Lingual Braces in Dubai

Nobody can even know you’re wearing braces!

Do you want to have the perfect smile but feel uncomfortable getting braces? No problem. Get ready to smile with confidence through Unseen Invisible Lingual Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It’s completely hidden from the front mouth view, so no one will ever identify that you are wearing braces unless you tell them. With the help of art technology, it’s simply possible to tackle many dental problems without publicizing your personal life.

Not all types of braces are meant to be placed in front of teeth. Indeed some braces can be positioned at the backside of teeth. Lingual Braces is one of them. This is one of the latest braces forms quite expensive than ceramic braces. But its charges are completely worth it.

To know the exact charges, benefits, or further procedural details, continue reading.

Dental Conditions it Can Treat?

Lingual braces aka incognito braces, simply fix the mouth and ensure the lost sparkling smile. Here are the most common problems that lingual braces can treat within a few months.

  • Misaligned jaw
  • Bite problems (overbite, underbite, crossbite)
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Chewing problems
  • Buck teeth and many more.


Lingual braces results are worth appreciating. You can enjoy the perks of a beautiful smile within a year. However, within a short time, you will notice positive alterations in your teeth. Note that, our entire dental team ensures that our patients are satisfied. This is why we deliver high-quality dental care to obtain the most pleasing results at the end of their treatment.

Invisible Lingual Braces Dubai & Abu Dhabi Invisible Lingual Braces in Dubai & Abu DhabiInvisible Lingual Braces in Dubai

Invisible Lingual Braces

Why Prefer Lingual over Traditional Braces?

Before getting any braces whether it’s lingual or traditional, keep in mind what exactly you expect from your dental treatment. If your need is hidden braces then of course there is no other better option than lingual supports. Aside from aesthetic concerns, plenty of its benefits overtake the traditional braces. Following are the most dominant reasons to prefer lingual braces. Please check out.

  • They are an ideal fit for your mouth.
  • You will never have to stress about removing or inserting them while eating or drinking.
  • They’re found more comfy and effective than any brackets.

Are these Braces for Everyone?

They are typically used for patients who have some aesthetic issues regarding the visible braces. So if you are one of them, Invisible Lingual Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are a good choice for you. It would straighten your teeth while maintaining a professional look.

It’s quite perfect for every age group including teens, adults, or children anyone. But somehow kids aren’t found the best candidates for this treatment. Because they have primary smaller teeth, which cannot accommodate this advanced braces technology. Normal-sized teeth are the basic requirement for getting lingual braces, which is found in adults and teenagers.

Please discuss with our orthodontists while you or your child is perfect for this dental treatment or not.

The Technique we Use!

After qualifying as a good candidate for the procedure, our doctors will ask about your personal preferences and unique demands with the mouth. Based on those perspectives, our dental experts will take the impression of your teeth, which is then handed to the laboratory for creating custom-built brackets. This preparation might require a few weeks and after that, you will be called for the treatment session.

On the big day, our orthodontists carefully place those brackets on the backside of teeth with some non-toxic material. It acts just as similar to traditional braces as its technique is quite similar to them. This placement also applies some gentle pressure over the foundation of teeth and slowly fixes them towards the correct position.

Later in the procedure, you are free to go anywhere but with some important precautions. Proceed to the next title for knowing them.

Post-Treatment Care:

Lingual braces treatment in Dubai is pretty uncomfortable initially. Since its brackets are placed behind the teeth, you may have some difficulties while eating or speaking. But this usually happens for only one week, not more than this. Afterward, braces will make their place of adjustment and you will get used to it. So don’t panic if you bear such kind of difficulties. This is normal.

Please follow the below-listed instructions for a smooth and speedy recovery period.

  • Keep your teeth clean and hygienic. If food is left in it, there may be a chance of plaque that can result in the tooth falling.
  • Don’t panic while you observe a slight ache. This typically happens when teeth move towards the right position.
  • Be tolerant. The teeth will take some time to settle.
  • Follow every prescribed guideline.
  • Get time-to-time checkups.

Cost of Lingual Braces Dubai:

The Cost of Invisible Lingual Braces in Dubai  is higher than traditional braces. Its expense usually ranges from AED 8,000 to AED 15,000. Depending upon the severity of your dental issue, you will be charged accordingly. Please let us know if you’re interested in knowing the exact treatment cost in your case.

Free Consultation:

Caring for your dental health is our prime responsibility. At Dynamic we offer Dubai’s best lingual braces to bring back your lost smile. With expert orthodontists and our team, you no longer have to feel helpless about your oral health.

Wear the invisible braces with confidence.

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