner that traps the releasing mercury vapors and prevents their further spreading.
  • Later, the old metal filling is completely separated from teeth by using a dental drill. Afterward, a mouth is rinsed with charcoal again to collect the remaining particles of mercury if present.

In the end, the tooth is filled carefully with some secured filling material.


After getting this smart protocol technique, you can enjoy a risk-free healthy life along with tremendous benefits. Take a look at standard ones.

  • Abundant safety of oral health.
  • Composite Filling material appear totally natural.
  • No more health risks (kidney or lung problems).

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Cost of Dental Amalgam Removal?

The Average Cost of SMART- Amalgam Removal in Dubai starts around at AED 850 per tooth. Depending upon the complexity of fillings, the charges might exceed. Please contact our general dentists for unique cost estimation in your case.


After the amalgam filling removal, you might feel some discomfort which later goes off by following some necessary precautions. Feel free to ask a dentist about what care you must need to take at home. Also, inform them of your allergies and the medications you are taking these days. This lets them guide you in proper instructions accordingly.

Remember that, alcohol, sugar, and processed food can be harmful in the initial days of the SMART removal technique. Just avoid them. Besides, further unique instructions will be provided as per your medical history.

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