Liposuction Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

What is Liposuction?

A cosmetic surgery that involves extracting fat from specific body areas, aiming to produce a more contoured and attractive figure. Liposuction must be performed by a trained plastic surgeon or else you want be able to receive incredible upshots. This treatment option is suitable to those people who had tried removing fat through exercise and diet but could not get the desired results. So, if you are one of them, hurry up! Tone up with your body with our amazing Liposuction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


Liposuction is currently the most effective body contouring and fat loss treatment. It removes diet & exercise resistant fat from the body to help people stay fit, healthy and in right shape. Besides dealing with cosmetic concerns it can also treat certain health conditions, but, people usually undergo this procedure to fulfil their aesthetic needs.

This surgery provides following benefits to sufferers:

  • Provides people with a dream figure without any serious complication
  • Accompanying body reshaping, it also boosts confidence
  • Liposuction can treat any area of body (such abdomen, Tummy Tuck Removal, thighs, calves, arms, neck, chest, back hips, buttocks)
  • Safe, cost-effective and FDA-approved body reshaping treatment
  • Helpful in restoring those sharp contours of body that you had lost due to weight fluctuations
  • Frees people from stress and pressure by improving their personality
  • Various technological advancements have made liposuction more effective and safe

Results of Liposuction Dubai:

Liposuction – An excellent way to improve body contour. But you should know that its results are not instant, they become visible over time. Most patients see the final upshots at the end of 8 months.

Liposuction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Liposuction Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Liposuction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Liposuction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Should I get this Treatment?

Ideal liposuction candidates are those who are,

  • in good health and mature enough to make their decisions
  • looking for cost-effective treatment to get rid of fat pockets
  • Below the age of 45 years and non-smokers

Laser Liposuction doesn’t suit you if you want to lose weight or wish to treat cellulite as it cannot deal with these two concerns

Preoperative Care:

Proper preparation can make the recovery easy. According to your needs, the surgeon will design a preoperative care plan for you. You have to follow it as it ensures the success of the surgery. Liposuction pre-operative instructions include:

  • You should quit smoking a week prior to the surgery
  • Make sure that an expert has done your physical examination
  • Do not use any drug including herbal, natural, homeopathic and over-the-counter medications
  • Stop taking nicotine products such as cigars, chewing tobacco etc. a month before the procedure
  • You shouldn’t have any skin treatment for up to three months before your appointment

Traditional Liposuction Surgery:

In Liposuction, surgeons utilizes a narrow metal tube “cannula” to target the fatty area. You will receive general anesthesia during Liposuction Surgery to limit pain and discomfort.

During the operation, surgeon will make a small incision in the problem site and insert a cannula into it. Then it will be moved back and forth to loosen the stubborn fat. Afterwards, the surgeon will safely and precisely suction away the liquefied fat through a drawing machine attached to the cannula. With liposuction, you will achieve a new and better body shape.

Laser Liposuction:

Latest Technological innovations have made liposuction more efficient than the traditional one. The vast majority of surgeons in the world uses laser for fat disruption. No blood loss, no stiches, and no visible scars involved. It is non-invasive and produces far better outcomes than the other two types.

Ultra-sound Assisted Lipo:

For people who don’t want to undergo the knife, doctors usually recommend this option. The procedure involves utilizing sound wave energy to destroy the stubborn fat. Patients return to work in a day or two after getting this type of Liposuction Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


Post-operative care ensure that the body heal without complications. Follow these tips for a successful and healthy recovery routine after Liposuction surgery:

  1. Staying hydrated after Liposuction is very important. And for this you have to drink plenty of water
  2. Maintaining Body Mass Index can help you recover swiftly and easily
  3. Build your exercise routine and practice good sleep habits
  4. Follow a healthy diet to achieve the desired body contour
  5. Try to keep the treated site clean, dry and covered
  6. Avoid taking aspirin for two weeks after the surgery

What Does Liposuction Surgery Recovery Look like?

After taking the first liposuction session, you will have a mild skin inflammation. Don’t worry! It will go away within a week but it is be pointed out that when the swelling subsides, skin loses a degree of elasticity. You should follow your surgeon’s after-care skin instructions to overcome this problem.

Liposuction involves incisions. Even though the incisions are small, but still, they leave scars on the body. You can make them less noticeable either by trying home remedies or seeking medical attention.

You may be provided with a girdle or elastic tape to use it on the body part that has been fixed with liposuction.  Form-fitting garment reduces swelling and bruising and provides support and shape to the body.

Tummy Tuck – An Alternative to Liposuction:

Ideal for those who want permanent reduction in their body fat. It treats and reshapes trouble spots surgically so offers long-lasting results. Consult an expert for more information about Tummy Tuck.

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