Breast Lift surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Perfect Breast Figure? Indeed, it’s a great symbol of attractiveness and of course, caught the attention of many people. But not every woman is satisfied with their Breast Augmentation & Contours. At this point, Breast Lift can surely help. Let’s discover how!

Every next lady is annoyed with putting droopy breasts into the bra daily and the very next moment, they fall again. Normally, loss of firmness and elasticity in breasts can be a result of aging, excess weight, pregnancy, and yes, breastfeeding. Hence, such typical conditions have made breast lift popular and common cosmetic procedure, especially in Dubai. So, before you decide on getting this surgery, please be aware of its Do’s Don’ts. Find out what’s best for you! Please continue reading for its basic know-how including where it can help, expected results, and cost details.

How Long will my Breast Lift Last?:

Breast Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi revises the shape of droopy breasts. It involves the exclusion of extra breast skin by tightening the nearby tissues for a more uplifted appearance. Typically, it’s done under general anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours to complete. To acquire successful consequences, a well-trained expert doctor’s team is needed.

Please be aware that it doesn’t alter the breast sizes. It’s only focused on lifting. For reduced sizes, you must grasp Breast Reduction surgery.

Results of Breast Lift Dubai:

Breast lift or Mastopexy gives firmer, uplifted breasts that lie more on the chest. For final settling, you’ll have to wait for a while till the swelling fades off. Normally, 3-4 months are enough for it. However, the acquired breast form will appear stable for years until and unless you gain weight or become pregnant.

Fortunately, incision scars are temporary and subside with time.

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Can I Get it?

Many women claim to get back slim waistline after birthing but when it comes to breast, no workouts or diet plans have helped in it. In such concerns, breast lifting remains the only solution. To determine its candidacy, a simple test is on your way. Just put a pen in the creases of your boobs, if it remains stable, then you might be needing this surgical conduct.

Furthermore, your age should be 18 or above. But when it comes to health details, we cannot assume every patient good for this conduct. It’s entirely reliant upon the Breast surgeon’s decision to identify better eligibility.

Before Surgery:

Once you’ve decided to get Breast Lift, arrange a meeting with our doctor. In this session, you’ll be made aware of possible outcomes from surgery.

Most initially, surgeons consider your expectations carefully by examining your breast condition, and previous surgical backgrounds. Usually, they make a custom plan for you that you have to follow before surgery. Normally it includes,

  1. Escaping smoke and drugs a few days before treatment.
  2. Aspirin, herbal supplements, or blood-thinning pills must be dodged.

Breast Lift Techniques:

Before getting into the details of Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, please be aware of its dominant techniques. Take a look.

Anchor lift- An anchor-designed incision is made near the areola for shifting the nipple into a higher place. This technique is usually preferred in severe concerns.

Benelli lift- From mild to severe droopy unease, this lift would benefit. A doughnut-type incision is done for eradicating excess tissue around the areola.

Crescent lift- In this approach, the tissue is removed from the areola to provide a more uplifting effect to the nipple. It’s a minimally invasive technique when compared to other ones.

Lollipop lift- It’s usually preferred when a more uplifting effect is looked-for. A deep cut is made into the breast crease to challenge excess sagging.

During Surgery:

Breast lift surgery is typically done under local or anesthesia. Normally one or two hours are enough for its completion.

First of all, surgeons make scratches as per the specified technique. Depending upon the extent of sagging and existing position, breast tissue is raised in an upward place for better suitability. Afterward, the remaining breast area is also tightened with the closure of incisions.

For natural breast contours, make sure that you’re having this surgery from an expert doctor.


Instantly after surgery, you might not feel much comfortable. Your breast would be swollen and hurt for one or two days but it’s not much severe as you think. A maximum of one week will be sufficient for its recovery. You’ll gradually get back to your normal routine.

Doctors usually instruct patients to sleep on their back for avoiding any sort of pressure on breasts. Exercises and further activities can be resumed after at least a month. Fortunately, you can take shower after a week of surgery but please be aware of certain instructions prescribed by your doctor.

Last but not least, a surgical bra must be worn for a specific period.

Cost of Breast Lift Dubai:

The Cost of Breast Lift in Dubai starts with AED 27,000 to AED 30,000. Depending upon the expertise of the surgeon and preferred technique, this cost fluctuates accordingly. For exact cost estimation in your case, consult us.


After having UAE’s leading Breast Lift surgery, you can enjoy the mind-blowing comforts listed below,

  1. Enriched breast profile naturally
  2. Lifted, contoured, and stable breasts forever
  3. No risky side effects

Free Consultation:

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