DMA Dynamic Muscle Activation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

DMA – Dynamic Muscle Activation:

Science has given advancement to a new proprietary technology known as DMA Dynamic Muscle Activation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi which targets muscles for enhancing the muscle tone. It is considered to be the very first automation that is playing a role in treating muscles with RF simultaneously. Non-surgical dynamic muscle activation (DMA) is being considered as an effective inventive treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine. The purpose is to work beyond the dermal and fat layer right through the muscle level. Expected muscle tone is achieved by applying electric current directly into different muscle layers. This allows intervals of stimulation and relaxation for the inflated workload of the muscles.

Goal and Work Purpose of DMA:

Dynamic muscle activation is assisted with fat removal and targeted body contouring releasing fat from adipose tissues sandwiched between muscle and dermal layers. It aims to stimulate muscle and blood circulation by boosting the lymphatic drainage and results in detoxification and oxygenation of metabolic waste byproducts. This versatile technique is enhancing achieved outcomes delivered through non-surgical procedures of the face and body. Before undergoing DMA, professionals manipulate the depth, power, and duration of the treatment. All it can be done on the tissue level. This type of affability grants to tailor the exact needs of the candidate and provides results in anti-aging, cellulite reduction and body sculpting.


There is no special preparation required before Dynamic muscle activation. You can come for the treatment any day, any time.

Results and Key Roles of DMA:

DMA technique delivers outstanding results including reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in acne scars, skin brightening and tightening, improved skin irregularities, and reduced pore size. An additional facial rejuvenation effect is displayed through TriLipo Technique specifically visible on the jaw-line. Our clients have reported a tolerable pain level and expressed satisfaction with the clinical results.

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Role # 1: Muscle Toning:

Electric current is passed through the targeted muscle tissues for increasing the muscle volume and tone. Two main factors that are aging and weight changes often affect the body contour of individuals. For this purpose, DMA offers fat reduction and muscle enhancement emphasizing the natural look and toned appearance.

Role # 2: Body Firming:

By this simple outpatient procedure, you can get a firm skin and contoured body in just a few hours. You will notice a big enhancement in the skin right after the very first session. It is safe, functional and fits for every individual which makes it the best option.

Body and Facial Treatments with DMA:

TriLipo with DMA is featured on Pollogen LEGEND workstation and is highly unique working across the skin, fat and muscle levels at the same time. It works for following purposes by using radiofrequency deep volumetric heating I conjunction with DMA internal muscle contraction:

  • Tightens wrinkled skin.
  • Reduces fat non-invasively.
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage.
  • Provides firmness to creased skin.
  • Contours body to enhance physique.


TriPollar with DMA can also be found on the Divine Pro facial rejuvenation workstation. In a low power application, Radio Frequency energy and DMA techniques are combined making the facial procedures painless and pleasant.

  • Remodels long-term collagen.
  • Increases fibroblast metabolism.
  • Reduces facial wrinkles and rhytides.
  • Treats delicate areas e.g., perioral and periorbital.
  • Tightens face/neck skin from the first procedure immediately.

Cost of DMA:

Different factors can affect the overall cost. To know the exact price of DMA at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic you have to contact our team.

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