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Male who are struggling with infertility generally tend to become mentally very disturbed and agitated.  male infertility has struck about 7 in 10 percent of the population in Dubai and most of it is led to broken families and problems arising with the relationship. Being impotent for a man is quite painful not physically but mentally. Little do you know that a lot of the females also struggle because of the infertility of their partners. If you are also among those who are struggling starting a family of your own then infertility treatment in Dubai will save your relationship.  This guide addresses some of the male infertility treatments that are tried, tested and  proven to increase fertility rate and overcome the problem.

What is Male Infertility?

Male infertility is a kind of a problem that commonly occurs as a result of lack of conception and failure of the sperms to fertilize the female ovum. It is a problem that can be treated if the right treatment is done long before it becomes reversible. Any couple who has been having unprotected intercourse for a year and still failing to conceive should validate themselves as infertile and know that it is the time to see a doctor now. 


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What are the Causes of Male Infertility?

Male fertility infertility is always associated with some of the other factors mentioned below however it can have an unknown origin also.


Men who are above 45 or 50 generally have experienced more fertility issues as compared to those that are younger. This is basically because of the low sperm count that becomes very common as a man ages.

On the other hand the anatomical structures and the genital organ also start to bear age-related changes like cellular atrophy that causes the shrinkage of the genital organs and the system. this as a consequence doubles the rate of infertility in a male. 

Unhealthy Habits

There are many unhealthy and ill habits that lead to male infertility. Men who are habitual smokers have a very low sperm count. alcohol users are also under the threat of low sperm count and the quality of the sperm also deteriorates.Such habits silently damage the reproductive system of a male. 

Infliction to the Genital Organ

One of the main and common reasons for infertility is if you had ever experienced any accident or trauma to your genital organ that often leads to defect in any of the internal structures. This is normally when a person meets a severe accident or has been into a fight. 

Medications and Therapeutic Agents

There are many diseases that require strong medications for its treatment. The medications can cause infertility as a result of their side effects. 

What are the Symptoms of Male Infertility?

 If you have ever noticed any of the following signs and symptoms then know that you need to see a doctor asap. 

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Lack of interest in sex and intimacy 
  • Failure of lubrication and erection on upon arousal 
  • Inability to impregnate partner despite unprotected sex 

What is the Male Infertility Treatment?  

For the treatment of male infertility the doctor will first tell the patient to undergo a series of tests and that is required to rule out their problems and analyze what is the main cause of the infertility the tests may include: 

  • Testicular biopsy 
  • The sperm functioning tests
  • Hormonal checkups 
  • Ultrasounds of the scrotum and rectum 
  • Sperm Ejaculation tests 

Treatment Methods 


In case of severe infections antibiotics may help to cure it and clear the reproductive track by eliminating the microorganisms. 

Counselling and Therapies

Men who are under the threat of constant anxiety and depression can be well counselled by psychotherapist who will help them in dealing with any personal issue or a mental problem that hinders in their sexual life and fertility.

Hormonal Treatments and Therapeutic Aid

Some males will be prescribed certain medications that lead to infertility. The medications would include hormone replacement therapy that can balance and manage the levels of hormones by regulating them. 

Technology Based Treatments

There are now treatments like ART that stand for assisted reproductive technology in which the sperms are retrieved from the donor’s body and then placed into the ovum of the uterus of the female partner. This is normally done in cases of IVF also but it is more likely to be successful in women with higher rate of infertility rather than men. 

Surgical Intervention

Any problems with veins and arteries can be corrected during surgeries that often lead to infertility. It could be varicocele or problems with the vas deferens obstruction that can be re modified.