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Fat consumption is a lot easier than burning it. Not everyone has the habit of brisk walking or working out in order to burn the calories. do you know that excessive fat in the body and it’s a tendency to turn your obese can be very harmful and hazardous for your body and the entire systems?  Velashape 3 Treatment in Dubai is a new and improved technology that has helped many candidates to shed off extra fats from their body without having the need to undergo any surgical intervention. Isn’t it amazing? Here is all about Vela shape you should know that will surely leave you convinced.

Velashape : A New Theory!

VelaShape 3 treatment is a weight loss or fat cutting method that is done by a combination of different fat burning techniques.

The aim of the treatment is to reduce the presence of Cellulite and contour the body overall.  The treatment uses multiple techniques that involve  treatment including infrared technology, radio frequency and the vacuum suction method. On the whole it uses the heat energy in combination by burning the fat cells. 

Benefits of Velashape:

The Velashape 3 Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has the following benefits on your body: 

  • The treatment is completely non surgical and does not release back any scar or marks.
  • Is gun under a painless environment and so the requirement of local anesthesia is null you can carry out your regular chores after the treatment.
  • The procedure Is short and concise.
  • Helps in reducing the risk of system diseases link to the heart and the other organs the body.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Velashape?

 The patients who come for a well shaped three treatment in our clinic qualify for the following: 

  • People with extremely rigid fat that does not subside by diet or regular workout.
  • Candidates who do not will to choose surgical treatments.
  • Candidates who have very stubborn Cellulite.
  • People who desire a slim and streamlined body.
  • Candidates who are above 25 years of age.


The treatment procedure for Velashape 3 treatment in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi is done after some minor preparations.

Follow down for the preparation method: 

  •  The patient will be told to subside the use of any medications such as blood thinners, vitamin K etc.
  •  You need to keep your skin completely devoid of any chemical like moisturizer serum etc.
  •  It is advised to wear an attire that is completely loose and comfortable for you.
  •  The physician will recommend you to drink plenty of water in order to maintain the hydration and water  balance during the treatment.
  •  You will be counseled to abandon smoking or alcohol consumption prior to the treatment.
  •  Avoid any kind of oily or fatty food so that it does not disrupt the treatment.

The Treatment Procedure:

  • Preparation.
  • History and examination.
  • Body positioning.
  • Application of the device that emits and uses the technology of radio frequency infrared technology and vacuum suction.
  • The heat energy that is expelled from the device will directly target the fat cells and the tissues.
  • Dismissal And discharge from the step down recovery.

Post Treatment Care Instructions:

  • Avoid oily and fatty foods.
  • Avoiding vigorous exercises or lifting heavy objects.
  • If you have stopped alcohol and separate smoking then you have to maintain it at least for a few days more after the treatment.
  • Do not skip any meals and keep a control on the portion.
  • Focus on consuming proteins and carbohydrates.

The Results:

The mode of action velashape 3 treatment involves fat elimination through heat energy. The fat that is melted is broken down into the liver and is passed through the biliary system. 

  • The results will generally appear in a week or so. You will be able to witness.
  • Perfectly streamlined and well contoured body.
  • A feeling of lightness.
  • Better self esteem.
  • Less body pain and stiffness in the joints as a result of fat elimination.


The Cost of Velashape 3 in Dubai starts from 600 AED . However you have to first book an appointment with the physician in order to know about the actual cost. This is because it depends upon the various factors that only your physician can tell you about.

Recovery and Healing: 

Velashape 3 treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi does not have a very elongated recovery or healing period since it is not a surgical treatment.  The average time taken for the complete recovery ranges from two to three days. It is important that you should not hop into the results as it might take at least a month to show complete results for. 

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